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September 05, 2011


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Oh WOW...it pays to be Mom! :-) It would take me a lifetime to make a quilt like that. The borders look complicated to me, and all those tiny little house pieces! What a labor of love. Those cozy colors are my very favorites. I'm completely smitten. LOVE, love, love it!


Those quilts you made your Mom are awesome. You are lucky to have each other!


I love "snugglepieces"...that's exactly my thought on quilts, I make them to use. Now I have a name for them...thank you! Just love it.


I'm with your Mom. I love the dark colors of Kanas Troubles and the quilt you sent her home with was wonderful. Oh how very pretty. As for the curtains, my daughters are teachers and I used to make curtains for them. Unfortunately, they have a new fire marshall in town and he said that all of the curtains had to be made out of fireproof fabric. That put an end to all of our curtains and rocking chair covers and all sorts of things in their rooms!

Carol Alberts

What a wonderful post, and I love the quilts too. :D


Fantastic pattern for the second quilt - it looks great.

Ranch Wife

I'm with you! I want my quilts to be wrapped around my family and friends when they are happy, and sad, and cold, and tired, and well, and sick. Love your name for them and your curtains look lovely! I too am drawn to Kansas trouble fabric...something so warm adn cozy and inviting about them.


Love the new quilt for your mom...a perfect quilt for snuggling. I also tell the recipients of my quilts that they were made to be cuddled under. Great job on the curtains for your mom's classroom.

carol broughton

Hi Kelly:

Beautiful quilts! You are such a warm and thoughtful person. Yes, I agree, quilts should be for snuggling under and enjoying, like a hug, but made of fabric.


Hi Kelly ... Found your Cracked Pots quilt in a google search. I read your blog regularly so I don't know how I missed it!
I'm jones-ing to make this pattern too and think I have settled on Civil War fabrics, but I really like your KT version. I have a huge collection of KT. Tough decision!!

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