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December 30, 2010


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Count me in, I love the idea of no pressure. I have noticed I only finish the muf that I really love and can see a home for. Best wishes for the coming year


I'm a MUF'ee and proud of it! Now I'm getting off the computer and go work on some fermenting fabric.


YES! This is the way to enjoy fabric, thread, machines, more fabric, patterns, did I mention fabric? I'm with you Kelly. 2011, I'm not afraid of you! Bring-er-on!


I just enrolled as MUF Girl......what a coincidence I was just getting my tomorrow's post ready and listing my UFO's but not stressing over them or setting a tiem frame to have them finished, when I noticed your new post and Voilà! Oh! I have some F=fermenting but that's ok!
Happy New Year!


Im in too! Im doing a bit of a UFO completion thing, but I like the idea of there being no stress and keeping it fun! :)


I am so in!! Please see my recent post, where I listed a TON of UFO's....errr, I mean, MUF's!!!


I will cheer you on Kelly! I have been a MUF gal for quite a while. I live a stress free, care free, No worries life when it comes to my UFOs. I have many, but I don't dwell on them. They are from a time when I used to start many and finish none. I have changed my ways, I look at the individual project and I can tell you if it's a dud (will never get done) or if there is still hope. If there is hope, I put it aside until it becomes a dud or it get's finished. No rush. No worries. no guilt on something I love more at the moment. I am happy you have found your way! LOL!

Sharon Vrooman

I find joy in every part of quilting. The collections of fabrics, the finding the perfect pattern, piecing each block, assembling, and giving new life. THey may come in different orders, but I love all of it. My joy of quilting for 2011 is finishing some long awaiting projects, some rather new. But every piece deserves to come to completion - a gift, a housewarming, a fund raiser, a warm hug to someone in need - they all need to find their destination. I'm sure something new or eye-catching, or I gotta-just-do-that is going to pop in , but that's ok. And if they all don't get their finish in 2011, I won't stress, it just means I haven't found the right moment for the home they need.


Wow, I totally agree with you and this is such a refreshing post. I have been quilting for about 4 years...for the sheer joy of it. For the last 4 months, I have been blogging and while I've met so many wonderful people and gotten GREAT ideas, it has brought with it a fair amount of pressure. Not that anyone else puts on me, but what I take on from the excitement of getting to do what I love...more quilting. But I have to continually remind myself that I'm not on a time schedule and enjoying the process is WAY more important. SO...count me in, I'm with you on this one!!


Kelly, I love that! I am so in. I've been on the fence lately about posting goals because things don't always work out as planned. I don't always know what will inspire me to sew a certain quilt, I just know the creativity runs wild when inspiration strikes. I like MUF much better than UFO.


I LOVE THIS!!! I have been thinking about something like this all week. I have loved all the groups starting up for finishing projects. That is just not where I am. I want to sew. No plan, no dates, no pressure. Of course I have a few things that fall under those three things but my other time I want to sew with freedom! I will join you. Count me in!

Cathy Burk

I can't display the button because I don't have a blog (yet). But I am so with you on this!!! Oh, yes...MUFs are waaaaay better than UFOs. What a great post!


I am sew in for the MUF's. Great idea. Love the inspirational thoughts of being a MUF. Sew true.



Absolutely I'm in!! I have been thinking along these lines for the past week or so too, that the more I try and make myself work on something I don't feel like doing, the less I get done! So in 2011 there will be no guilt, I am freeing myself to sew and quilt anything I want, and if I never finish anything what does it matter as long as I have had fun!! In fact I like to have each project in it's own container, and yesterday I bought 10 new containers (they were half price yippee!) just so I can work on something as long as I feel like it, then put it away and go on to something else, and it will still be there all together if/when I come back to it :)

May Britt

OH....I love this button. I was just thinking about all my WISP's (Work In Slow Progress) but I like MUF too So I will put this button on my blog. Because I am sewing what I want and do not have any bad feelings about what's in my drawers.........eh...just a little.


Woooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooo....Count me in Kelly!!! My eyes are quirky from the cold I have and I will read this again later but if I'm understanding it right, I would love to share with you some photos of UF...er...MUF's and also PIW (my Projects In Waiting). Your so right Kelly, fabric is a beautiful fine object to be enjoyed and loved, and should never ever be an object of guilt or pressure. Thank you my wonderful friend, I feel the weight lifting off my shoulders already. 2011..here I come...I will slide down my new bannister straight into my new sewing room, work on the projects my heart wants me to work on and just soak in the beauty of the MUF's around me, knowing I will finish them when they are 'fermented' to perfection. Hugs...


