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September 07, 2011


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I loved watching you make these blocks! They will make a wonderful quilt someday. Thank you for sharing them with some lucky person. Have a great day!


What a gift this will be for the winner--maybe it will be me. Thanks for the chance.


These would make a great charity quilt for some little girl. I even have the perfect pink/white polka dot fabric for sashing...

Would love to be drawn from the hat!


I was admiring the blocks and thinking I would love to try this some day...I almost missed the giveaway! How cool!


I wonder if these could be quickly assembled into a quilt for the victims of the Texas fires? Really cute blocks, and what a lot of work to be giving away! Nice of you for sure....nice people, nice things!

Bevie Pearl

What an adorable set of blocks these would be on a quilt. Such beautiful stitching you have done. When I was viewing your post, I had to re-read the part that you were giving your initial set of blocks away....OMG.....What a fabulous give away!!


These are just the cutest blocks ever!! Are you really sure you want to give those cuties away? LOL I will gladly take them :)

Paulette Doyle

Those are adorable!! Would love to add those blocks to any quilt!! SEW SWEET!!
Thanks for the chance...it's too hot to be cute or entertaining..! I need a beer!...ahhhh that's a root beer of course! :o}

Beverly Loveday

Oh! How I would love to win this and have a quilt along. I am a beginner and what a lovely way to start. I would have samples to go by. Please oh please pick me.


OMG that is absolutely fantastic...I need to dig my blocks out and start working again...they are so darn cute. Oh yes, let's do a stitch along! How fun would that be...


These are amazing!! A great fall project for sittin' and stitchin' in the cozy autumn evenings.

Something fun? I have two girls....one started college this year and the other started preschool. Yes, crazy!!! :-) The preschooler came home proudly sporting a Fruit Loop necklace yesterday and the college freshman called me to say that Rice Krispie treats made with Fruity Pebbles totally rocked the cafeteria at lunch time. Apparently, brightly colored sugar cereal was the theme of the day.

Speaking of brightly colored, did I mention that I really like those blocks? :-)


Those are so cute! It would be a perfect way for me to break into the world of embroidery :)


SO cute! Have a 5 1/2 hour train trip coming up...perfect take along.


I'm new to your blog, and I just couldn't resist entering for a chance to win these cute blocks! Thanks!


These would make a happy quilt to donate to our flood victims quilt gathering.


I love these blocks! I've wanted to make these since I first started blogging! And the colors are perfect just the way they are! Thanks for the chance to win them! :0)


Such happy and cute blocks! Don't know if I would be able to part with them. Thanks for a chance to finish them!


I would so love to win these blocks. I loved them so much when you showed them to us and I tried really hard to find the patterns but could not find them, which was disappointing because I wanted the patterns so bad. I would be in 7th heaven if I were to be lucky enough to win these blocks, thanks for the chance.


I love them! I think they should come live with me. I don't know how you can bear to part with them. Thank you for welcoming me into the blogging community when I started blogging. I've made so many good friends, and it all started with Charming Girls.


Love the blocks that you have done so far. I can see why you would want to change the background. If I win the blocks I think they would make a great quilt for the Lydia House in Augusta, GA. It is like a Ronald McDonald house, only it is for women going through cancer treatments. Thanks for a chance to give the blocks a new home.


I would be very happy to give your blocks a new home. They are so sweet. I am working through my UFO's and would love to have a new one which would have a more current start date. It might even go to the top of the pile. ;~}
Thank you for the chance to win.


Wow they are just gorgeous, I love the colors you have used in your first set, can't wait to see your new colors!! Something fun - my kitty was sitting on the bonnet of my car this morning enjoying the sun, but unfortunately I had to head off to work. I figured as soon as I turned on the engine she would jump off - nope, she seemed to like the vibrations and just rolled around on the bonnet! So then I tried the horn, nope she just ignored that. So I figured that cats hate water, I would use my windscreen sprayers - well she loved chasing the water jets and the wipers!! Eventually I had to get out and move her off, hubby and the kids were doing way too much laughing to help!!

Sandie ~call me crazy

Oh I am crossing my fingers and toes Kelly! I would love to stitch along with you!! I have drooled over your photo's of these blocks since the first one. ;-) LOL
Something funny~ I spent part of my afternoon watching a bird watch me. LOL It was coming right up to the window! Actually, DH says it was looking at its reflection, but it still made me smile. :-)


What a generous giveaway. I would love to finish this and auction it off for my daughter's high school. Thanks for the chance!


Adorable. I love them. Thanks for the chance!


What a WONDERFUL giveaway - they are too adorable!!
I love quotes, so I'm going to share one of my favorites with you - hope it makes you smile!
“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
Thanks for the giveaway chance!!


