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December 22, 2009


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OK, Ms. Kelly...oh...I mean, Santa. Here's my official list.


Christmases right now at my house are so fun right now...with a 4 year old and a 1 year old...it's AWESOME!!! BUT, Mm FAVORITE Christmas memory is the year that my first child was born. He was 6 days old on Christmas day, and my husband and I were completely broke! It was great that the day was about family and tradition, and not all about the presents and stuff!

Jane Winton

I love anything free so my list would be a kit or layer cakes or fat packs........but I would be tickled with anything you decide to give me.
Thank you.........Jane

Carol Lewis

Kelly what nice memories you have of when your children were young. They look so happy with their stockings and gifts. I posted a memory of my own on my blog:
http://carolscraftblog.blogspot.com/2009/12/christmas-memories.html I love that Stella Blue kit, very nice.


I know how it is...we just hit the teen years. I still have 1 that will get up at the crack of dawn though :)
Merry Christmas

Messy Karen

we traveled around alot when i was younger. so with each change came new memories. but who could forget that cardboard brick fireplace. if i could wish for goodies. it would be a Love U charm pack and Blue Panel to make the ABC book on MBS and jelly roll to make matching Snail. or Rosie's Summer Rental pattern with fabric from Old Primrose Inn. but i also love the Stella Blue kit you picked out.

Kate Linde

Kelly, Merry Christmas and thanks for looking to make it all the merrier for some of your quilting friends. I have listed a Christmas memory, http://acharmintime.blogspot.com/2009/12/christmas-memories.html
I don't have pictures of all the Christmas baking when the kids were younger, but I did love making chocolate dipped candy when it was snowy outside and we would put the trays of candy outside for the chocolate to set. I would love to make some new quilting memories with a Glace Fat Quarter bundle, or Tuffets Schnibbles Charm Pattern, or Blessings Layer Cake or Mill House Inn Turnover - how is that for choices! Blessings, Kate in snowy Colorado

call me crazy

What fun memories Kelly! I had a very hard time making a wish list! http://crazyboutquilts.blogspot.com/2009/12/christmas-memories.html
Thank you for the fun!


Kelly, oh, I mean Mrs. Claus, I have been drooling over your pre Christmas sale, but my pocketbook is empty! So here goes. I'll just wish for the moon here. Please bring me a Glace fat quarter bundle! Oh, how I would love it! Just send it down my chimney! My fav memory is that my brother and I got a 'bed present', which supposedly Santa left on our bed. We were allowed to open that one, and only that one before my grandparents arrived in the morning, so they could share the Christmas chaos with us. I gave 'bed presents' to all my kids, and they would come jump on our bed with their opened Santa packages early Christmas morning. Now they give 'bed presents' to their kids... hopefully that tradition will go on for many more generations. Merry Christmas to you and all your family!


Hi Kelly ... what a generous giveaway for the Christmas season! I had a hard time putting together a list, but here goes:
- Blessings FQ bundle
- Old Primrose Inn jelly roll
- 6 yds of Vine Creek blue for a back
Lots of options! I just love your shop and had a great time ordering lots of things I *ahem* NEEDED in 2009 and look forward to lots of beautiful fabric in 2010!! I wish you and your family a happy and blessed holiday season and new year!
- Jeremy

Mary Burn

What a great giveaway!! I like the Stella Blue Quilt kit and ALL of the fat quarter bundles and layer cakes. My best Christmas memory is when my daughter was born on Christmas Day, which was very unexpected. She is and has always been my best friend.
Thanks for including me in your giveaway.


Hi Kelly! My memory is posted here...http://lakesidequilting.blogspot.com/2009/12/christmas-memories.html

It's so generous of you to do this! If I could choose anything, I'd love a Boutique FQ bundle. I'm going to be starting Aunt Millie's Garden after the first of the year and these fabrics would be perfect for the applique! Any Boutique fabrics would be nice! I love the Stella Blue kit as well and would love to make it along with you! Have a very Merry Christmas!

