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June 01, 2010


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Kelly, I love the mini version, I'm so dang excited. Thank you so much for doing this and it uses charm packs, awesome!


I'm in! Now I am running upstairs to decide what to use. I do happen to have some charm packs in mind....

call me crazy

Oh this sounds fun and I love that mini! I'm in as time allows~ ;-)


I'm in too! I love it! Now I just have to figure out which one to make - big or mini?

I just think it's great that your Mom & Kate will be joining in on the fun!


Oh I am so in! I love your Swell quilt, so pretty! I wish that fabric was easier to find now.
Off to figure out what fabric to use....


I'm in Im in I'm in!!! This looks alot like the quilt ive already made, but this time ill do it in some bright colors.



OMG, Kelly, this is really going to be a ton of fun. The Mini version is adorable.

I'm off to post on my blog about this fun project. :-)

Quilter Going Bananas

I think this is an excellent way to sew along with my friends, whoo hoo! I'm in, I'm in!!!

Dawn H

I need to stash reduce and make a gift at the same time... add me to the list......got the fabric...to much of it really he he.... and will add it to my blog sidebar... thanks Kelly... and a great pic of your mum and DD..
Hugs Dawn x x x


Hi mom and Katie! Welcome aboard!
Thanks Kelly and Darlene for doing this quilt along. I am going to make the quilt but I probably will not be able to follow the process every week as I have a very hectic June which takes me away from my sewing quarters. I love the pattern! Now I am off to decide which fabric to make it in. This is the fun part! ♥♥♥

Becky in Georgia

This looks like so much fun!!! Love the look of Darlene's quilt. I do have some layer cakes I won in a give-away. June is wild, but I'm in. Love online sew-alongs! Thanks so much for organizing this one! How wonderful that your Mom and daughter are participating. I have just sons:) No way they'll join me in this, but they do confiscate quilts they like.


I'm in Kelly, I love the mini version.


Would love to participate in the smaller quilt. Have just bought two charm packs so have the perfect fabric. Many thanks,
Dublin, Ireland


I'm in...I love the little one...I have a big one and it's probably my favorite quilt. I may just do another big one too. YIPPEE! This will be so much fun!


How fun Kelly!

Glad to see that you have brought two more special quilters to the group.

Welcome Mom & Katie!



Okay, I'm in on this one. I've admired Darlene's pattern since she first blogged about it a year ago. Now I have to be held accountable to make it!


Can't wait...I want to make the little one for my sewing room!


Well phooey! I am not going to get to participate this time. I am not going to be able to sew much in the month of June at all. It is a darling quilt. Can't wait to see all the finishes!


Hmmm I think the quilt I am making now leaves just enough fabric in the fq's for this quilt as well. Will have to go hoe and check. I would do the full size one though. I can't wait to see how your Mom's turns out I just love Butterfly Garden

Liz M.

I knew there was a reason for buying those 2 fruitcake charm packs.... :)

Mary Flynn

Oops...don't think my comment is listed.
What I was saying....think it is fantastic that you are both doing this together. I remember Darlene's pattern when she first posted it...I saved it...for someday....now you have a smaller version too..wonderful!!

Cheryl Bugelski

Thanks for including non-members. Looking foward to making my first quilt.

Dandelion Quilts

Oh, I like that so much. It is so tempting. However, I still am in the midst of the jelly roll quilt along and I still haven't joined any of my blocks from the other pinwheel quilt along and I have my schnibbles I want to do along with several other "summer" projects....so I will have to think about it. But it is really cute. What a great design, Darlene! And a good idea, Kelly!


OK, I'm in, Kelly! Do we need to sign up somewhere? VERY cute quilt!!


Count me in! I missed out on the last QAL, but loved the quilt so much that I had to make one later. Looking forward to quilting along this time.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

For sure Kelly! Thinking I'm going to make the large one.

Michelle @ Shee Designs

I am so in!


I am in....sew much fun!!! There are a few weeks I will be MIA ( vacation, you know), but I know if I do the small one I will be able to catch up. BTW....hugs to you Kelly for this wonderful club. NOt only have I met a sweet friend in you, but I have made SOOOO many other wonderful sewing friends too. What a blessing!!!


I finally decided on the fabric and posted it ... I decided to make the mini quilt....Thanks again Kelly for getting us all together...

