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September 24, 2011


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Oh Kelly, you are so profoundly right about unconditional love. It makes so incredibly beautiful! I love your quilt designs and thank you for another delightful post. Also, when you have a spare moment, I know you have so many of those, LOL, would you shoot me an email. I have a question about a quilt pattern. Big Hugs.....


So I want to know how much it will be to snuggle with Studly to make a quilt like this?

Cynthia Gallegos

Love your Chick Flick quilt Kelly. Love the other one also.

Miss Nancy

Well said, very well said! Thank you for sharing your "Love-ly" quilt. It is lovely!

Have a super great sewing and stitching day.


I love the patchwork heart quilt. I think we all crave unconditional love. Giving love unconditionally is harder to accomplish, but definitely makes life worthwhile. Thanks for the beautiful post.


What an AWESOME quilt!!! I love it!!!


Kelly girl, not only do you make beautiful things, you're a beautiful lady, inside and out! I love your Chick Flicks!

Linda in Calif.

Kelly, I've been reading your blog and not commenting. (The commentless summer got me in a bad habit LOL!!) I realized I really miss it. I really love the patchwork heart quilt! I have a pattern for one. I didn't know if I would ever make it but seeing yours and your comments about unconditional love makes me want to make for the family. We all need to be reminded about Unconditional Love sometimes. I'm so glad that you write about these types of values.


Those are both adorable!

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