I LOVE this because I don't love pressure! When I stitch, I want to ENJOY each and every stitch. When I sew, I want to enjoy each piece of fabric being sewn to another. My husband doesn't understand why I start another project before finishing one. I told him, "That's just the way it's done!" LOL Count me in! I'm posting your beautiful button in my sidebar now. Happy sewing in 2011!


I am so in!! I have already set up a "working schedule" for my 2011 quilting, but know that I am going to see lots of stuff,both still in storage (fermenting) and out there just calling my name. Make room...here I come. Love the button and will display it proudly on my blog- once I figure out how to get it there!

madame samm

love movements especially when you have your name on them...delightful in every way...Happy happy new year


OH, Kelly, I forgot to ask, do I have to be a member of the Charming Quilt Club to belong to the MUF'S Girls??? If so then I will just happily follow along and party crasher...or something. BUT...I have to tell you, I don't call completely untouched projects UF...err...MUF's. I call them PIW's so I guess I'm gonna have to step out of my comfort zone for that one...of course, that is what this is all about right? Redefining our 'comfort zone'...expanding it and making it much more comfortable...right? I'm all for that! Hugs...

Debbie Meyer

I've posted your button on my blog and am officially a MUF girl now!! You know, Kelly, you hit the nail on the head. On Christmas Eve, I'm in my sewing room sewing up a storm to finish a table runner to give the next day. Not enjoying the time I'm sewing, nervous that I'll make a mistake and don't have the time to rip and start over. Wondering if she'll like it knowing that I didn't put my heart and soul in this one, just pressure to get it done and time. What should have been an enjoyable evening, was nothing but hurrying anxiously to finish and guilt that I didn't get them all completed on time for this Christmas. When I finished it, I was glad it was over, not happy as I should have been because there were two more sitting there to be finished. Well, they are still there waiting and with my new found MUFness, I realize they will make great gifts for someone not this year but, next year and I will be proud of them! Thanks, Kelly, for your inspiration. BTW I'm fermenting nicely like a fine wine!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 to all quilters!!


Thanks for taking the pressure off...I'm definetly a MUF girl!!!


OH Yeah...count me in...I can't tell you how many MUF's I have and everyone seems to think I should finish them before I move onto something else..but sometimes I just need relax time in my sewing room..not please everyone else time...I usually tell them to take it home and finish it if its calling them..heheheheh....thanks for allowing me the freedom of not feeling guilty in this new group...blessings and Happy New Year

Kim S.

Count me in! I have a bunch of MUFs to work on but gotta do it little by little.


I like you way you think! I'm in with all the others who have MUF's. I had been ready to join a UFO blog when I read your Chatter. It makes perfect sense to me. One of the reasons I started quilting because needed something to help me relax and take my mind off of my classroom. Then I was pushing so hard to keep up with what others were accomplishing that suddenly I was putting more pressure on myself. I have other areas of life that I need to enjoy also--my family, grandkids, and friends. Thank you! Happy New Year!


What a great idea Kelly! I'm definitely feeling MUF-EE;-) So I'm in with ya!


I've always considered my stash like a fine wine...gets better with time. I too love every stage of quilting though I have to admit I too have allowed guilt to seep in at times....I'm right there with you too!

Diane Cannon

OH Kelly--I wished I could reach though this screen and give you one bigggg hugggg!! me is gonna be a MUF-girl!!!!
Now I did get out all my UFO's yesterday and I took pictures of them all--except the 20 tops that are into tops for now--anyway I was planning on joining one of the UFO challenges--in face--did try one--but could not get the linky thing to work for me--finally got off the computer and as I was eating a dish of ice cream--(oh don't worry--it had chocolate in it so it was legal for me to be enjoying!!!) I realized I did not want to be that "stressed"--so I got back on here and took my name off and changed my posts some!!!! Now I do want to finish alot of these projects--but there is some new ones to start--and I know I will want to get some new fabrics and stuff!!!
so my Kelly--you have made my day--I feel "light-years" younger now--Happy stitching in 2011!!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Anita Amodeo

I have been quilting for some years now and I have to say that although I have a few UFO's or MUF's hanging around. Surely under a dozen, if that many! I have no guilt about them. I love them as much today as I did the day I started them....most of the 'fermenting' pieces are 'scenic' appliques, which, for me, take longer...I have to 'feel' it and when I don't 'feel' it...it ain't gonna work!! So I don't stress over it at all. I think your idea Kelly is fabulous! Happy New Year!!


