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July 01, 2010


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Oh Kelly, this is a great idea. We do have so much to learn from each other and this will help to bring everyone closer. I hope that Pam and Elizabeth can start a blog and join. I do have other goals other than quilting and I'll be sure to post them. Thanks!!


Well Kelly, you know I'm in for another year! I love being a charming gal!! I have really gotten alot done and kept my focus because of all the encouragement I get through everyone here. Thanks so much for keeping us all inspired!


Hello, my name is Kris. Just stumbled across this group today - what great timing. My blog is farmgirltransplant.blogspot.com.


Count me in - yes, yes, yes! I love the changes and look forward to lots and lots of fun!!!!!!

Cara Wilson

I'd love to join in!
Cara http://caraquilts.blogspot.com/


I'm in too! The past year has been so much fun for me. I look forward to the coming year! & the parties!!! LOL!!!


ps...I want to make that quilt! (the one without a name)


I'm still in! The changes sound fresh and exciting. I can't wait to hear about the THEME!!!!


I think you did a great job last year and you even put up with me who would be a "semi-active kind of member. I would love to give it another try and organize myself. I think your group of charming guys and gals are much more than charming- and I would love another year to get to know everyone better! Thanks for last year & Cheers to a job well done Kelly!


oops, see I didn't follow directions already... my link: pinkpincushion.blogspot.com


oh my yes i am definitly in the Charming Gals and Guys club for life! Not so many people i know to share my quilting with so its nice to be in a club were i can brag somthing up without getting the deer in the headlight look! lol! not to mention drooling over everyone's projects and filing it away in the never ending to do list hehe! Keep up the good work im loving this! :o) :o)


Of course you know I am still in Kelly! I think this will be even more fun than last year ☺
I've got to think about my goals now...


Yay I can join in!! I'd like to join as a new member please, my name is Susan and my blog is http://www.piecefulthreads.blogspot.com.
Thanks for opening up your fantastic club to new members!!
PS I *love* your unnamed quilt!!


I would love to stay on as a continuing member! I Love this club! And I think that adding a more 'personal' touch is a brilliant idea!


Hi Kelly!
So nice to have the opportunity to join this year. I loved to follow you all pursuing your goals with so much success & I love not to have something FINISHED but to meet my own PRIORITIES...great concept!
I hope to revisit blogging - becoming a charming girl is really a "bribe" to blog regularly... (it's not that I don't want to, but after a while it's getting quite daunting considering the biiig pile of things that are untold (unblogged)...so, I'll try a fresh start!).
In hope to qualify as a CGC member,


Oh YES Kelly I want to keep my spot! I LOVE it here! You did a great job with the tweeks...love what you did. You're right a month goes by so darn fast. I am over the top in love with your quilt with no name. It is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Count me in for another year!!

Anita Amodeo

Definetly count me in again. I have really enjoyed having the 'goals' and have gotten some UFOs completed. Kelly, you have done a great job with this Charming Club! Can't wait to see everyone's goals.


Your red, white and blue quilt looks like a "Firecracker" to me! :0)


I'm in again too. Although I've been quiet lately (I need a transitions post of my own!) I'm definitely ready to set a few goals and get things done! I think that your quilt should be called "Fireworks Frenzy". That was my first thought when I saw the picture!

Dandelion Quilts

I'm in, too.

Oh, and as a side note I agree that quilt looks like Firecracker to me.

Cheryl Bugelski

Count me in. I've been watching from the sidelines. So happy you have found room for a few new members. Hope I make the list.


Hi Kelly! Of course I'm still in :) My link: www.suburbanstitcher.com

Can't wait to see what our first theme is!

Sandy Rowe

I have been following your blog for awhile and wondered how I could join--now I am! Thanks so much.


Kelly, I loved your QAL and would like to become a member of the Charming Friends Quilt Club. Thanks for opening up to new members.

Cindy Carlson

Well, well, well, Kelly - I am MISSING you BIG time. It ALL sounds good to me. I DEFINITELY want to remain a part of the Club. I have so much fun with it.

May I ask your permission for this: Hubby and I are off in our RV, headed towards Sisters, Oregon for the quilt show that takes place all next week. May I please post my goals upon our return. It'll be a couple days after the 15th, that weekend of the 17th when I can get to my Goals List.

