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January 06, 2012


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I just wanted you to know that this post does not need a pretty picture to take away from the depth of the post. This post deals with heart issues and I applaud you for allowing us your readers to share in this corner of your life. Thank you for being honest. I think your word for the year is awesome. May God richly bless you as you become a receiver this next year!

Kris of Dandelion Quilts

What a fitting word then, Kelly. Good choice.


I think most women could relate to this Kelly, we're taught to be givers at our own expense....we give and give until all the giving is squeezed out of us and we're left limp and dry as dust. I pray that God's grace will abound to you this year, and that you learn to receive with a truly thankful heart. It's HARD to receive gracefully....really, really hard. But how will we really understand humility until we do.


This is a great word Kelly and something we all probably need to do at one stage in life, but most of us are not as brave as you! Well done and I am sure that God will be with you as you go through this lesson in life... and the good thing about learning to receive is that it will bless others :)


sooo, has he given you another pair of earings?? Sorry had to lighten it up first. I am so happy for your soul that you are in a place that you can see yourself and know what you need. That is not to say that it is going to be an easy goal to atain. But it is like (sorry for the analogy) an alcoholic finally admitting they have a problem! You lift me up and I do hope that I can get to that point in my life as well! Thank you so much for opening yourself to us.


Found you via Allie....I just love your post and your word. I'm sharing this with a number of my women friends. Your words really touched me and I think I will choose a word this year too. Thank you for being so very honest. I learned a lot about myself from this post too. Hugs, Mickie

Linda Schrankel

Excellent! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. There are many of us that totally able to relate exactly to what you have put so eloquently into words. Sometimes it is as though we have nothing more to give!
I have selected my word--as I was sitting in the waiting room as my husband was having another heart procedure--I will write more about it later--but my word for the year is "Value" as a noun and as a verb. God Bless!

Linda Schrankel

I forgot to add... The picture you have for 2012 reminds my of a poem that was given to us following our son's death, "Footprints." Another friend did the entire poem in counted cross stitch which has hung on my bedroom wall for 30 years.


Bless you, Kelly ... you are a gift for which I'm grateful :) Hugs to you!!

Cynthia Gallegos

Hi Kelly,
I have the same problem about not receiving compliments of my husband saying that I am beautiful. Instead I tell him oh thank you, I'm sure you are just saying that because your my husband. I know I need to stop doing that and just tell him thank you or that is nice or sweet of you to say that. If I am all cleaned up and with make up on I believe he means it but when I am without make-up and just feel like I must look so homely I have a hard time believing him.

I know when we have loaned out money we always tell them that when ever you have thing under control then you can pay us back a little bit here and there. Well that here and there never seems to come. I do get to feeling that we were taken advantage of. I'm talking like many years ago too. We have learned out lesson though.

Marge Davies

Come on Kelly. We'd all like to check out on life but we can't. I'd like to say I have given all I can give but I can't. I'd like to only to recieve but I can't and neither can you. You have to get on with life. Come on Kelly, You can do it.

Karen Gonzalez

Thanks to my dear hubby I learned to say "thank you" when he presented me with a gift from his heart. I was in my 40's when I learned that skill.
This is typical of women. We think of others before ourselves.
Let others say thank you for your kind deeds. Let others show you how much they love you. It feels really good after a few times of getting use to it.
Your emotional and spiritual tank will be full and so will your heart.

Welcome to the club, hope to see a smile on your face soon.
Might want to apologize and explain to hubby of your new ability to say thank you...Karencg


When I first read your post on Friday, it hit so close to home that I could not formulate a reply. I've reread it and thought about it all weekend. I recognized my own feelings when I have been, in my own thinking, generous to others and they did not seem to appreciate my gesture. I have always felt the need to give, but find it difficult to accept things from other people. Over the last year, I have been working on this same issue. I keep peeling the layers away in hopes of finding who I am and how to become the person I long to be. I know how hard it must be for you to share your journey, but your posts reach so many others who are traveling the same road.


Boy, Kelly, you hit the nail on the head for most women. We are trained to give, but it's often, as you put it "E&S credit-card" giving; we are not trained to receive and because we don't truly give, we can't truly receive. This was a wonderful, inciteful post that didn't need pretty pictures. Thank you for providing more food for thought!


I have to agree with KatieQ. THis it so close to home that I was unable to formulate a response when I first read it. I still can't seem to put my thoughts into words, but know that you have touched me.


Oh My... this is so close for me and many others too Kelly...I want to know who I am, I am spent too, bankrupt and feel like throwing in the towell at times...I have been so exhausted with a health issue and so wanting to do it all that the ones I care so much about suffer... not anymore... God is speaking in His still small voice.. I learnt the hard way last year - my word was NO... this years is...RELY....on Him and His Grace and Love to guide me and direct my paths...
Thanks for such an inspiration that you are...
Hugs Dawn x x

~ Julie ~

Oh wow, what a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your feelings. I, like others here, feel the same way many times. Thank you for your honesty and your optimism. I'm thankful for these few minutes I've taken to read your post. It's given me much needed time for reflection on how I can make some positive changes in my own life! I hope that you are able to receive all that He has to offer you this year!

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