Barbara York

Hey Kelly - count me in for the little one. I have a great nephew due in July so plan to make this one for him. I found some really cute charm packs with a sailing theme and plan on using them along with some cute white with tiny little pale blue dots for the background fabric. I am going to do one extra border to make it just a little bigger. OOOOOOOH this is going to be fun. I am ready and raring to go.
Barbara in Amarillo, TX

Dawn-Marie Fahey

I have so much fabric left over from the last quilt along that I am going to use that up. This will be fun.



I finally decided on my fabric...


Okay! My daughter and I are in. We are both going to make the smaller version. My daughter "B-sew cute" got two "Sweet" charm packs as a gift from a fellow blogger. I'm going to use my "make life.." charm packs. This will be fun. A nice mother daughter project.

Tammy Parker

Oh that is just adorable made little!! I am in...but will start after the 11th, when hopefully I will have a life back :) Can't wait!!


Hello Kelly, I am new here but count me in! I LOVE the pattern and my brain is already churning with ideas..... Hmmmmmm....civil war repros or ultra modern black and white with say lime green??!? decisions decisions!


Count me in, Kelly. I'm opting for the mini since that seems to be the kick I'm on at the moment.


I'm new to quilt alongs but it sounds like fun! I'm going to do the mini! Thanks for sponsoring this!

Mama Spark

I left a comment on Darlene's blog and I will be joining you guys but I have already begun her pattern and am doing it as a leaders and enders project to use up some of my squares from a previous project. Therefore I will probably not finish with you all. I will keep track of everyone though and have fun!

Sinta Renee

Where have I been? I am in on this for sure! (forget the wedding planning) I loved Darlene's quilt when I had seen it on her blog a while back... so a mini has got to be doable, right? I'm going to pick and cut my fabric as soon as I get home today Kelly! You are awesome!

Judy Trott

I have posted about your Quilt Along on my blog (www.jayteespatchworkplace.blogspot.com) along with pictures of my fabrics.


How do you join Charming Girls & Guys???

Lynn Koeppen

I'd like to join in. The only trouble is I will have to open the charm packs to use. That is hard for me to do!

Wendy in Montana

I thought I added my name to this last night, but see I missed it. ... please count me in! :o)


I think this could be for me!


OK, I am going to give this a try!!

Thanks for hosting this sew along and opening it to everyone :)


Frummie Sommers

I would love to join. I was given a 5" jelly roll of 30's fabric. I just have to go get some white on Monday.

Frummie Sommers

By the way I have to make 2. My daughters friend is have twins in October, one of each.

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady

I was so excited about your Quilt Along that I forgot to tell you to count me in - please! I even posted about it on my blog after reading MamaSparks blog. I will be making a mini. I so excited!


Better late than never! Mini.


Just found this from Mary's blog and would love to join in if I may? I am also seeing your blog for the first time and enjoying it. I am quilting another QAL project and this would be great fun to start now.

Hugs from Holland ~

Annie Dunn

Hello I would love to join in and use scrappy squares. How do I join, I am not in Facebook, twitter or the other. Thank you so much, Annie in Saudi Arabia

Linda Jeter

I will be joining in also, volunteered in a quilt shop a couple years back so you can just imagine what I have in my stash...

lots of charm packs!! I will be doing the mini version...

Thanks for doing this quilt along,
Linda J

Karen King

I'd like to join in as well, this is my first time to your Blob and it looks like a fun place to visit regularly. When do we start? I have some charm packs and plenty of jelly rolls, so I'm all set - may do both sizes, just for fun.

Karen in Wisconsin

carol c

PLEASE tell me how big is the mini going to finish out at

Ann at Prairie Primrose

I'm going to look at what I have in my stash. I'd like a cute little easy quilt to make right now! I'll post on my blog in a few days my progress!


I would love to join in so count me in! This looks like it is going to be fun.

Lydia from Canada


Welll....I've never done a 'Quilt Along' before but Mary Flynn of Quilt Hollow posted about this and I think this darling quilt would make a really great table topper, so I'm going to give it a try. Can't promise I can keep up (health issues) BUT, I'm going to give it my best effort. Since today is Father's Day I won't be sewing, but later this evening I'm going to select fabric from my stash and I'll be on my way. Thank's so much for inviting everyone. I'm very excited about this. WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *sorry, couldn't help myself* Now, I don't have a blog, so it just occured to me...can I still join in? If so, do I just email you the pictures?

Judy Parker

Well I have never quilted along with a blog but now must be the time...I am in and ready..I have tons of charm packs..thanks


Hope it's not too late to join? I just fell in love with this quilt along! Just hope I have enough time to keep the rythm!

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