Paulette Doyle

Hi Kelly!
What a lovely give away...you had me thinking back almost 50 years...I even hauled out a picture of this memory...of me and my twin brother one Christmas WAY back when...Anyways I wrote the story and posted the picture on my blog~


Hope you enjoy it...
If I were to win this FAMTASTIC give away I would ask for:
The Glace Fat Quarter Bundle
Kansas Winter Fat Quarter Bundle by Kansas Troubles for Moda

Thanks so much for having such a generous give away and for bring up a memory that I haven't thought of for years and years... this memory still manages to make me smile and even laugh out loud!!! I must show my brother this posting...and put a smile on his face too!
Thanks again! Have a wonderful Christmas!
Take care!

Jeanne Stanley

Hi, Kelly...
what a nice surprise with your giveaway...jeremy told me about it so i could look too !! if we win, you can ship everything to MY house (he he...). i would like the stella blue kit...really pretty. i would also love a boutique fat bundle, a love u layer cake, or 6 yards of wiscasset (9-14642-15) for a quilt back.
thanks for all the great stuff and those gorgeous fabrics you send us...we love to get packages from you. have a merry christmas and a great new year in 2010. my team (roll tide ) is playing for all the marbles so hopefully we will win !
take care and God bless...

Mary Cameron

Christmas Greetings,
My most memorable Christmas was two years ago. My husband is generous and gave me several wonderful gifts that morning. I thought I was done and was very pleased with his gifts, but there was one big box left. It didn't have a tag on it. My husband told me to open it. I tore away the wrapping and saw these letters: Bernina. I literally screamed, "what did you do?" tears came to my eyes, and I was in shock. I think tears came to his eyes also when he saw my reaction. For days I did nothing but look at this wonderful machine, I was almost afraid of it because it was so unexpected and wonderful. Two years later it has sewed many miles of projects and is used nearly every day. My husband has lingered in the doorways of dozens of quilt shops across the country waiting for me to "just look a little."
My wish list (thank you in advance if you choose me): Stella Blue kit, Butterscotch Tart kit, Hushabye kit, fat quarters of Millhouse Inn fabrics, the Sew Special Fat Quarter Gifts book
Have a wonderful holiday!



I'd love to win the quilt kit, or even a Kansas Winter Jelly Roll, (might even get a quilt finished for Christmas next year that way!) The Love U charm pack and Layer cake look lovely as well.

Anyway, have a lovely, lovely Christmas, and I'll read more laters.


Hey Kelly, I've posted my memory...
And as I look through your shop, I can't help but look at everything! So, if I had a choice or two, I would really like...
*Schnibbles - State Fair Pattern
*Thimble Blossoms - Pint Sized Charm Pack Quilt Pattern
Ok, one more...(hehehe!) Schnibbles - Tuffets Pattern
I have alot of beautiful fabric and would love to make something nice with it.


Thanks for sharing your Christmas memories with us. I had a hard time making my wishlist. You have so many wonderful things in your shop.
Here's the link to my post:


Merry Christmas!


What a fun giveaway. I've posted about this on my site for sharing insights on contests & giveaways: http://sewcalgalcontestinfo.blogspot.com/

Your store is delightful. I would love it if Santa would bring me anything from your store, particularly any of these:
Aster Manor Turnover by 3 Sisters for Moda,
Aster Manor Dessert Roll by 3 Sisters for Moda,
My Paris Traveler's Bag Pattern by Fig Tree Quilts, or
Abundantly Blessed Table Topper Pattern by Cotton Way

Have a very Merry Christmas!



Thank you so much for the great give-away! I've posted about it on my blog and shared my Christmas memory. Not to mention that I included my wish list from your shop. I've just discovered it and hope to visit it lots soon. It's well organized and I found everything very quickly. Thanks again.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!