Oh count me in! This has been my attitude about my projects ... I guess because I'm a newer quilter (seven or so years now) and I want to enjoy them, not stress over what I don't have done. Good for you, Kelly and ... it'd be cool to see your story in a book form !! :) Tagging my blog with your new button next ...

Sandie ~call me crazy

LOL I love it! I'm a MUF'ee too. Happy New Year Kelly!


This is to funny, I tell my husband all the time that my fabric is like wine. It only gets better with age. Count me in on this.


Kelly I LOVE this idea!!!!! I'm changing the name of my ufo's right now! You are SUCH a clever girl....


What a great post, Kelly! I love your ideas...and your new term...and the idea that we don't have to feel guilty about things that aren't yet finished!


I just love your idea. I sound so much better here is to the MUF's. LOL


MUFs it is! I like that so much better then UFOs!
UFOs sound scary, harsh, alien...
MUFs sound sweet, endearing, charming...

Great idea! I am now a MUF girl! A Muffie? A Muffette?

Heidi Ross

Yesss. I am so in too. Love the idea. I have an MUF that was supposed to be done for christmas and now it's for valentines, if i miss that my hubby's b-day and then easter etc. LOL

Leslie Legros

Happy New Year Kelly!
Yes, I'd like to me a Muffie!
I have a button on my blog already..
I think quilting should be about the process not about the deadline, but I am a horrible deadline person in that it is a goal to meet not a date to make me crazy!
I've made a list, took my pictures earlier today, will post shortly.
I've already got 1 done!
Take care, Leslie

Quilter Going Bananas

Kelly my dear friend, you come up with these great ideas!!!! I will stand proud and be a
Muff-ie! WooHoo!

Happy 2011 Kelly,

Hugs, Katherine

Dandelion Quilts

Ditto to the comment above about goal posting. So often, I change my mind just based on my mood or a whim to do up a present for someone and then I don't feel like I have finished anything. So, I am in.

Becky in Georgia

I'm with you on this one. I'm into enjoying each moment. I've signed on some UFO goals, but also plan to just sew! The goals help motivate me, but on my free spirit days I'll work on my MUF's. Thanks for encouraging us to ENJOY!

Amy (NW WI)

BOY! I needed to read this just now!

I will read this post EVERY TIME I need reminding that I quilt because I enjoy it!

I will read this post EVERY TIME I'm feeling pressured about making self-imposed deadlines and am starting to stress over those silly deadlines! duh.

This is great and I'm grabbing that button!


I am okay with this.

Lindsay Mattison

I need this! I need a year of sewing because IIIII want to, on what IIIII, when IIIII want without all the pressure of meeee or others! I'm ready for a guilt-free year of having fun! I wanna be a MUF girl!


I would love to join in this. I'm actually tired of hearing about finishing up your UFO's! Sometimes if you let your fabric ferment you can actually change your mind on what you're going to make. Now that's freedom!


I love it. I just added the button to my blog and will comment tonight when I get the time to write and share some actual sewing. And I'll be sewing for the joy of it. All of that is soooo true. Thanks for the reminder.

Account Deleted

Hi, Kelly!
Do not know how much I adhere to their concept!
I read and summarized thought my need for "change"! Thank you very much!!
I took the "logo" and I posted on my blog, you can see (you can use the translator) in this entry: http://detodounpococonmismanos.blogspot.com/2011/01/n-410-ano-nuevo-proyectos-nuevos -y.html.
Have a great year and happy stitching!
A big hug!

maria regina

Hello Kelly,Happy New Year.Yes I am so in too. Love the idea.I am now a MUF girl!
I just added the button to my blog .
Hugs from Brazil.


This is an awesome post, Kelly. Thank you!


Happy New Year! After the last two months of 2010 I am so happy to be a MUF gal. I don't enjoy pressure from a project or work. To a mostly stress free year.

María Marcos

Great Kelly, it's as wonderful way of seeing the life, and it's true. I usually feel guilty because I have lots of UFO's (uppssss). But there are so many lovely things to do that suddenly appears and which are impossible to ignore and want to do... I adhere the couse and from now i have only MUF's. Kisses


I love your idea Kelly!!!! I love the word too MUF... it's kinda fun to say.

And, I don't know about where you are but where I live MUF means "hair down there" if you catch my drift! So if you have a lot of MUF you got a lot of hair and if not maybe you wax or something ;)

So now I'm proudly going to tell everyone I know that I have MUF and I won't be ashamed of how much there is because it's now a quilting term and I love it!


I'm in! It's nice to 'read' something we should already be doing.

Eliana Arruda

Hi Kelly!!!!!
I"m with you and I am a MUF"e and i proud of it! Great idea!!!!!Happy new year!!!!!!!!


