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January 14, 2010


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Carol Lewis

Sounds like fun, sign me up. I have an idea for a cute Valentine quilt. The quilt you're going to do is very cute.


There is a quilt I have been planning on making with my Candy Kisses fabric, but it is going to be a BIG project...no way I could do it in a day!


I want to join in. Should be fun.


I have an idea for a Valentine quilt, should it be finished THE day, please ? If yes sign me up.


Sorry, it'snt clear : should the quilt be started or finished the day ? Thanks.


sounds like fun, and I was just thinking about a project for VD yesterday. I made a darling table runner years ago that I loved and ended up donating to a Race for a Cure event.
Would love to make another, and this could be the time!


Oh, poo-poo. I'm taking a quilting class that day so I can't join in......but I'll be thinking of you!

Cindy Carlson

This sounds like fun. I sure hope hubby doesn't have any expectations of me that day..LOL

Count me in on this one, Kelly and Joan. I'll post your "Valentine Sewing Party" stamp on my sidebar.

If hubby DOES have plans that I have to take part in, I'll be sure and let you know before the 23rd.

Now.........what to sew, what to make, what to tempt myself with...LOL


I'd love to play along but I don't have a Valentine's Day project. I've made two table toppers already and given one away. Huge Sigh! I'll be on the sidelines cheering you on.

Kelly I love your planned project.


I am certainly going to join in! It is going to an awesome excuse to "Hang-out" with the CCQC girls.

So yes....yes...yes!

call me crazy

Oh it sounds like fun! I'll have to figure out what to sew... ;-)


I've never made any quilty Valentine projects. This is a great idea! Thanks for the great excuse to sit and sew ALL DAY LONG. Count me in. I'm going to start looking for a small project (I'm excited, but not overly ambitious).


Kelly, count me in! I just ordered a Valentine mini quilt pattern and this would be a great way to get me kick-started on it!

Oh, such fun! I can't wait.


Oh wow! I am so excited about sewing with all the girls! Can't wait to see all the projects! I still have to decide on mine.
See you at the party!


Sounds like fun, count me in!


I can't join in the fun but I'll definitely be peeking in to see what you're up to. It's a great idea! xo, Nan

Dandelion Quilts

I am going to try to participate, unless life gets in my way!

Diane Cannon

I am in--was just looking for an "excuse" TO put my BOm's and challenges aside for a day and work on Valentines things---thanks--I will start thinking and looking for my Project!!
have a great weekend
Hugs, Di & Co


Oh my....another fun day that I CANNOT participate in ( wah). But I shouldn't whine, because instead we are having a baby shower for our first Grandchild to be. So thanks for the invitation and looking forward to a time I get to play with all of you fun girls!!! XXX Annie


Please count me in. I will post your logo on my blog side bar and will mention it on my next post. Thanks for the invitation - Hugs Nat


Count me in! This is going to be sew much fun.

Quilter Going Bananas

Count me in too! Thanks Kelly and Joan for organizing this event. I've already put the button on my sidebar :^)

Busy Little Quilter

I'm ready!!! I have my stash all together for several Valentine quilts. I'm excited!!!


I'm pulling my fabrics together today. Very excited about our Valentine Sewing Party. Anyone participating want to use Twitter and/or Facebook to post comments throughout the day? I'll be sharing insights thru these tools that day.


melinda cornish

I would love to play too....Have a project all lined up!!! melinda


i am definitely going to join--what a great idea! I have a couple of ideas, lets see how far I get! Thanks!

call me crazy

I picked my project! :-)



I am going to sign up too! Not sure if I can sew all day, but I do have lots of valentine fabric, now I can pick out a project!


Hi Kelly, I'm excited about this one -- count me in. www.acraftymoment.blogspot.com


After getting confirmation that we are not doing anything on Sat. I am so excited to say that I will be able to come to the P-A-R-T-Y!!! WhoHOOOO! I plan to sew ALL day long! Thanks Kelly & Joan for planning such a fun event!


I have a project picked and ready to go!


I hope I'm not too late! Count me in!

Kim @ Stillmeadow Quilting

Looking forward to joining the fun this Saturday! Sent With Love is waiting for a day to be cut and sewn. Thanks!

Lynda Green

I would love to join in...


I have plans for the day but I hope to make a red/white scarf for my daughter. I will join in so at least it will get done and I will have time to get it in the mail to her. You know, instead of waiting until the last minute!! It will be one of those easy peasy scarves like I made for her for Christmas. Can't post on my blog though. :0

Karen Beigh

Something must have happened that I didn't get my comment on here. I signed up yesterday for the Valentine sewing party. I am working on a redwork stitchery that will be turned into a little wall hanging.

Shannon White

This sounds so fun. Will you do another one? I have a wedding to decorate for today then I will be there all night, no time to sew today. Darn it!

Polly Monica

How weird! The comment I left at noon with my blog post link didn't show up here!??? Well, maybe this final one will! I finished my little red and beige "Madeline" quilt top. I had such fun sewing it together especially knowing there were many other gals around the country sewing on their projects just as I was! Come on over and check it out! Polly :-) http://auntpollysporch.blogspot.com/2010/01/voila-madeline-is-done.html


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Sam Pierce

Count me in! This is going to be sew much fun.

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Looking forward to joining the fun this Saturday! Sent With Love is waiting for a day to be cut and sewn. Thanks!


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