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January 22, 2011


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Oh, this does sound like fun - count me in.


Count me in too! Sounds like lots of fun!


I just realized my word is not there. It is Create. Thanks!


Oh this sounds like great fun! I am in!!


This sounds like a lot of fun :) I didn't pick a word, and I can't participate that day, but I'm sure all who do will enjoy it! Have fun!!


What fun! What fun! I'm in!

Dandelion Quilts

I am so in...guess I better be since I wanted to cohost, right? LOL. Oh, and my word is going to soon be posted on my blog.

Carol Lewis

Sounds like fun. I'll be able to sew along everyone because my husband will be a class all day so it will work out well. I'm going to be thinking of my project between now and sewing party day.


Oh this should be fun!! Can wait.

Yvonne Benson

My word was Achieve!


Great idea. Off to think about a project that will remind me of my word.

Sandie ~call me crazy

Sounds 'fun'! (my word, LOL) I'll be here! :-)


Wow Kelly, I'm all over this. I think I'll try to make up a little stitchery to work on. My MUF's are quite perfect for working on yet so a new project is in order, LOL. I'm going for my sketching case as soon as I finish this comment. SEW much fun and just in time. We should be almost back to normal and my DH just told me to mark it on my calendar as an appointment (woo hoo) Sewing room, here I come! Thanks for a super idea. I can't wait to see what everyone does with their words. See you there, "Good Lord Willing and the Creek Don't Rise"...Hugs...

Sharon Vrooman

What a great way to round out the 1st month of the year. I'm working on all my stitcheries the last week, so by then I will be ready for a new small project.


Well I'll be busy... Sewing... and PARTICIPATING!! (yeah. That's my word!) lol!


Kelly this sounds so fun, I've been wanting to make a little quilt with my word on it - I hope I can remember to join you, lol!

Cathy Burk

I'm still blogless...but the word I choose is "healing." Thanks for doing this!


Love this!!!! Count me in. I have a quilting dinner the night of the 29...but I'm reserving the rest of the day for a project inspired by my word! Great idea!!!!


This is a great idea.Would love to join you! My word for this year is "listen". More at the party!Thanks so much!

Mary Flynn

Count me in!


Great! Thanks!
Count me in: FRIENDSHIP is my word:-)

Michelle M

Count me in! I have chosen order as my word, as it reflects what is most needed for me in every aspect of my life!

Heidi Ross

I didn't see patience. Thanks

Miss Nancy

Hope that hubby can find something to do. This sounds like something that I need. I have several words -- peace, patience, hope, faith, they are all good.

Have a great day.


My word is "enjoy". I often lose sight of the enjoyment phase of working on projects because I'm so focused on completing the goal so I can move on to something else. It's often "I should" get this project finished rather than "I want" to finish this project. Can anyone relate?


Count me in, girl!! Woo hoo!!

Linda in Calif.

I'm in Kelly. This will be fun.


I'm in too! I'd already been thinking about doing a mini quilt reflecting my word so this will be a great way to get it going.


Sounds like FUN...I hope I can make it! I just love the parties you throw!!!


Count me in...Looking forward to it...I am due for a party! Not sure what I will make but that is the fun part..deciding... I hope this will post.. I am having a hard time lately to post on your blog. It does not recognize my link .. I have to type it in everytime...
See you Saturday!


Count me in too, our sewing parties are always a blast! :-) I gotta go figure out what I'm going to be working on now....


We've had lots of snow this week, so I have been staying inside ironing and cutting so I can remain "Calm" for the sew in on Saturday.


Sorry I can't join in tomorrow- I have to work...but I'll be thinking of you. Enjoy every MOMENT!

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