Definitely count me in as a MUF girl. Love this idea.


I want in on this. I have projects that I have cut out and just need to be finished or ones I have wanted to do. Mrs. C blessed my at Christmas time with some lovely fabrics to make these dreams a reality.


¡Si, Kelly, gran idea!. Me adhiero totalmente y me llevo el logo a mi blog. ¡¡¡Por fin, fuera prisas y cargos de conciencia!.
Muchas gracias por tan genial idea.
Un abrazo.


Me encanta la idea, me la anoto y la quiero poner en práctica, me llevo el logo


Hola Kelly:
Me encantó tu reflexión sobre las labores que están "fermentando" para convertirse en obras llenas de cariño.
Creo que voy a unirme a tu grupo; mis propósitos para 2011 eran terminar cositas que eetaban empezando, pero tengo tantos nuevos proyectos en la mente que no quisiera dejarlos pasar!!
Un abrazo desde España.

Ana María

Yo también me uno y llevo el logo a mi blog. Conozco a varias chicas que quedarán encantadas con tu idea.
Un saludo

Marga's Happy Patchwork

Hi Kelly

Marga's Happy Patchwork

Hi Kelly, It looks like to me a brilliant idea.
I join the club.
Hugs from Spain.

Heloisa Zanardi

Hi Kelly, adorei a idéia. Eu sou mais MUF do que UFO. Great idea! Estou dentro vou levar comigo. Um grande abraço do sul do Brasil,


I am SOOOO in this!!!! I have many MUFs- quilts, needlework projects, lace, scrapbooks- and THIS is the right approach!!!

Thank you for the change in name- and outlook!


Hi Kelly, A lovely idea. I want to be a MUF's girl. I join the club. Hugs from Spain.Natitxu

The Quilt Witches

Hello Kelly

The MUF's Girls concept has arrived in Holland. We love the Idea and put your info and button on our blog to give more people back the joy of the process.

Gerda & Mariëlle

Betty Patch

Hi Kelly, te conozco gracias al blog de Marga's Happy Patchwork. Te felicito por Muf's Grils, una genial idea, de la cual me siento muy identificada. Me llevo el logo a mi blog, porqué muchas amigas mías se sentirán tan identificadas como nosotras. Felicidades por tu bonito blog. Saludos desde España.


Tu reflexión me parece muy acertada, es una idea maravillosa, yo tampoco quiero presión, sino disfrutar de las telas, los hilos, la costura y el bordado. Cuando la conocí a través de algunos blogs en español pensé que yo también quiero ser una chica MUF, me llevo tu logo para mi blog. Saludos.

Thais Wever

ja ja ja, me siento totalmente identificada con tu reflexión, y desde ya me uno al grupo y me llevo el logo a mi blog.

Saludos desde Panamá.




I also am a muf`s girl¡¡¡


I like your idea, no more UFO's, they are frustrating. All my boxes are full of MUF's. Greetings from Spain


Me gusta la idea, por fin tengo unos cuantos MUF, que llegado el momento se terminarán.
Estoy contenta. Gracias desde España


I´m a MUF Girl, love it!!! Thanks for share your idea!!!

Maria Jose

Me gustaria llevarmelo pero no entiendo como puedo enlazar con ustedes mi blog es brochesyotrospotingos.blogspot.com. gracias.

Stella Maris

Hi Kelly, mi nombre es Stella,y soy de Córdoba-Argentina, me sentí muy identificada yo también contigo y por eso me convierto en una chica MUF a partir de hoy!!!!Besos.
Rosas,Rosas y Cosas.


Count me in. I am not motivated when I have to finish a project before I'm ready. Guess it's the rebel in me. But this is a great idea. UFO's out...MUF's in. It's a winner!


Yo también soy una girl MUF'S y pongo el botón en mi blog.


Pues yo soy de las que tengo en mi blo la palabra UFO; pero me gusta mucho más esta explicación, y me llevo el logo ahora mismo a mi blog, porque soy de las que me gustan ir por libre, y hacer lo que realmente me gusta en ese momento hacer, ya sea punto de cruz o fieltro, aúnque ahora estoy por la labor de aprende TILDAS.
Soy CANELUSSAKA, encantda de haberos conocido y os dejo mis blogs, por si os apetece pasaros por ello. GRACIAS y UN SALUDO

Raquel Lugo

Hola Kelly, saludos desde Gran Canaria (Islas Canarias - España). Me encanta tu pensamiento MUF y a partir de hoy seré una Muf' girl.
Seguiré tu blog, me encanta.


lo que yo queria, gracias


quiero ser una muff girllllllllllllll

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