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September 08, 2011


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Great post Kelly - I love men, how they think, how they act, who they are - I'm so glad they're not the same as us!

Cheryl Bugelski

Love the pink tote bag!


What an awesome post Kelly...this is one every girl should read before she gets married. Too often women go into a marriage thinking they are going to change their man...

Liz M.

Your words just what I needed this morning. I also love my husband and even though we have been married 28 years, we are still working on us like it's only been 1 year. Thank You!

Rosie Davis

Pearls of wisdom Kelly....thanks for sharing. At 66 years old, I'm still learning.

Lisa D.

Wow - thanks for such a thought-provoking post. I thoroughly enjoyed every word.

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady

Ah, Kelly Ann, thank you for sharing your prospective and the understanding you have gained along your life's journey. Your words were music to my heart, and I am so glad I you have lived long enough to make your song harmonious and that I have lived long enough to hear your song, and sing along with you ... now I might sign a little off key sometimes but I can hear in my heart the harmonies that are worth striving for.

Sandie ~call me crazy

What a wonderful post Kelly! Thank you!~ and real men carry pink. ;-) LOL

Linda in Calif.

Great Post! You did a great job of explaining about men. I've read "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus". It totally changed the way I relate to my husband. I really like all the manly pictures inbetween your points.


Good stuff - reminds me of a favorite song by Josh Turner "The difference between a man and a woman" he sings in deep dulcet tones... I turn on like a light bulb and you warm up lik an iron.

Auntie Pami

What a lovely post. And, Studly looks very happy.

Debbie Meyer

Aw Kelly, that was so sweet. I couldn't live without my hubby, Bernie. We've been married 34 years now, seems like only yesterday we walked down that aisle! Tell Studly, I love the pink bag, it's cute!! I'll have to make Bernie one. :)

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