Merry Christmas to you, Kelly, and thank you for a giveaway at Christmas! Come and read about a sweet Christmas memory, and try this yummy recipe!


I love the Boutique line, and anything in it would be wonderful! Boutique Fat Quarter Bundle, or
Boutique Jelly Roll, or Boutique Layer Cake, or... you get the idea! Oh, and the
"Stella Blue" quilt kit is a beauty, I would enjoy that, too.
Merry Christmas to you, Kelly, and thank you for a giveaway at Christmas!

Sweet Christmas memories!


Thanks for a great giveaway! I wrote a post on my blog today :-)

I love all of Moda fabrics. And you have a wonderful selection.

And while you are there, sign up for my little giveaway too.
Merry Christmas!

What Comes Next

What fabulous memories people have! Thank you for giving us the chance to share. My most favourite memory can be found here
Merry Chrismas everyone!

Thearica Burroughs

Kelly...It is people like you who give the true meaning of Christmas! Giving!

My favorite Christmas memory is on my blog! You can read about it here: http://www.pigtalesandquilts.com/2009/12/favorite-christmas-memories.html ...

Stay for a visit and see what I have been up to!

You have some yummy things in your shoppe! If you could see fit I would love to receive either:

Crazy Eight Fat Quarter Bundle
Birdie Fat Quarter Bundle
Birdie Layer Cake
Butterscotch Tart Quilt Kit

I would also love to be included in the Stella Blue Quilt Kit giveaway! I would love to sew along beside you! Any time I am invited to a sewing bee, I get excited!

Merry Christmas to you and your family! I loved reading about your own personal Christmas memory!

sharon jones

I've lost some close family members over the past few years. So right now my fondest memories are of childhood when we were all together. Such great snowy Christmas's, with sleding and skating and my mother making everything so wonderful for us all--sigh. I would like some Rouenneries charm packs. Of course the Stella Blue kit is gorgeous too! Have a wonderful Christmas.

bridget b

Hi Kelly, thank you for having this fabulous giveaway! I posted too. http://grannyquilts.blogspot.com/2009/12/charming-chatter-giveaway.html


one of my favorite Christmas memories is when I got a t-shirt (for a baby) as a way of telling me I was going to be a grandma.
The love U, astor manor, french general, and fig tree are some of my favorite fabrics.

Julie Averill

What a wonderful giveaway. My favorite Christmas memory is hiding behind our couch when I was little and watching Santa fill our stockings and eating the cookies we left out. I had a hard time picking a favorite in your shop. Everything is just beautiful. The Stella Blue quilt is just gorgeous and then there is the Blessings FQ bundle or the Simple Abundance FQ bundle or the Blessings FQ bundle. I just could go on and on but those were my favorites. Thanks so much.

Sheila Carita

Thank you Kelly for a great giveaway!!! AMAZING!
I have posted about my memory here:


And I love the Stella Blue kit! The colors are gorgeous!
The rest of my wish list is:
A Birdie or Glace fat quarter bundle. Or the I Believe in Angels applique pattern set (I love Bunny Hill!), or perhaps a Love U layer cake!! There is so much to choose from!

Merry Merry Christmas!


Joann Maurer

When my oldest son was in 1st grade (17years ago) we decided to go to Denny's after Christmas Eve service. Little did we know that this would become a "tradition". We found out about this "tradition" at parent teacher conference. So for 17 years we have gone to Denny's. How's that for a tradition for you!!

I would dearly love a LoveYou fat quarter bundle. All the darling prints would make a wonderful baby quilts.

Merry Christmas:) Joann


Kelly, I'm with you on the days gone by of the kids being younger...mine are grown now and having their own babies which is fun too...but they don't wake up here with all the excitement and impatience and noise. I miss "believing in Santa" the most.
My wish list would be for Simple Abundance fat quarter bundle or Astor Manor layer cake...love them both. But hey, I'd appreciate any of it...I can always find some good quilty things to make



I wrote about my favorite memory tonight, but just check back tomorrow too...I havea fun post where I am asking a fun question too, just waiting to take pics with santa tomorrow....nothing like the last minute right?


