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January 04, 2011


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Mary Flynn

I've been missing your post as I haven't been hopping around blogland lately. A word you say....I see some wonderful ones...but the one that immediately popped into my head was BREATH. My husband reminds me when I get a bit stressed or too much going on that I just need to breath. Without taking a breath...all else is meaningless really. Breathing is life...can't live your best life without a breath right? Boy...you gave me lots of food for thought here.


I have a word that has played in my head and life since April 2005 when I was diagnosed with cancer. Cancer was a blurry painful, full of loss time. But throughout that time one word resonated with me. I learned to bead(cause I could do it lying in bed) and hung this word on the bracelets I made for my family and friends. Its a word that I have some times forgotten to follow as I have struggled over the last five years to get healthy-I mostly am. Its a word I quoted constantly when people asked how I could still teach and go through chemo-"what should I do lay around and die?" Id say. Its what I have tried to do when after cancer when I took up kayaking, sang kareoke, got a masters degree, studied abroad in Germany, started a Relay for Life team, and FINALLY got back into quilting by setting up a studio this summer. So my nomination for word of the year is LIVE. Just LIVE is what I have said to those who ask how my attitude was so positive during cancer, just LIVE when people complain to me about job stress or family troubles. Take everyday as a blessing, take time for you, take time for your family, take time for your friends. Just LIVE.


Kelly, My word would probably have to be 'Fortitude'. An absolute necessity in our lives. Hugs...

Sharon Vrooman

I have my word - perserverance. I will have it in my next blog.

ElleMayple aka June Livingstone

My word for the year is BALANCE, to make time for whats important, and to priortize. I plan on accomplishing more this year, quilting and all things that bring JOY.

Elizabeth M.

The word that keeps coming to my mind is "ENOUGH". All that I do for my family, friends, and myself is enough. I'm going to quit using last years word which was always that I "should" do more. Peace!


The first word that came into my head was Peace " I'd like to have more in my life as well as more in the world .


The first word I thought of was Flexible. We all need to be a little more flexible

Becky in Georgia

At first I thought my word was Simplify, but as Polly pointed out, another word control. My word for 2011 is Celebrate, to live life to its fullest, to connect and relish all of life.

Thanks for this great word challenge! I may blog about my word, but seem to have a blogging block at the moment. I'm not fretting about it. I'll blog when the time is right.

Rene B

I was also thinking PEACE...



Leslie Legros

Hi Kelly!
My word is COMPLETE
complete my ideas
complete and meet my committments
complete my life by finding balance
live my life COMPLETEly
complete my quilts...
complete and live in my loved ones lives too!
Take care, Leslie


My word is CALM. I had a lot of trouble deciding, but as I blogged about it yesterday I realized it was exactly what I need.


Wow...so many wonderful words! Every one of them makes me realize that I need and want all of the things these words exemplify in my life! Lots of food for thought here. Hugs...

Debbie Meyer

Kelly, my word is Flexibility. You can see my post at http://debbiedixieblog.blogspot.com/

I don't know how to do this Mr. Linky thing!

Debbie M

Brenda Towsley

I am going to post about this later today but I would pick Finish for my word of the year. I have a lot of projects that I need to finish once and for all this year. And I plan to not start anything I do not intend to work on till done. My word last year was Peace. Just a word that I used each time I prayed. For family, friends and our country in some way or another I could use that word. I am so glad you suggested this. I found out about your Word Up at MamaSparks blog. Have a great weekend!


Content...that will be my word this year!


Thanks for this wonderful Challenge. It has been so much fun to see everybody's words get posted and read about their meaning.

I finally figured out my word - NEST


My word is Gratitude- to see the bklessings in my life and appreciate them. It has taken me awhile for my word to find me but I keep coming back to this one.

Anna McD

I don't know how I missed this until now. My word would be True because this year I want to be true to myself.

Cheryl Bugelski

Declutter is the word for the year. My husband picked it. Late last night, I filled one large kitchen traash bag. Yeah. My goal to fill at least 25 bags this year.


Accomplish is my word for this year. Accomplish to be the best mom my kids deserve. The best daughter, wife, friend, human been... also have several projects to work on and finish.


I saw the link on Dawn Hay's blog, though I saw a mention of it somewhere else, but no link and can't remember where. I've been thinking about a word. I'll post about it tomorrow on my blog. My word is forgive.


I want to play along too, I hope it's not too late. :-) My word is going to ORGANIZE. Organize at least my fabric and sewing room and if I get that done, I'll throw a little something else in. This will be an incentive for me. Thanks.

CathyC in AB, Canada

IMAGINE...and you can make it happen!

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