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October 18, 2011


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Ranch Wife

We make something similar, but add a big scoop of fresh New Mexico green chile and then wrap it in a tortilla. One of our favorites for leftovers! You're right, it'a a great use for leftover roast! Yum!

Tracey Holzer

I made your Italian Bread recipe today...turned out fantastic. We are having it with lasagna. Thanks for sharing it.


OMW...my husband is going to love this recipe!!! Thanks so much.

Debbie Meyer

Sounds Delicious, Kelley! I just made a roast last week and we ended up eating the leftovers the same way we ate the initial meal. Boooorrrrrringgggg! I'm definitely going to try your recipe next time. Thanks!!


I make something very similar, but I dice the potatoes. I cook potatoes and carrots in with the roast, and any leftovers get diced into the hash. I usually add another potato or two along with the leftovers. I'm actually cooking a roast beef today, so we'll probably have hash tomorrow.


YUMM! Always looking for leftover recipes!

Miss Nancy

Sounds like a tasty dinner. I would have to leave out the spices and onions. We are not spice or onion lovers. I have done something similar with brown gravy. I heat mine through in the oven. There are probably a million ways to make roast beef hash. I am going to save your recipe.

Have a super great sewing, stitching, and cooking day.


I've never tried hash. It sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Sandra Ault

Didn't know what to do with my leftover roast. I made this tonight but I did add a little Worchestershire to it and it was wonderful. The Lawry's seasoninging made all the difference. I will definately make this again and again.

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