I would like to participate in Schnibbles, so it's not specific here, ( I see you are a Schnibbler so you understand) I want 3ish spring-like matching charm packs and the next year in schnibbles pattern. maybe some coordinating yardage to finish it, if thats not too much to ask.

I LOVE that quilt kit, the stella blue. I didn't see it in your shop! I would love to have that too....any other goodies you are hiding?

I woiuld lastly like some bella solid in I think snow? One of the just off white but not quite to cream/beige. Its hard to tell on this computer what colors really are.

If you need more ideas I like anything hushabye, anything pink/green and anything that can chase my winter blues away!! =) Thanks

Marilyn G.

Thanks for doing this Christmas giveaway! My favorite Christmas memory is the year my Grandma came out to Calif. from Indiana to visit us at Christmas. I was very close with her and it was the only Christmas that I was able to spend with her. It was so much fun!

Here's my wish list for Mrs. Santa:

5.75 yards of Crazy Eight Wavy Plaid Ice Blue fabric (for a backing)

1.75 yards of Crazy Eight Sandy’s Solid Snow fabric (for setting triangles)

4.0 yards of Mill House Inn Cabbage Roses Scone (for a quilt backing)

.75 yards of Mill House Inn Cabbage Roses Rose Red

1.75 yards of Mill House Inn Goose Down Pillows Scone

1 yard of Mill House Inn Cabbage Roses Scone

Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

I went to the Cotton Charm Quilt Shop and these are the things that I would love to have:
- Stella Blue Quilt Kit
- Rural Jardin Fat Quarter Bundle
- Whimsy Layer Cake

Here is the link to my favorite Christmas memory:

This was great fun! Thanks for having such a fun contest at this wonderful season! Merry Christmas!

Amber R

Dear mrs. Santa, What I would like for Christmas is tons of fabric. I would love anything from Fig Tree Quilts (Fig & Plum, Gypsy Rose, Patisserie or Mill House Inn). Even though Whimsy is not out yet, I want it too. I don't care if you send me a FQ bundle, charm squares, layer cakes or yardage. I would also like that Stella Blue quilt kit. It looks tricky for a beginner quilter like me, but I would work on it as a New Year's Resolution to become a more advanced quilter.
My favorite Christmas memory was being in the Nutcracker for many years. Each Christmas my Mom would make a matching Christmas tree ornament to match my costume. I treasure those ornaments and look forward every year to seeing them on the tree. Even though Mom doesn't quilt, she taught me a love of sewing.
Thank you so much for the giveaway. Amber R


Hello Ms Kelly Claus: it's so generous of you to do this!, you can read my sweet memory here: http://arlette0521.blogspot.com/2009/12/when-i-think-in-my-favorite-christmas.html
If I were to win this fantastic giveaway I would ask for:
-Gobble Gobble Fat Quarter Bundle by Sandy Gervais for Moda
-Kansas Winter Dessert Roll by Kansas Troubles for Moda
-Home Tweet Home Applique Quilt Pattern by Stitch Studios
-I Believe In Angels Applique Quilt Pattern by Bunny Hill Designs
-Panel Basket of Flowers Panel Buttercup by Mary Engelbreit for Moda

I love *Stella Blue* yay!, I'd like it!
I'm not expecting to get all of it, it's just in case the store sells everything for christmas, so that's why I'm giving multiple options,if I get everything I'll be happy if not not problem. you can choose, I know I have been a good girl!, thank you for hosting this giveaway, and for bring sweet memories back :)


I would love to win Le Jardin Applique Quilt Pattern by Bunny Hill Designs . Thank you for the opportunity. I had to make Christmas memories as an adult because we were poor growing up.
I remember when my son was little he wanted to join the army so I gave him a pack of the 100 little army men that come in a small package. We used to play with them and he thought it was the greatest thing. Unfortunately he has tourettes and could not join the military


