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September 11, 2011


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Thanks, Kelly! That really is a lot of pinwheels and they are all very pretty.


Very cute! I love them all! Check block 3...bottom left corner...is that a mistake? looks like it should be flipped...


Ah Kelly you're a generous soul - these are darling!


Thank you, thank you for this! I did the pinwheel quilt along with Rachel. Well...I'm using "did" in a rather loose sense. :-) I started it. There. That's better. All my blocks are set neatly aside, because I never did get around to looking up and choosing my last block. Now you've made it easy for me. In fact, I may need to make a few extras too because it will be hard to choose from the cute ones you provided. I now have no excuse for not finishing that quilt. It has been on my mind, actually, for I really do love pinwheels too!!!

Martha Raiford

Love pinwheels...samples are all over my sewing room. Every new piece of fabric I get winds up in a pinwheel block...everyone at the LQS kinda laughs at me when I come in showing off my new blocks...they just look so great in every fabric. Thanks for the extra ways to do it.


Wow. These are all fabulous. Very pretty. Thank you so much for putting this together to give to us.

Vicki ♥

Thanks so much Kelly....these are fabulous :) Hugs Vicki x


thanks Kelly - I was looking for pinwheels for my daughter's quilt - which is 3 years in the making - I'm too scared to cut her material!! It's all I've got of it so have to use it to its best advantage - but a few pinwheels in amongst the pattern will be great.


THANK YOU!!!! I'm putting these on my list...lol!


Lovely different pinwheels; right up my alley!
Thanks for the lot of them:-)

Madeline Watson

Thanks Kelly for your generousity. Much appreciated.


I even like block 3 with the left corner turned - makes it so unique just like you - LoL - thank you for sharing these, I love pinwheels always. Judy C in NC


I had such fun at Rachel's quilt along here's a link to a pix of my quilt. http://www.flickr.com/photos/49974252@N03/5941545433/in/set-72157625935930988/

Elizabeth Smith

What fabrics did you use for the trivets, they are beautiful?

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