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February 14, 2013


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Welcome back, you were missed. You look terrific, do you have a secret for the weight lost?

Debbie Meyer

So happy you are back, Kelly. You LOOK absolutely wonderful! You have tell us how you lost all that weight. I've been struggling with it and need to lose 30, what I put on after quitting smoking. You will be my inspiration. Can't wait to hear more about your new home, wonderful family, and what you've been cooking and making. Welcome back!


What a wonderful surprise to find you back! I have missed you and your charming chatter! You look so good and happy...waiting to hear all your news!

Debi McIntosh

oh my god I have missed your posts - realised as soon as I saw Studley?. Welcome back

Nancy  in Utah

Oh Kelly,I have missed you so very much! You all look just wonderful and you sound so happy! So good to have you back and I can't wait to see what you have in store as you slide back into blogging mode. Sending Big, Big Hugzzzz, Nancy Jo (aka...teenietaters)
**I need to drop 20 lbs too, but I'll think about that tomorrow, after all, "Tomorrow is, another day" *wink*.


Kelly, Welcome back and BOY, you were missed! I was a wee bit worried and was sending prayers that your world would be okay. No pressures, blog when you want....that's what I do. Jane

Joan Tufts

You look great!...but then you always did... and so does the family... Hugs....

Nancy Horton

welcome back!!! i look forward to your writings!!

Billie K

Great Photos! Welcome back!!!

Ranch Wife

You look mahvelous dahling. and it is SO good to see you back! you have been missed! I won a HUGE collection of fabric from you before you went AWOL on us :) and I JUST pulled it out and started cutting it yesterday! I've thought of you often and happy to hear that all is well! Welcome back!


So glad to have you back! I have tears in my eyes. You were missed. I have an email to you in my draft folder that I didn't dare send. I'm glad you are happy and you look fabulous!


Welcome back, you were missed. Looking forward to your posts.


Welcome back!! I've missed your motivational posts!! You look great!!

Peggy Gilham

What a wonderful surprise! Of course, when I ran out to tell the other half that you were back and how wonderful, I got the eye roll.
You look terrific and so very happy! Great pic of the young adults! Just can't wait to look forward to everything you have to say and to show us. Love ya, missed you!


Looked at your blog just a few days with the hope I would see something new, but no such luck. But here you are today! Looking foward to hearing from you.

carol broughton

Hi Kelly,

I was absolutely thrilled to see your post today and had to do a double take when going through my in-box during my lunch break. You look fantastic! Mid-life, are you kidding? You look like you are 30! I have really missed your inspiring posts, it felt like I lost a dear friend when you stopped blogging last year. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Delcia Rosenow

Email InBox--Charming Chatter--WHAT?!!!WooHoo! Your great posts and sharing of smiles was really missed as you well know. Hooray for more sunshine in our days to come!


It's good to hear you are back. Nice to see your Christmas and Valentine pictures!


SOOOOO good to see you back to blogging! You look fantastic and HAPPY! Candies...sigh, takes me back to their first appearance in the 70's!


Hi Kelly

Wonderful to have you back. I'm looking forward to reading your blog again. You and your family look wonderful.

Josie McRazie

Oh I just teared up! It is so great to hear from you! You ALL look great!


I've missed you so much Kelly. You look great. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas and how awesome, a new home. Your hubby really knows how to spoil you for Valentine's Day.


So happy to see that you and your sweet family are well. I's so glad that you are back- I've missed you!

Karla Cummings

You don't know me, I didn't comment a lot, but I was there reading all of your blog's and I made a doll copy and sent the paper doll on some journey's, and all of a suddent you were not there anymore.........I have pictures of the paperdoll going to different places for the girl that didn't have anyone to do it for her. If she wants the pictures I can send them to her, just let me know.......Glad you are back.......and you do look great! I lost about 30 lbs also, I had a breast reduction and more.......if yours was just a diet, that should be the way to go..Welcome back....Karla in Louisiana


Just a few days ago I was wondering what had happened to Wonderful Charming Charter, and voilĂ , you're back. So glad you had an awesome year. Looking great and the rest of the family too! So looking forward to your posts :)

Tracey Holzer

Its great to read your words again! And you look fabulous, too.


So glad you are back - you look great! Hope you are well. Looking forward to your blog entries again.


You look wonderful!!! I've been out of the loop also, Cub Scouts & making t-shirt quilts have taken up all of my free time. Can't wait to hear what you've been up to!


oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!! How'd I possibly miss your return to the blogihood? If you can imagine a little kid bouncing with glee in their chair, that'd be me ... So happy to see your beautiful smile and your wonderfully kind words again. Thank you so much for returning and sharing! Happy Hearts to you always!!

mdm samm

The smiles are in abundance my dear lady..nice to see you in all your passion in blog land....


I am so happy to see your return to blogging! Welcome back, I've missed you!


Can't wait to catch up!

Rosie Davis

Here it is end of April and I just saw this post from you!!!
I have prayed for you and worried about where you had gone all the time praying it was nothing bad.
I am so happy to see you back up and running.
You have been a great big influence in my life and I thank you for that. I know you have no idea who I am but that just goes to show how much impact you have on people you've never even met.
I'm so looking forward to your posts again!

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