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June 02, 2011


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WooHoo!!! I love both quilts - ya done good!!!!


Kelly, those are beautiful quilts! I may just have to see what my stash holds ... wait ... wait ... I do believe I have a couple of very Lovely charm packs I recently received ... could it be destiny??? LOL Luv & Hugz! W

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Adorable Kelly! You two are so talented!


Beautiful quilts. Do we need to sign up, or just quilt along??


Wow Kelly, I would love to join in...I know I have all I need in my stash. I won a 5 lb box of various sized strips from Minnick and Simpson a while back and have them all sorted and ready to press. Beautiful leftover sales rep scraps from American Banner Rose and they range from 1" to 8" wide, stacks and stacks of them, all are width of fabric, so that would work. I also still have my "Happy" FQB, minus a very small amount used for tiny project. THEN, I just received 24 FQ's of Rosalie Quinlan's Sweet Broderie line. So you see, I'm all set for either size and my biggest problem will be choosing, LOL. One question though, how long does it last? We are going to the Grand Canyon in less than 2 weeks, to meet my brother and SIL for some great sight seeing and catch up time. Haven't seen them since dad passed away in 1998 so it's been a while. Anyway, I've written a book as usual but wanted to find out any more particulars you can give me. Big Hugs...


OMGOSH! That's all I can say right now...and I can't stop giggling!!!!!

Linda in Calif.

Oh how exciting and I love both quilts! I'll have to go see what I have in my stash.


Going to check my stash, but I am not sure which one I will make yet.


I think I will make a size inbetween the two - I have fabrics already to go.


These are GREAT!!! It's going to be hard to pick one.

Mary Flynn

Both quilts are gosh darn CA-UTE!!!


Wow! both quilts are beautiful. I just can't fit it into my schedule right now, darn. Maybe at the end of summer, thanks for the opportunity.

Linda Schrankel

School is out tomorrow! WHOOHOO! I haven't touched my sewing machine for quilting for over a month. I do have projects to do for gifts--This would be for me! Count me in on the mini version.


You guys are wonderful - those quilts are just lovely! Not going to join in but I'll be cheering you on, girl!


Oh gosh, Kelly, I just love both quilts so much! You and Carol did a wonderful job, I really can't decide between the two, I may just have to make both☺ I so love all the words you embroidered too. I think this quilt would be perfect hanging in my sewing room☺
So count me in!


Oh, I just love your quilt...and the inspiration behind it. I think I will just have to quilt along with you!


I love it Kelly! With my daughter's wedding less than 2 months away, it may take me a while to do this but I'm in. I love the border and the embroidered words are a great reminder of keeping life simple. Thanks!


How beautiful!! I can't wait to get started. You ladies are so great!!

Vicki ♥

I love both quilts and I have to choose which Charm Pack I want to use now. I have had these sitting in my stash for a few weeks now not knowing what I was going to do with them other than just look at them and now I can make a gorgeous quilt. Thanks Kelly :)


I think both of your quilts are super. I'm joining you. The simple things are everything sometimes.


Oh Kellie these are gorgeous!...may have to make this one too...like I need to start another project NOT... but this tempting...yep think I will...
Hugs Dawn x x x


I am so excited about this quilt along. The quilts are both so wonderful. I have three charm packs of Friends and Flowers staring at me as I write this, so I know what I'll be using. Thanks to you two for a great idea and such a cute button.

Carol Lewis

I'm so excited about this quilt along. I was going to make the big one but then decided that I love the little one and it's more doable for me at this time. I'm even going to use the Sew Cherry fabric like you did.

Dandelion Quilts

You girls have been busy. So cute. Love the fabric choices. Unfortunately, I am so behind on my projects that I will have to sit this one out. But, I will enjoy the show. :)

Okay,Kel, I have a question...I am afraid I have been a bad sewer, blogger, club member...but I am hoping to have some time freed up in 1 more week. Am I suppose to be posting goals? Or can I just sew whatever my heart desires on a whim? What am I suppose to do, so I can back on track here. :) Have a great week...

Raven Holbrook

I am so excited to be back and I wouldn't miss this stitch a long! Thanks Raven

Messy Karen

i'm in. i had so much fun last time.


Hey Kelly!! I love your fabrics!! And I love the sentiments...something I need to keep in my in mind and my heart right now. I've never done a quilt a long...wondering if I'm up to it....oh what the heck....I'll give it a try!

at clutteredquilter.blogspot.com


Wow! I am looking at my layer cakes for Carol's version and then my charms for your version. Both are fantastic and I could not choose which one to make so "Go Big or Stay Home" I am going top make both:)Thanks Kelly:)


I am new to you blog. I came by way of Quilting Daze Blog. :) Both quilts are so pretty and I have been wanting to do a R,W,B table topper so I just may join in and make the smaller version. Thanks for doing this. I have only done one other quilt along. It was a pin wheel quilt done by Rachel of psiquilt. Looking forward to the next post!!!! :)


Beautiful quilt. What a fun quilt-along. I'd love to join, but I'm going to have to pass due to schedule conflicts. I do look forward to following along and being inspired by the beautiful creations that everyone makes.


Cathy Robillard

Well, I like this design and I just finished two other QALs so I think I will join in on this one. Smaller version should keep me busy.
thanks cathy


I love these quilts, off to get some Sew cherry fabric.

Cathy R

I wanted to try to join in and keep up, but I am not promising anything. Added my link to the cut pieces. So hopefully tomorrow I will sew. thanks this looks like a lot of fun. I do love a QAL!!

Quilter74 C

I'm Claudia from Italy,I discovered your blog now and you have many ideas very beatiful!!
I like this quilt very much,where I can find the pattern to realize it,you have finished it already?
Thank you,Claudia.

Sorry for my very bad english.....
my blog is www.mycreationsroom.blogspot.com

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