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January 03, 2011


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Great idea Kelly, I'll post a word very soon.

Carol Lewis

Kelly, I just posted my word.



I love it. It will take some thought, hmmm just one word for the year. This will give me some quiet time. ~M~


I've been thinking about my quilting journey so I'll have to think of a word to match. :-)

Judy C in NC

Kelly - I have chosen three words - and look forward to realizing our dreams, plans and adventure this year. Quilting will play a very big part in our selection, as will wood working for DWH.


Hi, I am using the same word I selected as my word of the year. I have posted my word.


I'm working on a word...I promise. You're really making me think...this is a very good thing!


Just posted my word. Going to the gym inspired me!


I mentioned that I've been thinking about my quilting journey and my word was right there - "HEART". I'll explain in my next blog post. :-)


Kelly, I love this - I think I'll pick JOY!!!

Mary Flynn

Posted mine.

Sandie ~call me crazy

FUN~ a simple word, but one we need to remember to inject into our days! :-)


I'm going to post mine on my blog tomorrow. The word that came to me when I first thought about it...Harmony


I posted my word and submitted my name on Mr Linky but it does not link to my blog so I will try again! My world is "Lessen"


Hey, Kelly! I just posted my word I told you about a few days ago- SAVOR!!

Heidi Ross

I posted my word. Actually I made it a word of the month, as I will be posting a different word each month.


I really needed this!! I will do a blog post with my word (which has been on my mind) tomorrow!


After much thought, I came up with my word. I have posted it on my blog and linked up with your linky :-)

Linda in Calif.

Oh I agree, it's hard. But honestly, I deep down knew my word. Like Aunt Polly says, it choose me. I really wanted a more fun one, but Peace had already been in heart/mind.


PRIORITISE would be my first choice with the hope that would lead to a second word - more RELAXATION.


My word is posted!

Cathy Shepherd

I've posted a word, because the word just wouldn't leave my mind.


This is my first time joining you and I have posted my word. Thanks for hosting this!


I've enjoyed reading everyones posted words on their blogs! What a good idea!


I had already chosen my word.... FOCUS!!

Great idea!


Carmen Thomas

My Charming Word Theme for 2011 "Finisher" or is that a "word"??? Not sure but the sentiment is there! I want to finish what I start. I have begun doing this by finishing some WISPs I had hanging around from 2010 and I have put a small dent in them. My aim is to finish at least one WISP per week (I have lots of small ones that makes that very doable). THanks for the "Charming" incentive!


I posted my word. It's simplify. Thanks for the incentive for the year. Hugs Ariane


What a wonderful theme! Thank you Kelly!


Hi Kelly, It's been quite some time since I've posted and checked in with the CGQC. I love your theme. My word for the year is "Stitch".


Just posted my "word of the year".


Finally! Posted my word! I chose to PARTICIPATE! LOL!


Hi Kelly. It has taken me some time, but my word is ELIMINATE! I'm a collector, saver, family historian...Whenever someone needs something I usually have it. I'm terrible at getting rid of...so, that's my focus for the year. I have stacks of stuff everywhere. Can hardly reach my sewing machine. Here are some of the definitions for eliminate.
Main Entry: eliminate
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: remove, throw out
Synonyms: cast out, count out, cut out, discard, discharge, dismiss, dispense with, dispose of, do away with, drive out, drop, eject, eradicate, erase, evict, exclude, expel, exterminate, get rid of, ignore, omit, oust, phase out, put out, reject, take out, terminate,

Looking forward to reducing stress in my life and home by eliminating!!! Thanks and good luck to everyone.


Follow up to my word. I have just printed three copies of the above post. One for the fridge, one for the office door and one for my sewing room door. Hopefully that will help keep it ever present in my mind. Also, Just FYI, I never, well rarely ever, actually throw stuff out. So when I eliminate I will definitely DONATE!!!


I finally came up with my word Kelly...took me a while but I did it!! I love this whole idea and it's great reading waht everyone picked. And lucky for you I finally learned how to copy and paste my URL so no more double signups with Mr. Linky!!!!!


I think our sewing group will come up with a word for our group. We won't meet again until the end of the month then I will blog about it. Fun idea

Cheryl Bugelski

is my word for the year. Started last night. One large kitchen
trash bag filled and tossed. Yeah!!!!


My motto is SIMPLIFY.


Obtaining my to comment is usually tough, but that post was definitly worthy. I just desire to say hi and tell you that i is going to be back

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