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July 01, 2009


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Cindy D

OMG I am in, it sounds like so much fun but now I have to go back and read all the guidelines to figure out everything I have to do. I will be posting my new project over the weekend. Thank you Kelly for thinking of all of this, it is going to be so much fun.


Sounds like a LOT of fun! I'm not sure I can participate in everything you have going on but I know that I can do some of it. I already have a few projects that I can enter but I need to get pictures taken. I'm glad it isn't JUST quilts. :D Thanks,KELLY!


Hi K!

Count me in also!



This sounds like a lot of fun...yours is a "new to me" blog...I just came over after seeing "Mill House Inn"...had to see if you had any for sale yet lol!

Carol R

It does sound like fun! I think I'll try it. I just hope I can keep up with all of you more experienced girls.

Michelle in AR

I'm in! This is going to be fun...it feels like we're going on a road trip, with the top down & the wind whipping through our hair. Did that make sense? ...ANYhoo, let the fun begin!


Hey there! I have a couple WIPs that I really am losing steam on and this may be just the push I need! Count me in for July!


Count me in...I found you this morning from The Quilt Buddy and thought "This is perfect...I'll get some stuff done! YIPPEE!"
I'll post a picture in the next day or so. Thank you for the motivation!

Allie in MI

I'm in! Yippee! I have to figure out how to put the button on my blog etc.....might take a couple of days, but this is exciting, Kelly!


So Kelly, if we enter more than one item but only finish one do we get an entry for that one but not the unfinished one?? And to clarify - all entries for a month need to be up by the 7th, no additions throughout the month - right?


Count me in for sure.It all sounds like great fun. I just love seeing photos of things that others make. I am wondering
if quilts have to be comletely quilted
because the wait in my area to have something
long arm quilted is 4-6 months.But
I'm still excited to be included.

Joan Tufts

Oh OMG... this is exciting! Well since I've logged on to the Cotton Charm website (and admired your great choice of fabric lines) and connected with you through your blog/e-mail I have wished we could sew together, well here is my chance....Count me in...
I will post my project on my blog in the next few days! Looking forward to seeing everyone submission!
Thanks Kelly,


Alright, I blogged today about my project that I'm hoping to finish by the end of the month! I am so close I can almost taste it! Check it out: http://starbound-studios.blogspot.com

Carol R

Kelly, I have looked and can't seem to find a "Quilt Club Forum". Where is it? Or, is it just posting to this thread? Sorry to be so dense, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get things done, you know.


Carol (Brown Quilt 4 Me) sent me - this is exciting and I'm anxious to join in the fun. Please, please count me in.

Carol R

Kelly, I just posted the projects I will be working on for this month on my blog.


I have posted some projects on my blog!


No clue why my URL does not get highlighted in the above post. :S


Me, Me! I would love to join and get some projects finished up! The participation sounds fun!


Hi Kelly...just posted my project on my blog...http://brownquilts4me.blogspot.com/2009/07/charming-girls-quilt-club.html
Thanks for doing this for us!

Dandelion Quilts

I'd love to join in the blog.

Carol Lewis

I learned about this club on Dandelion Quilts blog. I have a bunch of projects that I would like to finish and I would love to join this club to help me with that goal.


Well this sounds like fun. I found the link from Dandelion Quilts and have posted about it on my blog. If I can get one of these UFOs done on time, well I'll be tickled.

Thanks for hosting this!

Allie in MI

Ok - got my post done!

quilter going bananas

What a great idea! Can people from other countries take part? I'm from Canada. Will post about this on my blog later on this week when I'm back home from vacation. Thanks for hosting this :^)


I am SEW wanting o be in the club!!!! I will have to learn a few things like how to do a "link", but I am up to the challenge. Thanks for sharing the joy....now to dig thru those projects that need to be finished!!!! XXX Annie


I would love to participate! I will post a link on my blog Sister's Choice. There are no end of UFO's I can choose from!


This is a great idea and I'd love to join. Thanks for the extra motivation to spend time doing what I really love. :)

Carol Lewis

Hello, I just posted on my blog my July projects. carolscraftblog.blogspot.com. I'm going to do 3 projects for July.

Laura from Australia

Hi! Looking forward to joining in on this. I have a few UFOs that are screaming at me to bind, topstitch, etc. Have fun and good luck ladies!!!



Count me in....just the little push I need to actually get some projects done!

Thanks for hosting!


I just posted a link on my blog http://www.sisterschoice.typepad.com
I plan to finish a project called Prairie Paisley by the end of July.


Count me in if you allow international members. i certainly have more than one project I need to finish.


