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October 01, 2009


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Count me in I am going to do it in scraps out of my scrap bins and are not sure what colour way as yet. I will post photos on my blog when I have decided. On my way out to my studio to play !!!!!


I was wondering what fabric was used for the original half pint giveaway quilt?


OK, I'm going to do it lap sized and I'm going to do it Amish style. ALL solid colors with solid black as the background. Will that be ok? I've always wanted to do an Amish style quilt and this is a good pattern for it!


I'm in too...haven't decided on colors yet, but will make it a lap quilt. This will be a stash project!


I'm in...I'll be doing the small one. I still haven't figured out what fabric I'll be using.


I'm doing the smaller one and I think I will make mine with Civil War fabrics.
Funny thing, I posted last month about my grandmother nicknamed Half-Pint. She is the one that taught me handwork. I think I will have to dedicate this quilt to her!


I'm in but haven't decided what fabric I will be using. This is sew much fun!
Love the name "Half Pint"
Thanks Kelly....


I would love to do this as well. I am not sure how to add the badge to my blog though. Is that required to join in?

Rae Ann

Okay, I'm going to give it a whirl....I honestly don't think I'll get it done in the time frame outlined here, because I hand piece. I'd like to make the lap size quilt and I'll be using 30's reproduction fabrics.


Forgot to add I will be making the lap size and I will use my stash.


Here are my choices for fabric. I am going to make the larger one, just to use up some of this really old fabric. I always tell my husband "fabric never goes bad!" This is living proof I can resurrect old fabric and make something beautiful with it.


Oh, wow! I'm usually so bad at coming up with names that I'm stunned that you chose mine, Kelly! I'm honored!

Mel and I are thinking along the same lines because I have some yardage of "Amish black" somewhere in my stash and would like to use it along with pastel solids to do the mini-sized version.


I'm in for this one. Am going to use some fabrics from my stash. I am going to do the mini.

Quilter Going Bananas

I'm going to do the smaller sized one. I'm going to go through my collection of jelly rolls and decide which one to use for this project. The fun has begun!


I plan on joining in on the fun. I think I will make the lap quilt using either the snippets line or cotton blossoms mom line...haven't decided. I am not very good at choosing fabrics for quilts yet. I do have one question...For the lap quilt do we need 2 layer cakes?


My fabrics have been posted. Can't wait to get started.

Anita in Florida

Count me in! I have a layer cake just hankering to be put to good use...it's by Moda, Maypole, I have to select another 8 fabrics from my stash to make the lap size quilt, will use white as a background since I LOVE the look of it. Haven't decided on a backing YET! Will post pictures on my blog in a bit.

Joan Tufts

After quite a bit of deliberation.( too many choices!)I have posted my choice of fabric and I will making the lap size.


Hey there! The big test is finally over and I'm back! I would love to join this quilt along, but will have to pass again this month :( I have to catch up on everything I wasn't able to do the last few months. I'll be back again soon, promise! I'll be watching tho!


Monica Massanyi

I thought I posted a comment, but don't see it. I plan to do the quilt along too....I chose lemonade jelly roll for the small quilt....picture on my blog www.monicam-daybyday.blogspot.com


looking forward to this quiltalong I'm going to make the lap size quilt not too sure what fabric I'll use will check out the stash.


I want to make the half pint... just not sure yet which size. I am afraid I will get behind because I will be traveling a few weeks during this time, but I do want to do it. I want to use fabric from my stash. Not sure which - maybe 30s.


new to the group, but so up for quilting along on this project! Wrestling with myself as to the size, but am thinking the lap size!
Can't wait to start


I have posted my fabrics on my blog. Colleen

Sandy in Buenos Aires

I'm going to quilt along with you all, lap size, I'm so excited !!! I'm not sure about which fabrics I'm gonna use but they'll be all from my stash for sure!!
Thank you so much for this great idea, and I love the name too!! I loved Little House on the Prairie as a child !!


OK Kelly, count me in. I'm going to add this to my list and I'll post my fabrics in a few days. I just hope I can keep up.


I forgot to say I'll do the mini quilt in my first post. lol Sorry!


I need a baby quilt and this will be perfect. I'm going to do the lap size. Thanks Kelly!

Messy Karen

thanks Kelly for letting me join late. i love the name. and i'm doing the mini.



I have half of my 9 patches done but I left my memory card at work and took my camera home without it so no pics tonight. I will post pics tomorrow. I will play catch up this weekend.


Please accept me in the quilt along. My friend told me about this and I have started my lap size quilt. I also would like to join your CGQC, but I don't know how to do that. My friend Rae Ann told me about this site. Thank you


Count me in, although a little late. I will be making the small quilt with my 30's fabric. Can't wait to start!

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