Infact, I'm packing up the RV TODAY!! But I don't want to miss out on being a Charming Girl Club member. You all are such a sweet group! AND - there's ALWAYS chocolate around...........LOL.....even on THIS post...LOL...and I'm ALL ABOUT Chocolate...LOL

I'll take lots of pics to share upon our return.


God Bless.


I would love to join you this year.


Yes! I want to be in the club again this coming year! Good idea on the change to every other month for quilting goals. I've been working on a new king size quilt and would like to get it done by the end of August.

call me crazy

Oh yes I'm in again too please!! :-) I loved setting goals and seeing what I could accomplish this past year, and I loved the sew alongs! Thank you so much for all the fun Kelly! Have a great weekend! I'll be posting my goals after the Sister's Show too. ;-)


Yes I'd like to continue (although sometimes life is too busy, but I still try!!)
Has the logo changed again-I noticed it's different in this post?!


First...congratulations on your Anniversary. Applause and ticker tape coming at ya!!! Second, I've been meaning to ask about the club and how to join. Have a wonderful weekend.


I would love to join. It sounds like fun. And it will help me in finishing my quilting and life goals. I like that.

My Blog is http://arianescrafts.blogspot.com

Thanks for organizing this group. I've been following it all last year.

Hugs Ariane


I am definitely in again. It has been a fun year meeting quilty friends, sharing ideas and thoughts. It does help me focus on finishing projects and since I work full time the goal setting is good for limited sewing time. Thanks for your time and energy and unending optimism!

Mary R

Oh, I want to join, I have been reassessing a lot of things this week. It is a milestone in my life, I will be married 25 years on the 4th. Great wedding day, never have to work, husband NEVER forgets and there is always fireworks.

The reassessing is my "fabric collection" grows and grows but my intimidation with cutting never seems to get better. Have to work on that :)


Happy 1st birthday!!! you put a lot of thinking into this. I definetely want to join again and hopefully i will manage to achieve some of my goals. i haven't been very good recently so that will get me started. Thanks for all the great work

Karen at Briarside Lane

Hi Kelly, I would like to join the fun for a year.


...and Happy Anniversary. ...Karen

Bridget B

I would like to join-CBQ twisted my arm(not to hard)


Definitely count me in again! I've accomplished a lot because of the goals/deadlines, and having two months is even better. I too, love all the changes you've proposed, and can't wait to get started. Bring on the first theme!


Wow Kelly, you have really given a lot of thought to this - good job!


I think I would like to join the fun...


do we have to have finishes each month, or can "progress" be a goal that is met?? I am working on BOMs (block of the month) and I may finish a BLOCK but not a quilt....?

I love the camaraderie that I have already found out here in blog land and would love to join in here as well....

but I am a slow quilter :)

thanks, Kelly!


shecarita at yahoo dot com



Count me in! It's been fun sewing along with the CG, even though I can't get as much done, but I love the inspiration and motivation.


what a lovely idea!
I am new to quilting and just love the idea of sharing ideas and inspiration
Love the idea of a few recipes popping in every now and then too ;-)


I would love to do this. It will help me with my new goals and sounds like a lot of fun.

Margaret magirite.blogspot.com

Diane C

All I can say is "wow"---and yes I still want to be a member--don;t know how I would "function" now with out being somekind of a "Charming Gal" and not to mention how I would miss you--sooo--I am off to think about my "goals"---and I know one of them has to be about "cooking"---I eat way tooo many PB & Jelly sandwiches!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs, Di


Hi Kelly,

It's been a while since I last posted on my blog but I'm ready to get back in the swing of things so I'd like to continue being a member of the club! I really like the changes that have been made, they fit right in with the direction that I am taking these days with my life. Looking forward to being inspired by all the talented ladies! I don't think I would have accomplished nearly as much as I have this past year if it weren't for the Charming Gals!

