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January 21, 2012


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Dianne Mitzel

You can just look at your son and know he's a fine young man!I've enjoyed your writings so much, as always,but have been lax in commenting. I am working on a quilt for my lifelong friend. She and hubby will celebrate their 50th anniversary this year, can't believe it!! We love bird watching also, had 12 cardinals at one point this afternoon. Have a great weekend!!

Kris of Dandelion Quilts

;) Don't they make you proud?? So describe that frosting...sugar or fudgy?


Oh goodness! what a wonderful post :) :) If you son's new girl would only read your blog once in a while, she would love you before she ever met you and not be so very nervous :) Can't wait to see the second present that came with the fun time poppers! I sometimes hide them from my girls so I can have a bit of fun too :) lol Kelly, you're amazing and I thank you for sharing your family too!! Blessings to you, Wendy


Ha, you mean we're not the only ones who love to twist bubble wrap and dance on it? I am glad to have company on that. Aaand you don't have to be old to love birds, hey, I love them and I am not old, right?!I can't wait to see your stitching, it's so cute. Have fun!


I remember that one! She is just to cute! They were on the Today show! It was yet a rejection letter Daddy got and he started to rip it up and joy of joy you can't help but smile when that little angel begins to giggle!
Oh, first loves... I have tears in my eyes that makes me smile and gives me hope!! I do hope Hannah feels welcome with ya'll!
Oh, I do hope you don't get lost there in pinterest land! Send out an SOS if you need help!! The land is vast and I do hope signals can be recieved!!

Judy C in NC

What's that about old? Birds need looking at - they are just so beautiful to watch. Love all your pictures - but of course the giggling baby took the prize. Ah, young love ... Judy C

Cynthia Gallegos

Good morning Kelly, Your pies turned out great and those pie pans are beautiful (love the red). How sweet that Jr. had a girlfriend. He is a gentleman to open the door and such. My husband is the same way. You don't see that with the younger generation most of the time. So you guys have taught him well. That is going to be a really cute stitchery once finished. We also like to feed the birds around here. The only bad thing is that the squirrels are always trying to get their food. They are also bad about eating all the fruit off our Apricot tree before they even get ripe. Haven't had any for 2 yrs. now. I have seen that video before, you can't help but laugh along with the baby. They are so cute when they are little. Can't wait to see what McStudly got for your B/D.
Take care.


I too have found and tried some fun things on Pinterest! I pinned that same soap dispenser that Kate made but I haven't tried making it yet! That video is very funny. There are a bunch of videos with the baby laughing. I watched several. You can't help but laugh!

Denise :)

Oooh! I love Cinderberry patterns! Your little pie pans are sweet -- what a delightful gift!! I love pinterest -- I've found some terrific crafting ideas there! Hope you're enjoying a *marvelous* weekend!! (Oh yeah, and birdfeeding...and enjoying watching them...does NOT equate to aging. I refuse to admit/believe it!!! LOL!) :)


The title of your article is Simple Joys but when we add all these little pleasures ... it's a BIG happy ..
The food looks so appetizing and what about the smile of the new lover lol!
Hopefully one day you could spend time in your studio with his girlfriend and talk about how much you love this pretty boy lol!
Big hugs !!

Linda in Calif.

Yes, I take pictures and then never get around to posting them. The stitchery looks like it will be a blast. So many fun ways to go with it. The little pies look like fun to make and I've been wanting chicken pot pie for about 3 months now. I've made them yet, but I ought to go buy some individual pie pans and surprise everyone. And lastly, I was a nervous wreak to meet my daughter's boy friend (how silly was that?). I certainly wasn't nervous to meet any of the others. I bet she'll be charmed and love you guys.


It's so wonderful to watch our sons grow in to fine young men..and yes McStudly has been a fine example. What a wonderful post full of "Joy" and I am so excited because I am actually back on your blog from my computer!!! The gremlins have left the building.


I have a whole list of things I should have blogged about, but never did! I can't wait to hear about your Valentine Party :-) I really enjoyed that video! Thanks so much for sharing it! LOL!!


I just wanted to say that I love your blog... I have linked yours on mine.. I am new and so there isn't much content yet...

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