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January 27, 2011


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Mary on Lake Pulaski

Way to go Kelly - have a goal and do what it takes to get there! You'll do great.
Very pretty project all cut up and ready to go!


Way to go girl... I was thnking of taking a few courses too but I am going to hold off until I retire.
See you Saturday!


what is the name of that fabric? LOVE it!
jjrusk at gmail dot com.


Awesome goal!!! You'll do great.


Yeah, what is that fabric?? I told dh tonight that I'm going to a sewing party on Saturday, and he was fine with that. That's usually our day to do something together. I'm proud of you for taking the class! Way to go after what you want. And....we'll all get to benefit when you start cranking out the pretty patterns.


Way to go Kelly! It's never too late to better yourself by learning something new. And you draw alot better than me. I can barely draw a stick figure. No really, you don't want to see how bad I am;-p
I think your chair looks really good!
My hubby just went back to school as well, starting beginning of January, following his dream of film production and screen-writing:-)
Cute little fellow you have there too, love the cocoa smile!
I've been trying to think on what I want to do for the sewing party Sat, so much thinking that I never actually signed up to be there! I'm thinking I'll go along with you and start a new project as a tribut to being a Muff girl:-)


Way to go Kelly!!! That awesome as my grandson would say!! What a sweetie that Ethan is. I'm excited about our Word Up party...and thanks to you I have my project in my head........you'll see!


Go Kelly...Go Kelly....Go Kelly.....I think this is an awesome thing for you!!! You'll love it. I need to do this too!


well done Kelly,never too late to learn more and more....I think you draw very well!!....from Spain with love!


Kelly that is so exciting...cheering you on! Look at all your pieces cut and ready to go...I have my chocolate in a bowl...LOL! I'm cutting today...see you tomorrow.

Judy C in NC

You have "gumption" girl - never too late to learn and grow - isn't that what the journey is about? Still trying to figure out my Saturday sew in.


Oh Kelly, I am so excited for you! An art class will be so much fun...we are never to old or to wise to go back to school. Eathan looks so cute and having so much fun! Both of you will enjoy making the ugly dolls. I used plush fabric, but you could use flannel, and the features are felt. Caleb was able to cut out the wings, cape and features on his own. Hope to get to the sew-in tomorrow, but in the morning we are having a cardmaking workshop at church. Have fun and I will try to check in on you guys!

Hilary McDaniel

What is that fabric? I love it already. Good luck w/the drawing. It's hard to "see" in 3D. You'll get there, though,and will be so proud of yourself.

Mary Flynn

How fun to go back and take a class that should be more FUN than work!
Looking forward to Saturday!!


You go girl! I thought about taking a drawing class also. I need some help with some basic techniques.
Lovely fabric! Is that Durham Anew? I'm hoping to be able to join the Word Up party this weekend for at least some time but we have a very busy weekend.

Miss Nancy

I thought your chair looked good. You will have a great time in the class and learn so much. Good for you for being inspired to take a class. Go for it.

Have a super great drawing day.


YEAH!! What a fabulous idea. I love that you are so open to trying new things. I hope you'll keep sharing your classwork with us.


Have fun with your class! Your chair looks better than mine would! LOL Love those rosey cheeks too! Looks like he had a great time sledding! :0)


Wooooo Hooooo Kelly!
Draw em up, sketch em up, eeeeeerrraaase...
No chagrin, try again, thhhaaaat's great!!!!
(I never was a cheerleader, can ya tell? LOL)
I think your chair looks really great, honestly I do! And the fabric for tomorrow's project...oh my gosh, so beautiful. I've got to get my things ready so that as soon as we get home from seeing the grand kids, I can join in the fun. Big Hugs...


Well done! Can I come with you please?! I need more drawing lessons too!!!
Love all your hearts in the last post, btw :)


This looks like a wonderful opportunity for you. Hope you enjoy each moment!

Jane Hillis

That little boy is too "PRETTY" to be a boy!!! he is just the cutest thing ever!!!
Gmama Jane


I'm so excited for you! Sounds like fun!

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