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October 03, 2011


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Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady

What Fun!!!!!!!

Carol Lewis

Oh how fun! Nice picture of Carol. I'm sure you're the barefoot one Kelly, isn't it great going barefoot in the sand? Have a great visit you two.


Have lots and lots of fun!!!!


Hugs to both of you!!! Have a blast....

Rosie Davis

Enjoy the sun while you can!! And each others company of coarse!



I'm so excited! It's my first "giveaway win". Thank-you.
Have fun at the beach. Doesn't the sand between your toes feel wonderful?


Take off your shoes and enjoy the sand and the water!! Take an extra walk for me, please.


That has to be Mrs. Studly's toes!!


Have a WONDERFUL time!!!


The beach is my favorite place to be. I hope your time near the water brings you home rested and restored. I think the toes are yours.


I'm SO jealous of that beach - dip the toes for me, Kelly! Cuz of course it's you without the shoes, lol! ENJOY!!!!


I am so jealous of Megan's win - and wish her congratulations anyhow. Kelly, being a land lubber, you would want to take every opportunity to keep your feet in the water. Enjoy and refresh. Judy C


LOL Kelly, I think I recognize those painted toenails and toes from a picture you posted relaxing on your patio one day. Cute toes!!! Tell Carol HALOOOOOOOO!!!Hugs to you both...

carol broughton

So glad you both are having a great time in FL. Wondering if you are in Daytona Beach or Cocoa Beach? I live near Orlando, so you must be close! Kelly, you must be the one with your toes in the sand - enjoy yourselves!!


Don't sunburn your toes, Kelly ... your polish is beautiful but feet to match is no good :) I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself and your friend ... yay for you ladies!! Hugs!

Peggy M

Kelly is barefoot! Have fun!

Evelene Sterling

Congratulations Megan! Mrs Studly have fun with Carol and enjoy your barefoot jaunts.

Darius Cartmell

There's nothing like a long shoreline walk with a good friend. It's so nice that you and Carol had a great time at that very beautiful beach resort. Oh, this made me miss my long-lost friends from college.

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