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October 02, 2011


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Oh gosh, I have no idea but I keep having her name in my head for some reason so I'm going to go with my instincts and guess Carol of Brown Quilts.

I only hope I will be able to do the stitch along as it really depends on when you'll be doing it. I had thought that would be an awesome (very early) Christmas gift for my son's finacee who is pregnant and looking for things to do.


My guess is Carol of Brown Quilts because she lives in Florida and your riddle includes toes dipped in sand.

I would love to join the stitch along...I've admired those cute blocks for some time.

Martha Raiford

It's got to be Carol of Brown Quilts, she lives in Florida. I would love to join the stitch a long....what fun.


Oh my. I have been trying to find a set of those stitcheries for a while now. I would love to join your stitch-a-long if I win! Could it be the infamous Carol Brown? You two have done so much together in blogland. It's nice that you have the opportunity to meet.


Say Hi to Carol for me!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Darlene may have some hot sand, but I'm not sure if you want to dip your toes in it, so I'm guessing Carol!


My guess is Carol of Brown Quilts. Have fun - dipping toes in the sand sounds great right now!

I'd love to join your stitch along. Thanks for having a giveaway!

Darlene S.

Based on your riddle, I would guess Carol, like the rest. Looks like a fun stitch-a-long to join up with. I love Helen's work!

Linda Cwiklak

NAncy of Tea & Quilts?


I am SO JEALOUS - you're going to see Carol, of course! I just got done posting on her blog about how jealous I was, lol. I hope you guys have an awesome time, and dip your toesies for me, will you please????


Vickie I reckon as you mention her first and I think this may be because she is dominant in your thoughts :)


OH KELLY!!! Your going to meet Carol of Brown Quilts, I just know it and I'm so happy. No wonder she is in such and excited state on her blog too. I can just imagine the antics you two will get up to when you get together. Have fun, fun, fun sweet friend. Take pictures!!! LOL. Now, about the giveaway, if the patterns include the iron on please count me in, if not, don't put my name in because I picked up the set last year after I saw your post of those that you had worked on while you were traveling. Big Hugs and please hug Carol for me too.

Becky in Georgia

My guess is Carol, but visiting any friend from Blogland is just plain wonderful.


I pretty sure you are going to visit Carol of Brown Quilts. She hinted that she would be spending time away from "Mr. Quilt Holder" to visit with friends and do some embroidery. Also, she was stopping by the airport to pick up someone specail...that would be YOU. So yep, it's Carol. Like me, she lives in FL so I'm sure you will have a great time! Oh and I would love to join the stitchery.


Gotta me Carol -- have a wonderful time-- take tons of pictures!!!!

Leslie Legros

Hi Kelly!
You lucky girl, you are spending R&R time in the sun, on the beach, with a great friend Carol of Brown Quilts!
Wishing you lots of talk time, lots of stitching time, and of course, lots of cool beverage time!
Take care, Leslie


OMG, you're off to see Carol - have fun in the sand! WooHoo!!!!!!


You're on your way to see Carol Brown in FL. I'm in FL--the weather is beautiful. Have fun in the sun. Hope you get to the beach.
Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway.

Polly Monica

You are going to visit Carol (from Brown Quilts)!! And you two will have sooooo much fun!! I'm so jealous! I need to retire!!


Is it sweet Carol of Brown Quilts? What a time you two will have ! Can't wait to see the crafty things you guys cook up together.

Love those precious patterns.

Have a great trip!!

Ofelia Keller

You and Carol will have a wonderful time together! Hope you guys share some of it with us.
The patterns are beautiful, thank you!

pam duxbury

You are going to visit Carol and have lots of fun relaxing and talking quilting. Enjoy your break.


I'm going to say Carol but I really have no idea. Have fun with whoever you are off to visit.

Cynthia Gallegos

I think you are going to see Carol at Brown Quilts because she lives in Florida and what better a place to put your toes in the sand. Flying would be quicker from Mo. - Florida. Hope I am right. It is always nice to meet someone new and that you have gotten to know by phone and the internet also.


You lucky ladies....what fun you should all have! Mr Studly & Mr Quilt Holder may be eating cold cuts this week but I'll be eating my heart out with shear unbridled envy (sorry God) for you & Carol!!! Enjoy every wonderfully fun moment :)


Since Carol is too excited to concentrate on her blog I'm going to say it's her. Congrats and enjoy.


Hi Kelly - since it was Carol that led me to YOU, I would have to say you are going to spend some quality time with HER!
Enjoy :-)
Kind regards - Dawn

Rosie Davis

I'm guessing Carol by process of elimination! Have a great time Kelly!! You sure deserve it.


Liz M.

I'm glad that you and Carol will get to see each other. Have a great time together!
Also, I love your sewing room....
It is perfect.


Have a great time ewhen you go see Carol! Have a drink, laugh, be spontanious!!

Mary Burn

You will definitely be stitching with Carol. Thanks for including me in your giveaway.

Lisa "Finnie" Finn

It's gotta be Carol. You can swing by here and pick me up on the way. I can fit in your carry bag, lol. I would love to win your giveaway. I need more nice in my life right now-everyone can always make room for nice!!!! Anywhos, have a GREAT time,and dip your toes once for me!!!
Thanks again for having this giveaway, but a bigger thanks for being YOU.

Sara Velder

It has to be Carol at Brown Quilts! Have fun in the sun! Thanks for the chance of that great giveaway!

Judy C in NC

Do you know how much I would love to be in the Nice People Nice Friends!!! I have so admired this stitchery - You must be going to see Carol from Brown Quilts - she is such a wonderful and genuine person and I am a follower. Judy C with fingers crossed.

Bridget B

Would love to stitch along with you. Hope the good friend you are visiting is Carol. Have a great trip.

lorene holbrook

I am going with Carol. but if you come to AZ it would be wonderful for an AZ meeting!!! how fun for a quilty time with good friends! I soooooo want to win this!!!!



Oh how fun! I love your game! I am hoping I got this right, Carol of Brown Quilts. LOL! I would ove to stitch along with you ladies!!

Krist Van Os

Well I sure hope you and Carol have a great little R & R together. Have FUN!


How appropriate to have a NIce People nice things and all the while you are connecting wiht Carol of the Brown Quilts. Have a wonderful time and enjoy yourselves! Jane

Angela Ball

Sounds like it will be lots of fun! I believe you're going to meet Carol, Brown Quilts! :o)


I'm guessing that it's Carol! Have fun! :)


Darlene at Quilting Daze! You have shared projects with her. Wish you'd drive through IN and pick me up! I would not be allowed to leave. Mr. Dudley got a new computer today. At the age of 74, and a no it all, who has never ran a computer until the last month, you might be saving me from a jail cell. How do you teach a hard headed man anything?????? No Studley, just Dudley!

Debbie Meyer

I'm going to guess Carol of Brown Quilts! You made it hard because Darlene is from Arizona, sand there, and Carol is from Florida, sand there. Where ever you go, I hope your toesies in the sand and trip go well and you have a blast!!

carol broughton

Carol of Brown Quilts of course!! Hope you two have a grand time!

Evelene Sterling

Oh it is Carol of Brown Quilts. How nice that you two can get together and have fun.

Pat Merten

My quess would be Carol in Fla. You lucky duck. I have loved those patterns since the day I saw them. Would love to win. Have a get time.

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