Something nice~my 10 year old boy who has autism, smiling so nicely at me every day!
I love that little guy.
Thanks for letting me have the chance!

Thearica Burroughs

OH wow! I could not believe that you were giving these away! I would so love for you to put my name in the hat! My dearest mother-n-law loves to embroidery and she would love to have these. So, if I were to be lucky enough to win, I would pay it forward by giving them to her as a surprise! She is always asking me about my blog friends and what we are doing. I am glad she shows an interests in what I do. I try to include her in a lot of quilty related things and it makes her happy.

Something fun fun... My newest grandbaby got her first taste of potato soup tonight. She was in her bouncy seat and she had it going in full swing between bites. You should have seen her. She loved her tater soup! yummy she said! :)


Oh Kelly how cute are those!!! I remember seeing those on her blog, and wishing I could make them too. I think the HOME one is my favorite. Too sweet!


Ironically I was thinking about this project just yesterday. LOL Send those blocks to me and I'll finish them lickety split.


Love your blocks. Be so nice to win them. Happy Stitching,

Heather Miller

Nice People Nice Things hmmm- i think this sums you up and what you are giving away !!
Thanks for the chance to win


What a great chance to continue your work!
Thank you - I'd love to try!!

Joy Gross

I would love to win these... how awesome.


These are just darling. I always like to have some handwork to do on these long winter nights that are soon to happen. Thanks for the opportunity to join in your giveaway.


I have a lot of bright colors and need some inspiration to use them. The colors are so cheery.

Pam VanCuren

I would love to win the blocks. I love handstitching and handquilting, but it is hard to find the time sometimes. Having some already printed would be perfect!!! And a new project would be inspiring.


oh, thats a great giveaway. hope I have a chance!! this would be lovely to stich and make a quilt with lovely scraps.
wish you a wonderful time.
mg elfriede


My sweet great grands (6 yo twins) really do think JoAnns belongs to Gramms. They told their mother they could not go in the store unless Gramms was with them to look for "fabrick". I already have recipients in mind for these blocks. Thanks, Kelly for paying it forward. Judy C in NC

Liz M.

Oh Kelly, I always have loved these blocks. I have always wanted to order the patterns myself someday. One really fun thing is yesterday my neighbor and I went and got a demo on a longarm quilter. We are hoping to buy it together. I'm so excited. Just have to get the husbands to be excited about it too. Have a great day!


Kelly it might be an easy way to get into embroidery as you say - goodness knows I need something else to occupy my time!!!! :) They are delightful though.


These are just tooooooo stinkin' cute! Would love, love, love a chance to win!

Have my grandkids with me today - school is canceled for my 6 year old due to all the flooding we are having, but no problem she's a princess today instead of a first grader.

My 2 year old grandson loves to mimic his sister so he's walking around in grandma's high heels too!!!

Oh my - my heart just bursts with love and joy for those little ones :)

Thanks for letting me share.



Oh! my god it's too good!
I just recently started to stitch back to the point and I love ... What wonderful gift, just for me lol!


That's Our Prerogative as Bobby Brown would say! I'm so glad someone besides myself can have a change of heart after starting a project and WOW would that not be a PRIZE! Your work is lovely!

Cynthia Gallegos

Good Morning Kelly, I would love to win your little cute blocks. I love the pastel colors you have used on them. It's going to be another nice day today, it sure feels like fall is here "Oh Happy Day's". Hope you have a wonderful day today. I will be crossing my fingers. I've never won anything on the computer, it would be a big surprise if I did. Looking forward to your next post.


Oh Me, me me! I love this design and would love to be the recipient of your efforts. Can't promise when I'll finish it though as I am currently finishing up 2 quilts besides doing embroidered blocks for the Little MIss Shabby's BOM. That being said though, I want you to know that I do finish projects.

Would love to know which threads you used so I could continue in the same line.


Kelly you generous soul! What a delight it would be to see these beauties everyday know your loving hands crafted them! I would love the opportunity to do them up happy happy!! Thank you so much for this chance :)

Mary Burn

I have a friend who did these blocks and they are adorable. Sure would like to have a set for myself. Thanks for including me in your giveaway.


Love these! I would gladly take them off your hands, and with the amount of time I'm at the new shop these days I could get dedicate some serious time to finishing them, and well, I'm always up for a stitch along with you!!

Rosie Davis

These blocks are so cute! I would love a chance to win them.
Tried your chili recipe and it was awesome. Thanks for the recipe.

Barb C

What fun! I love embrodiery and am lookng for a new project. Can you post a link to the pattern for these blocks for those who don't win???

Thanks for entering me!