I would love to join. I want to get 3 UFO's done this summer and more if i can. I will post my first work tommorow (Monday) as it is dark now.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Oh boy!! This sounds like a fun way to get some UFOs finished. Please sign me up. I'll post the link and a photo of the quilt I plan to finish this month on my blog today.

Pam Edblom

I just learned about your blog from Nicole at Sister's Choice blog. Glad I decided to check it out. I'd love to join the club.

Anna McD

This sounds like loads of fun.I'm at the beach but will post my project when I get home tomorrow.

Lynn Beck

Alright, I'm jumping in. I've posted pictures of a table runner that I intend to finish by the end of the month.


Sounds like fun, count me in!


I have posted..... http://annedease.blogspot.com/ I hate to bother, but can't find where I join the forum??? What am I missing??? Now are you sorry I have joined the club. Not the most computer , but I DO TRY!!! XXX Annie


I'd love to join in--I have dozens of UFOs! I'm posting the link and logo on my blog today.


Sounds great! I'm in. I'll post my pictures later.


Okay! I'm game. So count me in on the fun and let's see what we can accomplish. I just found your post about the Club toady (the 6th) so I will get myself in gear tonight and post tomorrow on my blog.. and I will also re-read your instructions so I get it right:)


I am in I certainly need deadlines to work to.Posted

Karen Beigh

I think I will give it a try. Sounds like fun!


Hi K!

My project is posted!.....Now all I have to do is get it done!



Oh I would love to be a part of this club. I'm in the process right now of using my stash to make a table runner. Found your blog while googling for patterns. Please count me in.


What a wonderful idea.I would love to join. However, as I live in Australia, I am not sure if it is too difficult with postage and everything for you to organise. Unfortunately, I have been in quilting swap groups in the past and have received nothing from the swap because the overseas thing was just too hard for those in the U.S. This became very expensive....materials and postage...and very disappointing...waiting for swap blocks that never arrived.What are your thoughts, before I join? I am happy not to join if being overeas complicates things too much.


I want to join too! My friend, Anne at "Sew Blessed" told me about your club! I'm in another Club- OPAM Challenge to finish UFO's and WISP's-so I'll have double incentive now!


Okay girls, I'm excited about this so I am in. I have more than the average bear's list of UFO's and WIP. I know I won't be able to do everything and I'm not going to be able to do anything this month since my three granddaughter's are visiting. But I'll be following all of you and I'll get reved up for next month. Good luck everyone!


I have posted my project on my blog with the club's button and a link back. Thanks for hosting this club.


Count me in. I don't have a blog but sent project details and pictures to your email address.


I just posted on my website just under the wire (phew!). I just found out about this this afternoon from Judy at Quilting with Ragdolls but had to wait until I got home from work to take some quick pics and post. I'm sure glad you are forcing me to finish something......no pressure! LOL Just need to add myself to the comment feed and I'm good to go! Thanks for hosting!

Karen Beigh

I have posted a photo of my finished quilt top on my blog. It is "Rudloph & Co." which is a Jan Patek pattern.


okay Kelly, you can count me in. I have a picture posted of my blog today of a UFO! I am joining the group! Thanks for hosting the challenge for us!
It was a long post... scroll to the bottom:)

Sharon in FL

Add me please. I'm going to give it a go! I need the "kick in the pants" and to feed my creative side while in school for nursing. Going to go blog about it. Now. Thanks!

Joan Tufts

My project is coming along fine.. so much so I am thinking of another one! I have posted my progress on my blog!
Happy Quilting!

Marilyn Griffith

Hi Kelly,

Count me in for your quilt club!



OK I'm in on the challenge for July. I just posted my project on my blog. Here's a link to the post http://mdquilter73.blogspot.com/2009/07/charming-girls-quilt-club.html

Thanks for the challenge!


I am joining in too! Talk about last minute.
Thanks for hosting, what a great idea.
Sew long,


Opps! I forgot a link to my post. Here it is.

Thanks again!

Sharon in FL

Just want to be sure my blog url was noted, I posted earlier but don't think I included it in the body of my text.



I got your email! I've tried to send my information twice but get an undeliverable message..I'm just not that good with computers. Don't worry about including me, I'll just keep an eye on what everyone else is doing. THANKS!


HEY Kelly, I sent two emails, one for each picture and I think it worked....YEAH!! Looks like I'm back in!!

I appreciate your patience!

Sandy (Strlady)

Love the idea! I'm jumping right in with the hopes that it will serve as motivation to get those UFOs off my list.

I posted about the club on my blog:

Thanks for hosting!


