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January 29, 2011


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I just posted, and came to see if you had started yet. I'm going in. See you all soon!

Anna McD

I'm getting started.....great day to stay in and sew.


Thank you having this afternoon... It definately helps to get my butt in gear :) Have fun ladies!!


I am soooo ready! Have fun ladies!

Dandelion Quilts

I am just finishing up a few things before I can. Looking forward to catching up with you ladies this afternoon. Kris


This is such fun. Thanks for the party! Looking forward to visit you all!


I may not be able to spend as much "time" as I would like to--but it will be "time" for me!!! Thank you for inviting me!!

Miss Nancy

I have posted about the sewing party. I had to put it with other topics. I do hope that is okay. My word is peace although I will be working on another word. I am doing a quilt of many of the words that are on the list.

Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

Sandie ~call me crazy

Fun! That's my word and i am getting ready for some fun! ;-) Thanks Kelly!


I updated my post.. Do you mean we post on the Mr Linky when we update ot here?

Judy C in NC

I got started about noon and so far have created a bunch of patterns to recycle to my friends on Monday. Great day - wish I was sewing but this has to get done. JC


I'm finally ready to sit down and make a dent on my project. Will be back in a bit with my link

Cheryl Bugelski

DECLUTTER- not an easy word to sew by.

Mary Flynn

Oooo...bit late at signing on the linky!! But here I am!


Just got home from work. Taking a quick breath and will be right back!!


The mat needs to be quilted :)


Got my post done - probably won't have many updates, as it's hard to show progress on hand quilting, lol!


So far so good--- I have pin basted the John Deere baby quilt and ready to start quilting. Happy Partying!

Cheryl Bugelski

One done and on to project 2.


Somehow my second try didn't show up. So I try again!


Great time everyone!!! I will join in again. Check out my post to see the "finished" mug mat!

I loved visiting each and everyone of you to see what you were all up to. Have a wonderful, restful weekend.


Hi Kelly! So funny. But after my first link I can't see my otherones. They just disappear. But anyway. I am still here! Thanks so much!

Judy C in NC

I have posted my completion - I am all tuckered out and can't wait to see what everyone made. I sure would rather have been sewing, but you know this move is coming up and living the words is what I am all about right now. Judy C


Thank you Kris and Kelly--It gave me a great excuse to spend my "time" quilting this afternoon. I will take some "time" later tonight to see everyone's treasures.

Carol Lewis

I just updated my blog with my sewing results for the Word Up Sewing Party.

Becky in Georgia

Thanks so much for planning this virtual sew-in! I thoroughly enjoyed my time sewing with everyone:)

Mary Flynn

A wee bit side tracked after receiving a new book today....so my party carried on a bit longer this evening and will into tomorrow.


Thanks for hosting a wonderful sewing day. It was sew much fun!

Linda in Calif.

I forgot to link up earlier today. How silly of me. I'm having fun sewing and I'll take the time soon to go check on everyone. Thanks for hosting Kelly & Kris!

Michelle M

I'm so sorry I missed it :(
Remember that my word was order? This is one of the reasons why! What should have been a quick trip to pick up a TV turned into a day long excursion..I think next time I'll just let hubby go on his own LOL!

Miss Nancy

Forgot to link here yesterday. It was a great day of peace and some quiet for me. Thank you for such a great party and the time for sewing. Have a super great day and sew lots.

Mary Flynn

I just couldn't get enough of the party so have come back for a bit more today! Some quilting today and binding planned for my evening event!

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