Margaret Mead

Oh Kelly! What a cool giveaway. They are absolutely adorable. I'm just getting into embroidery. Getting ready to start a red-work quilt...Your work BTW is beautiful. Such small even stitches. Thanks!


Way too cute!!!!!! Love them and I would really have a hard time giving those sweet blocks away!

Cheryl Bugelski

The blocks are perfect the way they are, and I would love it if they became mine. Thanksfor sharing.


These are lovely. I hope the winner does something great with them.


OMG Kelly!!! I bought the NPNT patterns, just the card stock set though because they didn't have the iron on available here. I didn't know how hard it would be to trace from the card stock patterns because of the thickness of the cards and the fact that both sides of each card have different patterns on them, so I can't use my light box. I did trace 6 blocks and stitched them, but just couldn't trace anymore...(shame on me, I know). Anyway, I would absolutely love to win this giveaway and finally be able to make my NPNT quilt.
Okay, something nice to make you smile...well, not sure if it will make you smile but it makes me smile, a big toothy grin, LOL. After living in our house for over 31 years, and talking about this for the last 25 years, we are finally having a deck built off of our kitchen. It isn't going to be huge, just 8' X 16'. Just think of it...I won't have to pull the chair out onto the lawn, the drag a table over so that I have a place to sit my stitching bag. I'll just be able to walk out the door, sit down and start stitching, or reading, or just watching my sweet hummingbirds. It should be finished in about 2 weeks and I can't wait!!! Thanks for a chance in this super giveaway. Hugs...


Kelly, those are the cutest blocks. You did a wonderful job with your color choices, and the stitching is so cute. I wouldn't dream of un-picking any of them!

Thanks for the give-away!


Oh my Kelly! I love your blocks and would be honored to win them. I'm not sure I would be able to part with those cuties but they would be in good hands here...hehe!


Kelly, you are going to make someone VERY VERY happy. Those are the sweetest blocks. Thanks for sharing. Here's a chuckle from my grandson: he said "nana, guess what? I got blizzards on my hands from too much monkey bars." kids say the darndest things.

Shelly Virtue

It's a little chilly here. Fall is in the air.......time to settle in and start a new quilt project or 2...or 3.....

These are the sweetest little blocks. What a cute quilt they would make and they are already started! How nice <3


Sharlene Melhaff

do you remember this song? First one I could play on the piano....I love coffee, I love tea, I love to sew, and I love thee! not quite the same words, but I do Love everything that you do, you are such and inspiration. I always look forward to opening your letter, and seeing what you have done. Keep it coming! Would love to win the blocks would cherish forever.
Have a blessed day!


Hi Kelly, such bright cheery blocks. I would love to be the winner. Thanks for having a giveaway.

lorene holbrook

I sooooooo want this! please put my name in the hat!!



Jo Ann Lindsey

Hi Kelly! I've just been reading your blog for a short while and I love it! I'm new to stitching so your blocks would have a good home with me!!

Sandy N.

I've loved seeing those blocks! I really like the thread colors you chose to do them in. I would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity!=)


These are sooooooo cute...what fun blocks! I would love to finish them up for you...I mean ME!!!


I love, love, love your blog! I'm making your soup today! Thanks so much!

Billie K

Now this is a unique, fun giveaway. I'm in.


Oh! These are wonderful blocks!! Where oh where can I get the pattern for these??? I'm just learning hand embroidery.
Your work is beautiful. I've just recently started getting your blog so have missed your work on these. I'm so glad to have found you!
I LOVE your binding tutorial! Thank you! That's how I found you. :)
I would love to win these, but if not, I'd love to get the patterns.
Thank you for the chance!!!

Kelly W

Since I'm also a Kelly, the two Kelly's could do a stitch along together. That would be fun! haha! I am learning embroidery and working on some redwork blocks right now, from Bunny Hill's 2009 BOM, A Tisket A Tasket. I like having the handwork and these blocks are cute!

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady

OMG! Enter me please!!!!!!! They make me smile - and I would enjoy using them in a way to make other people smile too. Very Nice!!!!

joann maurer

So calming to look at. Love the colors.

Judy Parker

Beautiful Blocks for sure...its a shame I don't do handwork...heheheh...my mil does though and what beauty she puts into them...thanks for sharing your work with us..as always another Gorgeous piece of work..blessings

Cherise Smith

Wow! Awesome blocks! I can't believe you're willing to part with them. The winner is going to be one lucky lady! Thanks so much for the opportunity! Have a Great Day! :)

Polly Monica

Oh, my, girl! What a wonderful givaway!! Are you sure you want to part with sooooo much work? If only it would be guaranteed that the receiver's stitches are as PERFECT as yours! You are a super stitcher!! you are so kind and generous! Thank you for the chance!! You ROCK!!


