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January 18, 2012


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Oh, no, not you , too! You will forever be lost in the world of pinterest! I fear for you!! LOL that place is beyond addictive!! I think they send out subliminal messages to keep you looking from page to page to page!! LOL

Cynthia Gallegos

Kelly you have such a beautiful family. You are blessed to have your family so close that you can visit them pretty much when ever you want. Nice block and decorations!

Miss Nancy

Haven't visited pinterest yet, a bit afraid of the addictive part. Another super great block, Love it, so bright and cheery. Katiebug - a super lovely young lady. Glad you had time with her.

Have a super great sewing and stitching day.


I've heard about pintrest but I'm not gonna look...lol! Love the decor!!!

Linda in Calif.

I too have found pinterest. Love it. So many interesting recipes and ideas. Did you know I lived in Italy for a couple years? There are many things I loved about it, but it's nothing compared to family. Life is so what you make it and you are making yourself a good life.


I've been pinning on Pinterest for about a year now and I can tell you that it is another obsession (in a good way:D). There is a LOT of inspiration! I have used and try quite a few ideas but it is another consumer of time. Love your block!


Love your Valentine decorations....one my fav holidays too. I am so addicted to Pinterest...my daughter says I need to go to Pinterest Anon.!!! What a sweetie your girl is. I don't know why I can get to your site here at my son's house and not at home!!!! Wishing you happy pinning!!!

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