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December 30, 2011


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Those shirts were a fantastic idea. I love when people come up with a comical, thoughtful way to express love and affection during the holidays that puts the focus of gift giving exactly where it needs to be. Super cute idea.

Happy New Year to you. I always enjoy my time here a lot, and look forward to more good reading in the coming year. Here's to sharing sewing endeavors and friendship via the web! :-)

Sandie~ call me crazy

Oh gosh Kelly~ loved the shirts!! My DH can relate to all the guy ones! ;-) What did yours say?

My word for this year was 'fun' and I did have a fun year of blogging and sewing and making new friends. Next year I need to choose a word like 'organize'! LOL

Happy New Year!! ((hugs))

Linda in Calif.

Happy New Year Kelly!! I must say, no one pulls off a pink Christmas like you do!! LOL!!
The t-shirts sure are funny and a good idea!!

Denise :)

The shirts are SO fun!! What a great idea! I may have to borrow this one for a future Christmas! Happy New Year to you, Kelly!!! Hugs! :)


That looks like such a wonderful Christmas, sweetheart, I love those shirts so much! I used to have a bumper sticker that said "I'm retired, go around me"....lol...I wish you the Happiest New Year ever, dear girl!

Ranch Wife

What fun! Love the creative shirts - I'll bet those were a hoot to pick out! Hoping that the joy of Christmas continues in the New Year sweet girl!


I love those shirts.....think I will borrow that idea for next Christmas. Have a very Happy New Year Kelly...and thanks so much for all the positive inspiration you share with us all.

Vicki ♥

Love the shirts and what a lot of laughing went on :) Happy New Year Kelly :) Hugs Vicki x

Carol Broughton

Hi Kelly,

The shirts were great, you guys sure know how to have lots of fun together. The smiles and happiness in the pictures made my day! I wish you good health, happiness and continued creativity for 2012.

Sending you a warm hug,

Carol Broughton


Kelly, you left out the picture of your shirt - I know you got one!!! Wonderful love in all your pictures and in your post. Happiest of all New Years. Judy C

Denise in PA

Happy New Year Kelly! The shirts are fantastic! Have a wonderful party tonight! We're looking forward to a nice dinner out and then a quiet NYE - hopefully we will stay up until the ball drops!


Love the shirts!!! Have a great and happy New Year...
P.S. I am going to bee a bee keeper this year...are you interested???


What a great Christmas you and your family shared. Love all the smiles and the fun.

Have a super great Healthy and Happy New Year!

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady

Catching up on you blog this morning - LOL - as always you made me laugh, sigh and carry on.

Thank you for your challenge to pick a word for 2011. Posted it on my blog sidebar even ... To some my word was "different" one - UP. The word UP inspired me to keep looking up all through the year. It worked - most of the time, and helped me snap out of it when things got looking down. Thanks Kelly!


What a great way to enjoy the holidays with lots of laughter and family times! The shirts are great...so much fun! Looking forward to 2012!


That would be a memorable Christmas with the funny shirts, what a great idea. You do a pink Christmas very well.
Happy New Year to you too!


Kelly Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family ... I love the idea of t-shirts, I must say that my favorite is the one for your husband lol!
I've seen my kids for Christmas but we spend the New Year only my husband and me because of the distance but we are all thinking together
Health, happiness and serenity to you and yours !!
Warm hugs xxx


The shirts are great. Bet you had so much fun shopping for them. You DH has a great one!

Kris of Dandelion Quilts

Those shirts made me laugh! There's no crying in bingo...what a hoot. So glad you had a nice holiday and got to spend some much beloved time with your brother. Happy New Year.


Those shirts are a great idea! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday. Wishing you a happy, healthy 2012!


Those shirts are TOO COOL!!! They made me giggle...how fun! I look forward to the coming year of being inspired by you and your creations!


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