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January 24, 2011


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Diane Cannon

Oh my--I don't know whether to laugh or cry--first I love love those hearts!!!
but you put all that work into sewing all those strips together and made that beautiful top---and then--and then--you cut it all up!!!
hence the crying part!!!
I am dieing to do some Valentines projects--but I have 4 muffs nearing being done---and that is my goal for January--then watch out pinks and red fabrics here I come!!!
Hugs,di and miss gracie


Thanks for the tutorial Kelly! I love them! What a cute treat :)

Sharon Vrooman

Sew glad to see you sewing for fun! Cute little basket of goodies.


OH Kelly, they are just wonderful, I love them. Now I just have to find some red and white fabric...my stash is sorely lacking in the seasonal department. Hope to take care of that over the summer. All the same, they would be cute in any fabric but they wouldn't be quite as perfect in anything but red, white, and pink collections. Thanks so much for the tutorial. Hugs....


Just so lovingly gorgeous...


Oh my goodness, Kelly, those are so stinkin' cute.


Too Cute!!


SO CUTE - Oh Kelly I'm going to have to link to these! Super sweet, thanks for the tutorial!


Oh they are sooooooooooo cute Kelly!


They are lovely! Thanks for sharing!

Mary Flynn

Oh so darned CA-UTE!!!!






Those are SO cute!! I love them. I need to make some for my tablerunner!! Thank you Kelly!

Linda in Calif.

These look simple enough to make - something very cute and fun that wouldn't take too much time at all. Thanks!!


So sweet!


Those are great! Thanks for sharing the how-to. :) Love the tip about putting the little dot where you need to pivot - I always have trouble with that.


Great. Just great. Now I have another project to add to my list. Actually, I've been building a small pink and red stash for Valentine's Day, so these little hearts will work right into my plan. Thanks for the tutorial!


Those are darling! I just may have to whip up a few of those although I have to echo Sunny about having another project to add to my list. :-)


I agree...TOO CUTE!!!


So cute Kelly and great tutorial!!!

Micki Butler

That is the cutest tutorial!
Thanks so much for sharing!

Dandelion Quilts

What cute pincushions, Kelly! Thanks for the tutorial,too. Good for you, going back to college! You can do it.


These are just gorgeous!!! I love them. Thanks for sharing how you made them. Hugs Ariane


Great tutorial and a cute project.

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