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October 01, 2011


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Oooh Kelly, that quilt is just beautiful! I can't resist, so count me in ☺ Did I miss how big the quilt will be?
Love the studly trivia too, my husband would prob say the same thing☺


Love the quilt and looking forward to making this, Dear Hubby (as I refer to him on my blog) was just commenting while I was reading this that he needs new quilt. Perfect timing.
I am off tomorrow so I am going to pull my fabrics. When will the first clue be?

Linda Cwiklak

Can we do this even if we don't have a blog?


I'm all in...I'm going to do one for me and one for "My Man" (AKA Mr. Quilt Holder)...can't wait...I'll get my fabrics ready to go today, gotta do it today (I have a busy week coming up)! ;)


I would also love to join, but do not have a blog


I am in, but I have not set up my blog yet. I better get on it...

Leslie Legros

Ok, I'm in!
I have a bunch of black and white prints I earned from the Minnesota State Quilt Shop Hop 2 yrs ago. I wanted to use them for a quilt for hubby and I was waiting for the right pattern to come along!
Love it when the plan comes together!
Take care, Leslie

Dandelion Quilts

What a fun story about how Studly got his web name. LOL. :) Great blocks, I bet the finished piece is going to be great, Kelly.


I call my husband Honeyman and have for most of the 17yrs we have been married! My oldest daughter used to call him Honeyman when she was little! hehe
I started because explaining to a little one the difference between a husband, a boyfriend, a fiance, it is just to much so their significant other was just their Honeyman (or Honeylady) and it just stuck! Now even when we are out I either call him Papa or Honeyman and he always calls me Mama (which is better than Wojciehowicz -Wo Ja Hoe Its- which is what my Mother always used to call me Barney Miller ya'll)!
Wait enough...I am off to the the fabric store(s)! See you soon!!


So following along! Even if I can't keep up with the sewing ... I'm so following along and will try ... as for recipient, hmmm? Maybe me? ;) Love and hugs and gratitude for your Studly knowing a good thing when he marries her. ... Mrs. Studly!

Evelene Sterling

Oh both are so beautiful. I wish I could quilt along but I am stuck trying to finish two aprons which are very easy but a lot of gathering so just a bit tricky at times. They are for a friend who started them but needed help finishing them and I want to get them done by the 15th of October so she can give them at Christmas and I can start two quilts like yours for my grandson and granddaughter. Your patterns would be perfect so I'll have to hurry up and finish the aprons.


Love the blocks! Count me in , but at my own pace- we will be away for almost 2 weeks soon. I don't know yet who I will make this for-it will becoem clear when I pick through my stash. But I can tell you that I call my husband either Hun or Tone (for Tony) and have for almpost 30 years. If I call him Tony he knows he's in trouble!


What a great idea. Love the fabrics you've chosen to use. I bought some fabrics earlier this year to make my hubby a quilt and had another quilter tell me they are going to be hard to use in a quilt. :( bummed me out and kinda took the wind from my sails 'cause I was so excited to use it.

In another day or two when things slow down if it's ok I might see if I can still find it online and send you a picture of them to see what your opinions are for these. I would love to use them.


How fun - love those blocks, Kelly!

Nancy S.

I will definitely try to make this along with you but am in the process of converting a very voluminous and heavy wedding gown into a Christening gown, a Christening coat and a boy's outfit. Even if I cannot make it while you are, I will definitely do it later. Great pattern!


I can't wait, those plaids are just up my alley, my Mr has never been given a quilt made by me so it will be extra special. I'm going shopping this week!

Sinta Renee

I am just catching up from the weekend diversion... yes, oh yes! Please count me in the quilt along. I am always willing to try. Besides, you need someone to always be last!hehe


Oh this is soooo tempting! Maybe I will just pick out the fabrics.


I want too but I need to learn how to control my time/myself & not get in over my head. I still want to make the last QAL quilt! LOL! I'll be cheering from the sidelines.

The quilt pattern is just too STUDLY...LOL!!!


OK fabrics have been patted and picked. Boy they sure did miss me.

Kris Young

Kelly - No hubby but this sounds like a really fun project!! Thank you for hosting it!! Need to go pick some fabric before Saturday!! Kris


I so wish I could take part in this one......I loved your last quilt-a-long but I am going to have to pass. I will be watching and admiring everyones progress. Have fun ladies. xx

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