Merry Christmas! As a child,I would sit with my 5 sisters and brother at the top of the stairs waiting for Dad to finish shaving before we could go downstairs. As the years past, the crowd on the stairs grew to include sons-in-law and eventually grandchildren waiting for Gramps to shave. Gramps past away this year (at 90), but some of us will still sit on the stairs for our photo.
Dear Santa - would love charm paks and Schnibbles and def would love Stella Blue. I'd love anything Moda!!


Thanks for this lovely give away. I will not officially enter as I won the last one, but you can look on my blog for one of my memories. Love the Stella Blue!!!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Kelli Kramer

I have posted about my favorite Christmas along with my wish list....Thanks sooooo much!!!

Kelli Kramer

I have posted about my favorite Christmas along with my wish list....Thanks sooooo much!!!



Hi Kelly and thank you for a splendid and generous giveaway!
I have posted my memory on my blog:
Now for my Christmas list!! :)
The Stella BLue kit would be amazing...
and from your shop I found lots of goodies, but here is the short list!
Wild Thing Charm pack quilt pattern
betsy's closet pattern
mcguffey charm pattern
Rural Jardin Charm pack
simple abundence fat quarter bundle
hushbye jelly roll!

a little of everything...like my dessert plate on Christmas Eve!!

Merry Christmas and here is hoping you make many more cherished memories this year!


Merry Christmas and blessings coming your way, Kelly. You are such a special lady to offer such a beautiful gift to someone.

You can find my Memory POST with your giveaway on my blog post:


I am a Kansas Troubles fanatic so a FQ bundle of any line of theirs would be a gift beyone words, let alone a Dessert Roll from their gorgeous line.

I'm also in love with the Glace line. I'm doing the Mystery BOM from Fat Quarter Shop with Glace fabrics. I'd love to do some Schnibble Tuffets from their line (yes, I'm in the Year of Schnibbles as well like yourself). It'd be wonderful to have a Dessert Roll of Glace or even one of their Honey Buns or Jelly Rolls. I just love this line this year.

And trust me, Gobble Gobble FQ bundle isn't a bad line either....LOL This Fall I made four quilts using this wonderful line from Sandy Gervais.

I've rambled..but when it comes to fabric, it's very easy for me to do.

And if Santa is so inclined, The Stella Blue Quilt Kit would be a blessing in itself as well.

Okay, okay, I'm off to work on Christmas Cookies. I'll make sure to have a couple for you along with my coffee.

Make memories, Kelly, they're wonderful to reflect on. I do often.

Merry Christmas with Peace, Health and Good Tidings come the New Year.


Merry Christmas!!!

I like so many things, but here are a few:

Love U Layer Cake by Deb Strain for Moda

Mill House Inn Layer Cake by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda

Glace Layer Cake by 3 Sisters for Moda

Love U Charm Pack by Deb Strain for Moda

Mill House Inn Charm Pack by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda

Old Primrose Inn Charm Pack by Blackbird Design for Moda

Whimsy Honey Bun by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda

Honey Honey Quilt Pattern by Tula Pink

Fresh Vintage #13 by Fig Tree Quilts

My favorite Christmas memory is when I was a young child and we had just moved into a new house. We decided to pull down some paneling and found a Christmas mural painted underneath the paneling. Every year after that we pulled down the paneling for Christmas.

Thank you for helping me to remember a special memory.

Wendy B

richshelpmate @ yahoo dot com


What a generous Christmas gift!!! I posted my wish list and my favorite memory on my blog! Merry Christmas!

Kathy Stewart

Merry Christmas Kelly! I absolutely love the Stella Blue quilt kit and would love to make it! I love all the Moda fat quarter bundles too! You have such a wonderful selection of them!