This is the modivation I need! Please add me to the list! New to this blogging thing and don't have a blog though. I guess I missed out for July's entry but will start planning for August!


Well this is definitely a motivator. I posted my UFO yesterday afternoon and last night I sat down last night and sewed on the two borders. Now I have to figure out the next UFO. lol But don't worry I have plenty in line to pick from. It won’t be so easy this time as Ken's Gift was the closest to being finished. Have a wonderful time girls finishing up those quilts.

Amie Tarpley

Hi there everyone! Iam a quilter and would love to be a part of your club :o) My name is Amie and I live near Nashville, Tn. I already have a project to post but until today, when I tried to join my computer would act silly. Today it worked, yay!! Amie ;OD

Sherry V.

I just found your blog. . .this sounds like fun. As it is July 8th am I too late to join?


See Progress on the Vintage Cosmetic Bag. This is such great fun.


Count me in! I have plenty of UFOs that need to be completed and crossed off my list!


I Kelly, I'm moving along. I didn't have the bias tape to finish the vintage bag so I moved on to the wall hanging. I'm really enjoying this.



I am soooo in! This will motivate me to finish something. Yippee! I am so glad I found you by complete accident. How serendiptious! I love that Fig Tree pattern by the way and how did you manage to get MIll House fabric!? What is your secret? Will you share? Thanks for starting this it's sooo cool.


Anita in Florida

Just found your site...am I too late to join? Sounds like lots of fun.

Anita in Florida

My post didn't take...I just found you! Am I too late to join in the fun? Anita

Seize The Day Quilting

Another Canadian! Can I join for August, or do I have to find something to finish that I can get done for July?


I'd like to join! This sounds like fun.


Carol R

I am afraid as always my projects have been hijacked by indecision. I hope I am able to finish my items by the end of the month. I need a little encouragement. :(


I was blog hopping and stumbled onto your place via Polka Dot Daze - http://polka-dot-daze.blogspot.com/ and Serendipity Design - http://ribbonsandrosebuds.blogspot.com/ I quilt and would love to join your club. Thanks lots! Have a great day!


Carol Gomer

I just came upon your blog. I love to quilt also. This sounds like so much fun. I would like to participate. I will be more than glad to post about this on my blog. I suppose I will be joining in in August because it is past the 7th. Oh so many ufo's. looking forward to this fun.


I'm not sure if it's too late, but I would love to join!

Anita in Florida

Well...not sure if I'm IN or not...but I have posted a picture of the quilt I want to finish this month! I also posted in my blog with a link here...but I can't figure out how to get the 'button' link.


Hello Kelly, My Vintage Cosmetic Bag is finished. I posted photos on my blog. Thanks for putting this club together, It has given me inspiration.


I've just found your blog and I love the idea of your club. I'm in some serious need of quilting inspiration! Is it too late to join? If not, I'll post some small projects in the next few days that I hope to finish by the end of the month. Thanks!


First project of mine is finished! Just blogged about it. :D


How can I use that little Charming Gal's Quilt Club logo as a link?? I don't see a 'code' for it.

Cheryl McWilliams

Okay, I just found charming girls quilt club and what a great idea! I have so many UFO's. I usually post on my blog the things I've been working on...to finish at least one this summer is my goal!
Thanks for giving us the inspiration to get to those UFOs.

Monica Massanyi

I would like to join this club....sounds like fun....I'm too late for July, but will post a project in August


I would love to join.


Hey Kelly, I finished my project.....


How are you doing on yours??????????


Is it too late to join? This sounds fantastic!! And goodness knows that I have lots of UFO's!! :) :)


I'd like to join! I probably won't complete my august UFO, though, because we're going on vacation for most of the month, but I'll join now and be ready for september....

Anita in Florida

FINISHED my 9 patch Block a Day quilt with crazymomsquilts...hopefully will post to my blog tonight...otherwise tomorrow for sure.


I would love to join since I have many UFO's.This would be great motivation.


Okay my URL has changed it is now http://shooflyquiilting.blogspot.com
I've finished my July project,

Sara F

A terrific idea to keep us "procrastinators" working on those UFO's. I'll post about this in the next couple of days.


Hi, all!

I finished my quilt top today and couldn't wait to make the "announcement!" I'll send a photo in email to Kelly.

Anne Badyk

I am joining in for August and my project plans are posted on my blog Seize The Day Quilting
I would also like to join the Tea Towel swap- I am OK with exchanging with someone in another country.

Liz B

This sounds like great fun! Not sure I can keep up with every month, but it sure will be great to have some goals! Count me in!


Can I join in? Sounds like fun

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