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September 28, 2011


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Love your new sewing room---I'm sooooo jealous---I sew on my kitchen table! This keeps my house looking messy, but who cares as long as I get to sew!!

Gayle Grier

Love, Love, Love your sewing room!


Wish I had a room like that. But, I am afraid I'd never use it. I cleaned the kitchen to gleaming last night, and cringed when I had to use it today.


love all the red and white!


Your new sewing space is fantastic! I especially like the vintage furniture pieces. You've got some great fabric too!


Any old thing! LOL

Carol Lewis

Hi Kelly, I read your blog all the time, I really should comment more often. I love your sewing room! The red knobs on the dressers are so cute. All the red/white is perfect, makes me kinda want to re-do my room, kinda but not there yet as it's a lot of work. Your sewing room looks so inviting I can see it will be a great place for you to hang out and create, compute or do whatever. Do you have a chair in there for sitting and reading? Thanks for sharing your adorable room with us.


Love your new room! Everything looks so fresh and organized.


I want your room! It looks like the perfect place to sew. And I love your antique farm table - what a wonderful find. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Vicki ♥

Oh Kelly....I so love your new sewing room...lots of delightful things in it to inspire you. I would just sit in there for a whole day and just dream of being a sewing queen :) I love it all.
It makes me want to powder my nose and fluff up my dress and pat my hair in to place before I enter it. Love it!
Hugs Vicki x


All the hard work was definitely worth it - it looks fabulous! Where's 'quilts'?


You room looks so nice and inviting. The hard work paid off. Where do you hide all the quilts?


Love the new sewing room!


Love Grace. Thanks for the chance to win!


First - congratulations to all the wineners and thank you for being so generous. Just love the open white area of your sewing room and the natural wood floors are just beautiful.

Betty G

Beautiful sewing space, love the table.


Love your new place and can't wait to see all your new "creations!" Thanks for the giveaway!

Jana Richardson

Love your new place! It's sew nice to have a spot all your own. I could sleep in my sewing room and be completely happy. LOL Jana


It's always great to have your own space for sewing. I love my sewing room that used to be a spare bedroom.


I love your space and those huge scissors are great! That farm table would make a great cutting table if you ever needed one that size......looks like you have it pretty well under control and ready to create some awesome things in your space......



I just discovered your blog last weekend and I have so enjoyed getting to see what you are creating whether it's something from your sewing machine, your kitchen or your heart.


I can hardly wait to see what cute quilts you cook up next now that you have such fancy digs and all. :) I love your space. And that farm table. OOOOOhhhh......I think you're going to have to serve Thanksgiving dinner in your sewing room! Ha! It would make a reallllly pretty holiday dinner table. Not that it's half bad as a blogging desk. :-) Lucky girl!!


Sweet giveaway you had for those that commented last week!
LOVE your new space, so bright and spacious. I was surprised though that the machine is at that little table and the laptop is at that big desk. In my world those would be switched. I like LOTS of room for fabric to rest while I sew. :) Your view is awfully nice!

judith heinen

I just love your room! The farm table is the best. I have a table that is very similar and sits in my garage because I don't have room in my little house. I miss it so! My favorite fabrics are the 30's so I think your room is perfect!


My, what a great space! I love that farm table, where did you snag it? I am new to quilting and often glance at your blog. Thanks for all the great info up. I haven't gotten to binding yet, but when I do I will reread your posting on it.


Your sewing room is really cute! Thanks for the chance on the giveaway!

Kristy Wlikinson

You have such beautiful fabrics in your cupboards! What yummy colors and what a nice sewing space. Your blog is always so fresh and inspiring. Thanks for sharing with us.


What a great sewing room. I'm really glad I found your blog. Great inspiration.


I love the red and white look happening in your sewing room,lots of ideas for when I start organising my sewing room.....I must remember to be ruthless though :) Barb.

Anita Amodeo

Love that farm table...the whole room looks great! The fabric is stacked so neatly...mine NEVER looks like that. Thanks for the giveaway and all your wonderful blogs.


Where to you get those darling wall decorations? Your sewing room is to die for.


Yippee! I'm a winner! Thank you bunches! Love your new room...it is just wonderful! That farm table is out of this world! You and Mark did great!!!

Becky in Georgia

Love the new look of your sewing room! I'm working on my sewing room. Just have to finish my design wall and nail it to the wall. I'm planning an inspiration board, too. Thanks so much for sharing the photos with us!

Linda Schrankel

LOVE the new sewing room! Just walking in--it says, "See these gorgeous fabric--CREATE."

Barbara L

I love your sewing room...it's so bright, cheery and welcoming! If it were mine I wouldn't want to ever leave it! Love the farm table too.


Love your room....hoping to have a "sewing room" someday.... Has been put on hold as DD is moving back home "sigh"....


Beautiful photos.
Beautiful, bright sewing room.
Thanks for the chance to win a beautiful fabric. I usually have no luck in draws, but I hope to win.

Liz M.

