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July 18, 2009


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Great to have one place where we can go each month to post our progress so far! Of course that means I have to figure out how to put a link in this comment? Anyone know? Not sure how to do that soooo....

Here's the address:

For now you can click on my name under the comment and that will take you to my blog where you can scroll down for the July 13th post for my finished top! I'm sewing the last seams on my second top finish this afternoon too!


Great that solves the "how to do that" problem! I also did my meme tag too. Here's the link to that post:


Thanks Kelly, this is so much fun!


I wondered how to do the finished post. Well here goes I have finished two and working on three and four.


I have one finish!


It's a baby top I got quilted and bound!

Still working on other two!

Happy sewing to all you Charming Girls!


Lovely projects ladies!!! I'm done too, here's the link:

Joan Tufts

Wow! A lot of gorgeous projects....
I finished two bags and have them posted on my blog.
This is soooooo exciting!


Karen sewprimitive

This is so good for all of us to get some nice things donedonedone. My Baskets of Posies quilt is done:
and I have the blue and brown Stars Around the Garden quilt sandwiched and ready to quilt, only I'm afraid to start quilting it, don't want to ruin it! Must forge on however.


Dear Charming Leader.....I have finished my projects!!! Thanks SEW much for this club. Brilliant!!!! Fellow charming girls, please check out this month's finishes. Are you all having as much fun as I am??? http://annedease.blogspot.com/


Hello fellow quilters.. I have finshed one project and working on my second project today. Check out my photos on my blog. I love looking at every one elses completes....


It's been super fun getting projects finished for this club! I just finished up my second quilt top project for my 3rd entry...now on to quilting both and getting them finished! Here's the link to my latest finished top:


Quilter Going Bananas

Yahoo I'm done my July projects! Click on the
link to go have a looky-see...


Looking forward to seeing everyone else's July
finishes, even you Kelly, LOL...


My July finish can be found here http://mahoganyblue.blogspot.com/2009/07/new-project-complete.html


Carol R

Nice work, girls. I hope to have my second project finished today, then I can start on the third one. Will post pictures as soon as I get finished.

Michelle in AR

I've checked out a couple of blogs (still a few more to go) and all I can say is 'WOW!'. Very impressed with all the projects that are getting done! Thanks to this club I have completed 2 Christmas presents this month but I plan on keeping one (hehehe!) - is that bad?


Here is my first finished project;


Dandelion Quilts

Way to go Thelma and Michelle...I love both of those quilt...and the time you put into finishing them. :) I particularly like the color ways you both used.


One projec tfinished and a skirt thrown in for good measure! Whoo Hoo! Her it is: http://pattyruth14-shoofly.blogspot.com


Hello everyone!!
I have had a productive couple of days. I finally finshed my 2nd UFO. I just had borders to put on but I felt that is took for ever. I also had two other projects that were begging to be done. I blogged about all three here: http://tadlafleur.blogspot.com/2009/07/productive-3-days.html
My next decision is what I should do next? The ones left all have more work than just borders. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy sewing.

Anita in Florida

I've finished my 9 patch block a day quilt!! Yeah...posted on my blog... http://margretmarysplace.blogspot.com/
I'm all over the place...can never find this site...at least not the current posts!


I finished my "Your Home or Mine" quilt!!! Here is the link: http://aquiltinglife.blogspot.com/2009/07/finishes-and-gifts.html

Thanks so much for the motivation...I don't think I would have finished this by the end of the year without the Charming Girls' Quilt Club!


July project is finished my URL is http://shooflyquilting.blogspot.com sorry about the mix up.

Carol Lewis

I finished my July projects. I haven't quilted my table runners yet but I didn't say I would get that part done. I finished all 3 of my July projects. You can view them here on my blog:




Well i was looking at my post and see I didn't include a link. It was my second version of my post as I hit a button and my first post disappeared... So here it is. http://tadlafleur.blogspot.com/2009/07/productive-3-days.html. Happy Quilting


I'm almost done! Just have to finish the binding......the project that has been taking forever!