Denise in PA

Hi Kelly, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to join! I've been reading along for a few months now and just love the concept of this club. I also like the idea of "life" goals too. I tend to mostly keep my blog about quilts, but would like to expand so this is the perfect opportunity. It will also give me more to blog about - I sometimes I feel like I don't have a lot to say. I am excited to be a Charming Girl! My blog is http://mylifeinquilts.blogspot.com Thanks again! Denise in PA

Lisa M

I would love the join your Quilting Club!! I have been following your blog for only a little while, but it is so cute! I blog about quilts, my family, and my life! Thanks for opening up the memberships! My blog is http://homeschoolmomlisa.blogspot.com/


I'm so excited for this next year Kelly! I had no idea how much fun this group would be when I first started!!! I'll be posting my priorities soon :)

Wendy in Montana

Oh, I so want to join this fun-sounding group of Charming girls! With two preschoolers (okay one plus a soon to be kindergartener) I may not finish everything, but I'll give it a good ol' try! My blog is www.why-knot-kwilt.blogspot.com. Thank you for all the inspiration!!

Wendy in Montana

Oops. .... http://why-knot-kwilt.blogspot.com/ :) Happy Fourth!


Happy Anniversary! I have been following along for a long time wishing I could be playing along too. So I would like to join. My blog is: http://quilt2sr5.blogspot.com/ My name is Penny and I love quilting.


I'm ready for year 2! Count me in please!
Happy Anniversary to CGQC!!!

sissel tangen myre

hi kelly! need a name for your quilt?
" what goes around, comes around"
or " coming around the bend"
or not "after the bender"

discount coach

Luckily to read your article,thank you! I would like to wish you a joyous everyday and express my hope for your happiness and good future.


I joined at the very end of this year and was really impressed with all the goings on. I am busy trying to finish my charming friends baby quilt and that came from here. Yes please include me in for this next year. I already have your button on my blog and I will post a list of my priorities for the next two months on my blog tonite. Looking forward to a good year with all of you.


Oh I would like to join! I have enjoyed following along and think it would be fun to play. I will think of my priorities list and it posted on my blog really soon.


Liz M.

Wow, what a great respose from everyone.
I'm looking forward to all of it in the 2nd year. Thanks Kelly!
And...the first thing that came to my mind when I saw your quilt was, "God Bless America". It is a beautiful quilt!!!


I am IN....thanks again for hostessing such a fun club. BTW.....I finished our friendship quilt and LOVE IT!!! Check it out....
http://annedease.blogspot.com/ XXXX


I have been a "lurker" and would love to become a charming gal! Count me in!


Hi Kelly! I would like to remain a member of The Charming Girls Club. I enjoy having goals and think the idea of a monthly theme is intriguing. Thanks for a great year!


Oh! I think you should name that quilt...

Patriots Kaleidoscope
Liberty Kaleidoscope

Becky in Georgia

I'd love to join the club. I have already posted my goals for July/August. As you can tell, I'm not always good about following directions:) Thanks so much for putting so much time, thought, enthusiasm, etc. to organize and motivate us!


Becky in Georgia

Forgot to give my name. I'm Becky from the suburban Atlanta.

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady

Your QAL has been so much fun to participate in, and following your blog has made me think about my priorities this next year (both in my life and quilting life.) Please may I join, it would be an honour for me to be in the quilt club.

Micki Butler

I am a new member of your blog and love the idea of a club. My name is Micki and I have a blog called Irish Muses whose link is
I am from Ireland, and I live in a small seacoast village called Dunfanaghy. I would love to join the club.


I have been out of town and severely behind in blog reading. I would like to participate in the club another year!

Anna McD

I would love to join. My name is Anna and I'm from eastern NC. My blog is http://peacefulpiecer.blogspot.com


I would love to be a Charming Girl! Trish www.quilttalesandcattails.com

Carol Lewis

Hi Kelly, I finally posted my goals for July/August. Check out my goals on my blog: carolscraftblog.blogspot.com.

Thanks and I do enjoy being in this club.



I would love to be a part of this group. Count me in! My name is Sandra and my blog is http://sewinpeace.blogspot.com


Count me in again ladies!

