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May 31, 2011


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I get the Brave Girl emails and I love them! Your quilt along project looks great! I can't wait to hear more about it! :0)


Lots of new fabric - ready to play with a quilt along, too.

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Lovin' the fabric much. :)

Mary Flynn

If only....I had the time for quilt-a-long...looks like fun! Wonder if I can swing it? Hee!

I honestly think the timing of the quilt giveaway was perfect and meant to be for my (our) blog friend who had such a great loss. Quilter's are simply the best and once again we work together to show somebody they are cared about so much.

Thank you.


I agree with Mary, it was "meant to be." If anyone has noticed, Mary is a lucky girl in blogland and I think I know why... She has FANTASTIC KARMA...she is a very GIVING, GIFTED, THOUGHTFUL, and TALENTED lady/quilter. What goes around comes around and she honestly deserves the good that comes her way!

anxiously watching for the quilt along!


Can't wait for the quilt along, your sample looks so perrrtttyy!! ☺


Oh Kelly the story of the Lonely Quilt Top is amazing! Blogland is the BEST! OMG I love those little covered buttons...LOVE 'em!


Enjoyed reading how your lonely quilt top is now on a journey to blessing others!

Cheryl Bugelski

Since I'll probably have to order the fabric on line. is there any chance you could list the names of the fabric you used, so I'll be ready to sew along. The quilt is to die for. If you can't get the fabric names out early, I understand.


I LOVE BLOGLAND TOO!!! Congrats to Mary & I just love what she's going to do with it...she is one sweet gal! As for the quilt along...I'M SO EXCITED (I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control & I think I'll like it....YEAH!) HEHEHEHEHE!!!!!


I'm thrilled with the Lonely Quilt top story ... Congratulations to Mary and I agree, Mary's heart is so very generous and giving!! Knowing where the quilt will end up makes it all that much more special ... bless all your hearts!! Looking forward to the details on the quilt along and sincerely hope I get to join in again!! Oh, oh ... and I signed up for the Birdie emails ... just what I need every day :) Thanks so much!!

Linda in Calif.

Oh joy!! The Lonely Quilt story is something else. Prayers for the family. And Wow, that's a pretty tease you have for the quilt along. Can't wait to find out more.


I think it's PERFECT that Mary won - what a beautiful heart she has! Kelly, I'm so happy to hear you so excited, you go, girl!


So excited about your quilt-along! and thank you for the link to the Brave Girls.


Just found your blog! Love the Brave Girls Club! Good luck with SR2!

Oh, and I LOVE the quilts :)

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