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October 19, 2011


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Kristy Wlikinson

So sweet! I love roses too. Your block is really cute.

Diane Linford

A lovely block! I can't wait to see them finished.


LOVE that block! And oh such pretty roses...what a guy!


Love that block and what a sweetie McStudly is..those roses are beautiful!!!


Kelly, I love these patterns, so cute. I would join but I don't have the patterns.


Kelly, your stitchery is so delightful. I love all of the patterns and find that they make me want to use bright happy threads, like you do. Wow, don't you just love those 'just because' surprises. I always think the flowers seem more beautiful when they are 'just because'...they just seem a little more special than those given for a special occasion. Not much, but a little bit! Thanks so much for sharing. Big Hugs coming to you sweet friend...


Wow! lucky to be surrounded with love and roses lol!
Your embroidery is lovely !


Oh so beautiful, the stitchery and the roses!


Your stitchery is perfection!!! You and your McStudly put a smile on my face! Your blog is a blessing to me,and others I'm sure.

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