It makes me happy to think of all the creativity that will happen in your wonderful sewing room. It is a beauty!

A Facebook User

Love your sewing room makeover. Well done!

Cheryl Bugelski

Looks lovely, but toooo neat for me! I'm a piles here and a pile there type of gal. Just ask my husband. He'll say, "Give her a flat surface and in minutes it is piled high!


I absolutely love your sewing room. Inspires me to get to work on my space -- it makes creating so much easier when your space is uncluttered!


oh, you have a wondeerful sewingroom, there must came many wonderful ideas.
wish you a wonderful autumtime, and perhaps, I have a little luck :-))
mg elfriede


I don't have a blog but read every day including yours! Love your new sewing room! So organized!! I love the Grace line but haven't purchased any as yet! Keep up the great blogging!


Love your new digs, can't wait to see what you come up with now with all that inspiration from a fresh start. Makes me want to paint, organize, etc.....I really enjoy reading your post and now I'll picture you at your new desk typing away!


Thank you for the fabulous surprise giveaway. I was shocked to see that I was a winner.
Your sewing room looks fabulous. Having the farm table in front of the window is a lovely place to work. I love it when I can work bathed in natural light. I must have been a reptile in a previous life.

Elaine Maillet

Boy, Kelly what a wonderful sewing room you have. It's nice and spacious and very professionally decorated. Love that antique farm house table! Wish my sew room was that spacious....you're the envy of a lot of sewers! Great Job!


Love your blog. Look forward to it everyday. Wonderful sewing room. Jane

Mary Burn

Love your new space!! What a wonderful room to work in. I agree with some of the others that you should write a book with some of the info that you shared with us. Can't wait to read your blog every day. Thanks for including me in your giveaway.


Love the table.. and the room. Isn't it fun to get everything organized again. Just makes you wanna get started on another project when everything is all neat and clean.

Linda (Petey)

Beautiful sewing room! An inspiration to savers like me who hardly have room to work! I'll get busy with that after this stint of babysitting (which is all fun). Thank you for sharing.


I just love your new room and always look forward to reading your blog :0)
Enjoy your new sewing space!


I am in love with your sewing room. The white furniture with red just is so me I wanna move in and sew with you.


I love your sewing room. It's beautiful. Sure wish I had a place like that to sew in. I would be sewing all the time:-)


Great sewing room! I just cant stop looking at the quilt that you have hanging on the door of the cabinet. It looks like vintage charms set on point? I LOVE it so much! Maybe in all your free time;) you could show a full pic of it! It is just darling!

Rosie Davis

Your room was worth all the hard work and the wait! Beautiful. I have a question: the view out your window, can you see the tree you wrote about?
Thanks for sharing Kelly!

Deb W.

Cute room. I love reading your blog.


You are a delight to listen to every day! The sewing room is absolutely beautiful!! I can't wait for the Stucly and the Mrs. quilt along.... any heads up as to when that is going to be?? I have to have an excuse to go buy fabric! LOL


First off, Congratulations and hugs all around to the winners of all those beautiful "Thank You" gifts. What a fun, surprise!!!

Now, about your new "Creating" space. You have that special touch Kelly. I love how homey and inviting your new room is. I really love that you passed on the bookshelves and combined your books with your displays of yumminess. OH, and your new "desk"...perfect! I gotta tell ya though that if I had my computer in front of the window, I would do some staring off into space daydreaming. But come to think of it, that's when we get our best ideas isn't it? Well, that and at 2am when when nature calls me out of bed. I get some great ideas then too. My friend used to call those ideas, Revelations according to 'John', LOL.

Okay, I've rambled quite enough sweet friend, but I just have one last comment, well, question really...my hubby needs a haircut the end of the week, I wondered if I could borrow those giant scissors for a day or two...*wink*.
Big Hugs...

Amanda Wulf

I love your sewing room! Gives me ideas for mine! It's still a work in progress... LOL


The white and red is such a good look. I agree with you about the shelving - too many shelves can begin to close in on you. The openness lets the creativity soar.

Miss Nancy

I won't say just "any old thing" but I will say that your room looks so inspirational and motivating. The red and white is wonderful and I love it. Lots of good things will come out of that room. It looks so neat and tidy! How do you do it? Thank you for sharing.

Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

Mary Flynn

Hey...not here for the giveaway just popping in for a bit. Loved a peek at your new sewing nest! How pretty! Now get in there and mess that up with creativity! LOL
I thought you weren't wanting comments so I'm kind of confused...or was that this past summer?


Your new room is beautiful. I want to come over and sew with you. I'll call before I come.


Really beautiful sewing room, given me lots of ideas. I have really enjoyed seeing your progress. Thanks!♥

Marsha B

Your room is beautiful! I love the red accents against the white. It is so fresh looking. I'm jealous. Enjoy your new space!

Gerda Vantuil

Kelly, your room looks WONDERFUL!! I love all the red! my absolute favourite colour!! Enjoy your "new" room.
Gerda in Alberta





Love your new sewing room. I am so jealous. You will truely enjoy your sewing time.

