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May 14, 2010


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Oh my Kelly, I am so excited! I saw this contest a week or so ago and was thinking about it, but I think now I will definitely be signing up. What fabulous prizes you have too! Now to decide which pattern to use...


This is so exciting, Kelly. I'm glad it all worked out between you and Carrie. I knew it would. :-)

Dandelion Quilts

This is pretty exciting, Kelly!

call me crazy

'uncut and unsewn'~ argh! I was too speedy! :-o Sounds like a lot of fun Kelly!


Wow! That is an exciting contest!
I'm certain you will have lots of entries!


Very fun! I already have Imagine finished...I'll have to take a pic of the next one I do. This is going to be a blast!


THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!! Okay, now I'm pumped & I can't wait to get the book I just ordered! LOL!

I think you know by now - I LOVE THE PARTIES YOU THROW! WHOOOHOOOO!!!


I'm going to sign up. So fun or should I say this will be Sew Fun.


Hi Kelly! I was just drooling over this book yesterday...and now you have to annouce a really fun contest. It's may be too much to pass up...


This is going to be such a fun contest. And, I'm very eager to see all the quilts entered. I've also shared insights about this on my site where I share insights on contests & giveaways (http://sewcalgalcontestinfo.blogspot.com/).


PS - I definitely want to participate too!


I tried to buy the book...are you out of them? Polly

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Ooooooo! I want to do this. I have the book and I have the fabric. I even know which quilt I want to make. Now all I have to do is try to decide if I can finish a whole quilt by July 31. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

Cindy Carlson

Okay, I need to reread this and see if time will allow me to participate. "ANYTHING" Schnibbles" calls my name.

Sinta Renee

Yeah! I am so glad that you are going to be hosting the contest Kelly!!! Perfect!


I've got my book and charm packs posted...I'm ready to go! Can't wait to see what everyone makes!


paulette doyle

Ohhhh...I can't wait to see all these wonderful big and little Schnibble quilts!! I have to get my hands on that book!!
Take care!~

Cheryl Bugelski

No way I could finish a quilt by the 31st of July! Guess I'm relegated to voter status. Have fun quilters.


Ok, I've posted the details on my Schnibbles quilt for the contest...


Dandelion Quilts

I posted the details. Thanks Kelly for the fun contest! I appreciate all of your work on this, it takes a while to post all of the quilts and such. I really appreciate you doing this.


Lol, I am so late posting my picture! I already finished my 1st quilt top, but I did remember to take a picture before I started at least;-)
Here's my link:

Mary Flynn

Here I am! You can find my project at this link. http://www.quilthollow.com/2010/06/schnibbles-time-two-contest-between.html


I posted my fabric and my pattern: Scratch made with Swanky and Bella Snow!

This will be fun!



Kelli Kramer

I am very excited to begin working, but I had a few questions about the contest. I was wondering if all of the fabric used in the quilt needed to be Moda fabric. After reading the rules, it says that the charm packs or layer cakes need to be current Moda fabric lines, but it was not mentioned if the background and backing fabric needed to be Moda fabric. I was also wondering if we needed to follow the pattern exactly as it is written or if I can change it a bit to make it a bit larger and increase the borders. Just wondering.....

Kim D.

Looks like a lot of fun Kelly.. Wish I could join in, but I'm too busy this summer. Hopefully I can make it over to vote for the winner and see all the beautiful quilts and maybe even win the signed copy of the book. That would be awesome.


Still haven't finished my 1st Schnibbles but I'm going to go ahead and start on my second. What can I say, I love living on the edge! LOL!



I'm in! I've posted my picture of fabrics and book on my blog.

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