Dandelion Quilts

Those look like some fun times, Kelly. I blogged about my favorite, too. Merry Christmas!! http://dandelionquilts.blogspot.com/2009/12/favorite-christmas-memories.html

Linda T

I have so many great Christmas memories. Some of the best are my Opa throwing little ginger cookies (part of the Dutch Sinterklaas tradition), our little goodie bags, that always included an orange and watching the speech from Queen Elizabeth on Christmas Day.
It wasn't about the gifts but the fun memories of family!

Some things that I would love to receive from your shop? I love the Blessings line, and the Panache line! I would love a fat quarter pack, or any of the precut packs from these lines! Some much beautiful fabrics!


What a wonderful giveaway and on Christmas Day no less!! I do not have a blog, so I will post my memory here. Every year for Christmas my mother would do the shopping for us children, but one year, my Dad went to town a couple of days before Christmas and came back with presents for us kids. He had them wrapped at the store and walked into the house with a present for each of us. We could hardly believe it, we had never seen our father buy gifts before. As far as I know that was the only time that he picked out the gifts himself, which is why it was so memorable for us.

My wish list would include the Stella Blue Quilt Kit. I have admired that quilt since the first time I saw it in my Miss Rosie's Quilt Collection book. I think a quilt along would be fun and what a great incentive to get it made. My other wish would be for the Wiscasset layer cake by Minick and Simpson.

Thanks for the chance to win, and Merry Christmas to you and yours!!


I don't have a blog, so this is my story... We were poor growing up, so I have a special memory when I got a pottery kitchen set for kids (it was a cheap one), I was really, really excited about what I got, I was about 5 years old, the first thing that came to my mind was to show it to my sweet grandmother, we lived close, I ran to her house, and when I was showing her my goodies, all of them fell off and break in pieces. I cried, and cried and she was trying to calm me down and she said to me, you'll get another one, and I never did...
Well, right now, I'd like one of my christmas list wishes came true, I love all the goodies from your store, I'd like to have everything!, it's hard to choose. I'm saying multiple options, and let you pick, I like surprises!.
-Stella Blue kit's gorgeous, btw-.
-Kansas Winter FQ Bundle by Kansas Troubles for Moda
-Kansas Winter Jelly Roll by Kansas Troubles for Moda
-Vine Creek Layer Cake by Kansas Troubles for Moda
-Yo Yoville Quilt Pattern by Bunny Hills Designs
-Fresh Vintage Number 13 by Fig Tree Quilts
-Candy Kisses Lipstick Sweets Panel by Sandy Gervais for Moda.
Have a Merry Christmas, and thank you for hosting this memory giveaway


Since I'm blog-less, I'll list my "wish list" here as well.

One of my favorite memories centers around breakfast time. My grandmother used to make the BEST homemade cinnamon rolls from scratch. She didn't have money to buy us gifts so each year she made those instead. It wasn't Christmas morning without them. She's no longer with us and I miss those yummy rolls. We've all tried to duplicate them but we just can't do it. Man I miss grandma.

Wish list:
I'd of course LOVE to win the Stella Blue kit. Beautiful!

From the shop, I also ,loved Jan's Double Wedding ring pattern, the Stars & Poppies pattern, and the Charleston Harbor pattern.

Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!


Hello!!I like your blog.
Many thanks for the chance to win this nice candy. I linked it on sidebar. Many hugs from Larisa. Merry Christmas! )))))
I am sorry I am not so good in English to tell a Christmas story just now. Maybe in Russian? But I am not sure anybody can understand even.. it is sad.

My list is short: a Fat Quarter Bundle but I am grateful to receive everything you can send to me. Thanks)


I would love to quilt alonf with you with the Stella Blue kit!
Other than that I would love a Simple Abundance Fat Quarter Bundle, or an Astor Manor Jelly Roll or layer cake, a boutique fat quarter bundle. Oh they are all so yummy!
Here's my fav memories:-)

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