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June 29, 2009


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Allie in MI

Holy Crow, Batman - that quilt is awesome! I love the back too. And oh that basket - too good for pb&j - what will you fill it with!

Carol R

Kelly, that quilt is beautiful! I was thinking that I liked the front side better than the back, but then I saw that gorgeous picnic basket and changed my mind. The basket matches the back perfectly. The colors and even the little flowers on the print match! Squeeee! Studly deserves a pat on the back for that purchase. Now all you need is some chicken/fruit salad, a side or two and a nice bottle of wine and you will be good to go. Have fun!


Beautiful quilt, front and back and the basket is a big WOW!!! Start planning your menu :D
I sure do love those pillows too - what a great idea.

Michelle in AR

I love it! I love the backing. How cute is that - the backing & basket match! On top of that, after your picnic you guys can take a nap.
Now...the menu.


OMG! I love the quilt and the pillows! Love the back!

Now you have everything for a picnic! When should I be ready to go on this picnic? How about using it this weekend for the 4th? I'm available you know!


Kelly, what a great quilt you made! And that picnic basket is the best ofcourse, with the pink (!) handles. I wish you many romantic and wonderful picnics together!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Your quilt is so beautiful!! I love the picnic basket too - He is the best :) Do you have plans for more finishes? tee hee

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