Hi again progress I have finished another but I ama not sure if I will finish the last , but will let you know if I do

Carol R

Finally posted one picture of the finished table runner. Not a great job, but for what I am using it for, it works great (padding on my computer desk that is made of pressed board and splintering pretty badly). I hope to finish my other projects next month (if this tailbone heals quick enough).


I'm such a ding bat...sorry everyone...I commented somewhere back on July 10th with my finish and somehow missed that this is where I was supposed to do this. I'll try to be better next month. This was so much fun, I have to pick out my August project. Here's July...http://brownquilts4me.blogspot.com/2009/07/july-charming-girls-quilt-club-done.html


I have completed my July challenge project and posted a picture of the completed quilt on my blog http://quiltingdaze.blogspot.com/2009/07/charming-girls-quilt-club-project-done.html

Kelly, thank you so much for posting this challenge - it's been fun to finish my project. I've started thinking about my August project(s)

In Friendship, Darlene


Joining this club was just the motivation I needed. I finished a third project on my list. Here is the link.


Thank you Kelly for initiating this club and motivating us all to focus on our project instead of just collecting them.


Hey there! All finished with my "Stars of Wonder" quilt! And another one almost done, maybe I'll have two more finishes this month (even though it's almost over...)! Oh, and the post is http://starbound-studios.blogspot.com/2009/07/tuesday-night-sewing-date_28.html. Enjoy! :o)


Hi Kelly,
I posted my July finish. Thanks for the fun!



I'm back with another finish! Since finishing the 2 tops, I got the second half of the equation completed and finished the 9 patch quilt up with quilting and binding. You can check out the complete quilt over here on my blog!


I think this makes entry number 4! I'm loving getting these finished and off my list!!


Here's my third finish this month....very exciting! now to pick something for next month, goodness knows there's plenty to choose from!


Hello Girls!

I have completed my July project. It is actually a completed quilt. Please check it out here:


I have finished my 2 tops for the month. Now I need to get them quilted and bound for this next month -- along with some others. I am not sure how to attach the photos on here. I don't have a blog. But can I say - I love all the inspiration out there in seeing all your projects!! Love it!


Lizzie Swinney

Hello, I have seen all over the web on blogs your sidebar. I guess I am a dufas, I don't understand what the club is all about. Can't seem to find info. Can you direct me to info please.



I completed the quilt top I had listed as one of my goals for July. Here's the link:


It's been fun checking out everyone's progress.

Dandelion Quilts

I am finished...hooray!


Dandelion Quilts

I have been enjoying peeking around at these cute projects. Keep it up, everyone!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I'm finished and posted and ready to start with my August projects. You can see my July finished quilt top at:


I posted my 5 Things today. I didn't get to my last project. Hopefully I'll get to the fabric store and get what I need to complete it. It has sure been fun participating in the club. Thanks Kelly.


Just under the deadline I have taken a photo. It's been too hot to open the blinds but today it will only be in the low 90's and is only 75 at noon - not 90 like the last 3 days. Check out my blog.


Also check out my blog.. I made some cool pin cushions out of bottle caps.

Sharon in FL

Whew! It's DONE. Read more: http://everydaycrafting.com/?p=276

Thanks for the inspiration and kick in the pants!! Hugs..


Just made it under the wire with that last finish for the month! That make two tops done, one meme answered, and two quilts quilted, and bound! Totally complete!

Check out my last finish under the wire!:


Hi, girls. I posted yesterday that I had finished my "Una's Quilt" top, but I think that post didn't stick. Please check out the photo of the top at my Sourwood Mountain blog: http://jrc-sourwoodmountain.blogspot.com/

My UFO for August will be to quilt and bind this top as a wall-hanging. Love all the finished projects I've seen!


Just under the wire. I finished one quilt top so I can be entered just once but I'm still extremely pleased at how much progress I made. I am so close to finishing the second top that I won't even pick that as a challenge for next month. Thanks for lighting a fire under my butt!



I finished the Cotton Blossom quilt top!


Yay!! One last finish for me right in the nick of time at 11pm here! Blogged about it with a photo: http://starbound-studios.blogspot.com/2009/07/last-finish-of-july.html

I can now cross that one off my list of projects to do! :o)


Here's my Finished July Projects post:
(I wrote the post on July 31st, but only posted it today!)

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