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February 26, 2013


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Pam P

Yep! Sometimes you just have to laugh when life throws it's little curve balls :) So glad you're back - you've been missed!! Hope to hear all about your adventures this last year.


So glad to see your back -- great idea on the 2013 jar!
Dorothy in IL


I can't tell you how happy I am to see you back online :-) We've MISSED YOU!!!!


I can't believe I was so busy I missed your last post! Welcome back to blogland. I love the bottom of your quilt. heehee!


Ya gotta share lotsa photos of your new house and sewing room!!


I love the quilt picture you posted. Enjoy your time with your family.

Carolyn Sullivan

I call my seam ripper my best friend! right now my fav BEST FRIEND took a drop off the sewiwng table and is on a persona journey..... she'll be back. probably just making a statement about how messy my room is.

Mary Burn

Welcome back! Missed seeing the pictures and comments about your family. Have fun choosing a college for your son.

Lisa Finnie Finn

Welcome back Kelly. We really did miss ya
Aint life and living wunnerful???


That's a sweet and perfect name for that quilt. How soft and beautiful. I liked the idea of documenting different highlights of the year to review on New Year's Eve, thanks for the inspiration I just may copy that idea. Jane


Hi Kelly, it's wonderful to have you back! Its been so long since you popped into my inbox! I've missed you!

Delcia Rosenow

Not corny at all! I love to watch the moon out of the kitchen window or our bedroom window on clear nights. Once in a while I can see Mt. Rainier on a sunlit morning--pure white before the day's wind uncovers the darker ridges.

Love the quilt--perfect name too! AND I have missed your postings. Very smart of you to take a break and enjoy your son's last year of high school. You'll always treasure doing it--smart girl to know your family is most important.

Debi McIntosh

I have missed you - you are right!! Love the sunrise. Really pleased you are posting again.

Nancy Horton

SO glad to have you back!! love the quilt, the view, the info on Junior, and the nutella cake, (the mess in the microwave, not so much)...be sure to look into North Georgia University in Dahlonega, GA..it is an excellent senior military school...has a great rifle drill team called the Blue Ridge Rifles...my son went there, was not in the rifles, but enjoyed it...we love the area, too!


The jar idea is so fun! I am going to have to remember that! I love your little pastel quilt... so sweet and so you (and me). Can you even stand the thought of your senior going off to college?!*!#?

carol broughton

Hi Kelly,

Your Antique Sugar quilt is just gorgeous! Looking forward to the tutorial. The jar for New Year's Eve is great, and sure to bring back lots of the little memories that make life sweet. Glad to have you back!!


I had to laugh when I saw the quilt laid out wrong, cos I've done the very same thing. My seam ripper and I are good friends too. The nutella cake looks yummy. I have also been known to eat it out of the jar. It's just as good as frosting, and kind of addicting! Your view is fantastic. We moved a few years back and I miss having windows on the east side of the house. Glad to see you are back.


Oh Kelly! Glad to see that you are back! Email me!


So glad that you are back and all is well with you! Glad you are settled into your new home. And a big welcome back to the land of blogging.


I am so glad you're back. I missed your blog. I would check and check and then I stopped. I just tried it tonite out of the blue and there you were. I so enjoyed reading the things you wrote. Please know that you do touch us with the things you write about and inspire us. So glad you're back!

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