Always a pleasure to quilt with you guys/girls,

Leslie Legros

please include me.
One of my 2010 goals was to develop a blog!
And I've done it!
first post was yest, so glad I could join and learn from all of you.
Looking forward to the year.
Thanks, Leslie

Judy C

What a shame that a blog is a prerequisite for joining The Charming Girls. Soon there will be no groups to join for my generation of quilters who do not blog, twitter or facebook and we still have so much to share and still need the friendships. I have down-sized my life and stash and "unplugged from the matrix" so have been very selective about which groups I join. I loved doing your quilt along recently. Very disappointed I will be excluded from joining your group.


looking forward to (another) great year of sewing and Sharing with the charming girls (and guys)


I am interested in joining the club. I don't have a blog.......yet, but have been thinking about it.I do twitter though, does that count? Debbie

Mama Spark

I would like to give this a try too. Count me in!


I would love to be a member of the Charming Girls Quilt Club.
Judy www.jayteespatchworkplace.blogspot.com

Gina Smith

Hopefully I've just scraped in under the time barrier.
I would love to join the group as I've been following some of your members for the past year and have envied the fun they have had.

My blog is http://paganpatches.blogspot.com/

love and hugs Gina xxx

carol fun

Count me in -- I love that the deadlines are a 2 month time span. I think by posting my goals I will be more inclined to meet them - -you know public shame and all - LOL! Here's the link to my blog and I'll be posting my July/Aug goals today -- thanks



Kelly, count me in for another year! I like the changes you have made and will post my July/August goals soon. Trying hard to catch up after being out of town... YIKES!! Polly


Kelly, I would love to join but I don't have a blog and due to my Scleroderma and the accompanying issues and fatigue, I just can't meet the goals I would want with a blog so I will just follow along and do some of the projects as I can, for myself if not for the club. I love your blog and just have to peek at it often and explore older posts. I can be content with that, yup, yup, yup!
Big hugs....


Hi Kelly....I would love to join and I look forward to all the fun that you have thought up. Thanks so much....My name is Vicki and my blog is Tozz's Corner.. http://tozzscorner.blogspot.com/


I would love to join the group. I find that I do much more when I have a deadline and a goal. It will be good to be accountable to others. My blog is http://www.sillystitching.blogspot.com/


Hi Kelly---count me in, this is just the thing I need to keep me motivated.


I would love to join one of your groups but I am not a blogger. I tried to open one once and was completely lost..hehehe...anyone give lessons on how...heheh..anyway I love how you are setting up your group for the new year and it sounds like great fun. please keep me in mind if you start one for us non bloggers...have fun in your quilting and lifes adventures..blessings


Hi I just found this site this morning and am so happy that I've not missed the deadline. This sounds like so much fun. Count me in. My name is Peg and my blog is piecefulpeg.blogspot.com


Well... I put it off as long as I could. Believe me, it has been in my head ever since you posted you were accepting new members. I would LOVE to be a member of the Charming Girls Quilt Club. I am anxious to start "A NEW" and I hope I can keep up. Thanks for extending the invitation!!!

I can be found at...



Hi - it's Lucy here. I would like to remain a member if I could, but I don't have a blog. I will understand if you don't want to deal with that. My life had been crazy the past seven or eight months, but it is slowing down again and hopefully will stay that way!!


I have been following the antics of the Charming Girls (and Guys) Quilt Club for most of the year with my nosed pressed against the window pane wanting to play. Please put me on the list so I can hang out with the cool kids and be inspired by their wonderful quilting.


Well here goes nothing. I need a little jolt so maybe if I have others to keep me motivated that will be good. www.claudesquiltden.blogspot.com


I would love to join your club...my name is Marie and I'm at www.andifnot-secondofwett.blogspot.com


I would like to join the club. Thanks!

NancyB in AZ

I would like to join the club, too! I think this would be a great way to keep me on track and motivated. I am Nancy and my blog is nancyswanderings.blogspot.com


I'd love to join , I'm Dawnmarie and my blog is dmdezigns.stampincorner.com. I just started quilting in March, and my blog will continue to be a mix of my passions - paper crafting and quilting. I hope I can keep up you all!


I would love to join in all the fun! Hope I am not too late?

Denise :)

Drat. I'm a day (or two) late in finding you and a dollar short! I guess this means I will spend *this* year simply following you all and be on top if it next year! This is a wonderful idea! :)

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