Sinta Renee

I was scrolling through to see your lovely makeover progress... and loving the white and then I saw the red knobs on everything and fell in love! That is so cute and I can't wait to steal your idea!!!
(love the stash too/drooling)

Evelene Sterling

Your room looks so good and that table is to die for! Thanks for sharing with us!


Firstly congratulations to the winners .. subscribed, every time I pass in silence because I am from Quebec so English is difficult for me but I think with the help of Google translation I will be more verbose in the future lol!
Your studio is beautiful and all these fabrics wow!!


Sew Tidy!!


I love your sewing room! especially the giant scissors!!


Love all the white. If you could see my house and the quilts that I make, there would be no doubt.


Kelly, your room fits you... Beautiful on the inside, holds lots of love and you view is gorgeous!! Congratulations and warm happy thoughts for all the fortunate winners... I feel fortunate for this peek into you creative nest and wish you a world of happiness for every moment you get to enjoy it!! hugs to you all...


Hmm. 2 thoughts
1. Will your desk double as your cutting table? Just saying 6 ft. wow.
2. You might say (or my sister) that I am decorating impaired. Our home has a lot of woodwork and I love the look of the white furniture but would not have put them together - go figure.
Your blog is my new favorite!

Kathy Bonham

Love your new room! Red is my favorite color and I would love to have a red and white room. Wanna come and do mine? :) You are so generous. Congrats to all the winners. Maybe one day it will be me! Thanks.

Jan S.

What a great room!! I think my favorite thing just may be those red knobs - what a fun, charming touch!

RoseMarie Herdman

Kelly what an inspiration u are with such a lovely new sewing room.

I told u i was doing some weeding out and re-arranging in my own. Sometimes having a fesh new look is like getting your hair done. It just makes u feel so good inside.

So i will be donating a lot of things including some fabric to Goodwill.


Rosie in Ct.

carol broughton

Hi Kelly,

What a gorgeous room! Everything is so nice and neat and totally inspiring! One day I plan to have a similar room, but for now I just haul everything out to the dining room. Thank you for a chance to win some of your beautiful fabric!

Karen Gonzalez

Really do like your new sewing room.
Makes me want to empty my sewing room and only bring back in the things I use, vs the boxes of things I plan to use one day.

Cute new arrangement...Karencg


Linda in Calif.

I love your new space - it's so fresh. I bet it will be help in being creative too. I think it's nice that you have room to add things.

Jen (PunkiePie)

I have been on the hunt for a farm table just like that! I'm so loving yours!!

Debbie Meyer

It looks wonderful, Kelley. I have one question for you, how do you get your fabric to look so perfect on your shelves? Do you cut it a certain size, then fold a certain way? I've tried to make mine look like this before to no avail! Please help me!!!!! I love your new desk, so cool!!!


I love your sewing room! I wish mine looked more like yours. I'm definitely not as neat as you are! I wish I had a WHOLE room just for my sewing and crafting but I share the room with my husband and the computer.

Thanks for the chance to win your wonderful giveaway!


What an adorable room. I'm very jealous because it is soooooooooo cute. And that farm table is awesome. Wow. Lots of room on that. Nice find.

Linda Cwiklak

Love the "new" sewing room...it'll be much nicer with the 30's fabrics added( I say this cuz I love the 30's fabrics)


I LOVE your new sewing room and I'd love to find one of those farm tables, WOW!

Lorraine Babuick

I wish mine could be that neat, but then it wouldn't be my room. Love the brightness from your window. Plus the view. Just so much to enjoy in your new sewing room.

Kim Milburn

Gorgous sewing room! Congrats!!

Jo Ann Volenec

Would you believe that I have a pie safe exactly like yours. Mine has tin sides and through the years the legs have been shorten. I had this for over 30 years and is one of my favorite antiquesl Loved all of the pics.

Cherise Smith

Love your new room! I really enjoy your blog! Thanks so much! Have a great wonderful weekend! :)

Abby Latimer

You're sewing room looks great. Love that farm table too. I'm loving the Grace line, great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to enter!

Peach Rainbow

WOW! Congrats Lucky Duckies!
That's a super generous giveaway :D

Your new sewing room is amazing, congrats!
& Thanks for the chance!


Hi Kelly

LOVE your new sewing room. I want to paint mine a butterscotch yellow this winter. And reorganize. Did I miss the sew along info?

Happy Stitches


Love the new digs! I just love painted furniture. The farmhouse table was a great find. I have one buried in our storage building waiting for the perfect place in the house to open up!

gloria g. Walls

Really love your new sewing room. Itlooks adorable, and love that farm table.......keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing.

gloria g. South Carolina

one can always use fabric!!!!


I LOVE your room too! How exciting!!!


I love your new sewing room and the way you repurposed old furniture. I can only dream that one day I too will have a sewing room with a view. Until then I have to sew out of plastic bins and on the kitchen table. Hmmm one can dream can't she?!

Bailey C

I love your new space - it looks wonderful!

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