I can't believe you are giving way some of your blocks!! you are so kind. I started embroidery a few years ago but never got a pattern that i liked. But this one is gorgeous! I love your blog

Patricia Ottem

Loove these! They are perfect for working on while I ride in the car---we live in western KS. The next town is 30 miles away (no traffic or traffic lights) and our nearest "big town" is Denver, 4 hrs. away. I always have my hand sewing bag ready to go!


Those blocks are going to make a beautiful quilt...I really love hand work but have not perfected my skills as good as yours. I can't wait to see who gets thease beauties...


Ok you have so just put yourself at the top of the giveaway heap! These are just beautiful. I am just learning to do embroidery, so I am sure you would be able to tell your blocks from mine in the end, but I would love a chance to try to do them! You have put so much work and love into them it would be a cryn' shame to rip them out.


hey kelly, so glad to hear you are doing well, as am I, just not sewing as much as I'd like

Carol Alberts

You have put alot of work in those adorable blocks, what a treasure to give-a-way!
What an wonderful quilt they will make. :D
I have some great news. I have been interviewed for a job and I was told, "As long as your drug test comes back negative you will be hired!" Well, I don't do drugs so I am so excited!!! Not as much time to sew but will be working in the fabric department in the store, how cool is that?!!!!

Auntie pami

This is on my bucket list. I'm getting back to stitching and I'm improving! I had forgotten how much fun it is. And peaceful. I need some peace right now.

Susan Boyd

I don't think I could change my mind that far into a project -- but, your loss is some very lucky person's gain!! How sweet of you to give it away!!!

Madeline Watson

What a precious treasure to give away. I certainly want my name in the bucket. Hope you are having as good a day as I am even though I am not quilting. God's grace is new and fresh every morning and I have certainly experienced it today.


These blocks are yummy!! Practice makes perfect and I do need some experience with embroidery!!

Cindy W

Hi Kelly,
I really enjoy your blog and really love what you have already stitched on these precious blocks. Your stitching is so neat. Thank you for the chance to win this lovely giveaway.

Miss Nancy

Your blog is the best! I enjoy it so much! These blocks are so, so sweet - I love them - I would be honored to be the winner. Something about myself - sewing and stitching are my passions and I love learning and growing. Thank you for this giveaway.

Have a super great sewing and stitching day.


Pick me, Pick me!!!!! I love those blocks and I remember watching you stitch them in your blog and I wanted to be JUST LIKE YOU and have some for my very own. You are so sweet to think of us for this giveaway. Have a great day. Tammy


I love to see how many people have left you a comment here. That is so cool. I can teel by reading your blog that things have gotten a lot better in your life, GOOD FOR YOU!! I would love a chance to win those blocks. They would make a sweet little quilt. Thank you!!

pam duxbury

Love the idea of embroidery on a quilt. Thanks for the chance to win.


I love embroidery and these blocks are so cute. I would love to win them.

Susan Werner

Your blocks are beautiful! It's so generous of you to give them away.


I really look forward to receiving your posts and share them with my friends. You are so inspiring with your wisdom and perspective. I love those beautiful blocks, what an awesome gift!

Debbie Meyer

I would absolutely love these. I've just begun embroidering, which is something my mother did for years and I never knew how to do it. So, I'm teaching myself, Mom would be so proud. Thanks, Kelly for the opportunity to win them.


Oi!!!!! Que coisa mais linda!!!!!!
Puxa, será que terei essa sorte imensa?
Tudo tão lind, você tem mãos de fada, como dizem aqui no Brasil.
Ah! Sou sua fiel seguidora e fã. God Bless your hands and family.



This would make a great quilt for my sweet granddaughter.....thank you for the opportunity to win them......and now you have to start all over!


Like the comment above me, I would love to use these for a quilt for one of my grand daughters. And 42 blocks should be enough to make two quilts, one for each of the girls. You're work is beautiful. I'm not sure I could do as well, but would to try. (Even if I don't when, I may use your idea to make quilts for them. :D )

Katherine Hawkes

These are the sweetest little blocks ever... I love to do stitcheries and have done lots of pillows simply using a quote I love or something that I think will be a loving little thought for my family and friends to remember. These blocks would keep me busy for a while!! I'll be hoping I'm the fortunate one to win!! Be blessed.

Lynn Stoudt

I LOVE these designs and your stitching is amazing! What a generous give-away. I hope you will keep posting pictures as you stitch the new ones!

Joyce Mitchell

It's been a long time since I embroidered but these lovely blocks would definitely inspire me to get back into the craft. Thanks for the giveaway.

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