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April 19, 2013


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Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

LOL Kelly I have missed your humor! Love the sign on the side of the tub. :-) Your towels are lovely and uniquely you. Enjoy your sewing time, where ever the winds take you~ it is after all, your time! Congrat's to Jr too! Loved this post! Happy weekend!

Debi McIntosh

simply lovely

carol broughton

Hi Kelly,

I LOVE the sign above your bed and McStudy's sign is hilarious! BTW, you look fantastic!


Kelly, like everyone else, I have truly missed you! Everything about your posts was and is. Pure pleasure to read and one of the high lights of my blog hopping each morning. I'm so glad you are back. Your new creations are wonderful, and McStudly's sign cracked me up cause it is 100% th same as my hubby would have chosen, LOL. Of course I like yours the best, but there you have it, the very proof that "Men are from Mars, etc" LOLOL. Thanks for a wonderful post and the giggle and grin I have missed so much! AND...Congratulations to Junior on his promotion! WOW, talk about a guy in a uniform, Junior is soooo handom! Both of the grandsons we raised were in ROTC, high school and college and now one is in Maryland, making his carreer in the Air Force and the other leaves in June to make his carreer in the Navy. Both working in Cyber Intelligence and pride runs rampant in our house too. Hope to see you here again soon. Hugzzzzzz.....

Miss Nancy

Love your towels and your sewing! Very heartwarming and lovely! Congratulations to the Colonel and to Mom and Dad! Good going!
So very glad to see your blog post!

Have a super great sewing, stitching, and proud parent day!


With your svelte new body, the bath tub invitation seems perfect.
Junior looks incredibly handsome in his uniform. I'm sure his promotion was well deserved.


Your post was so fun to read. Love the 2 signs and their placement! The towels are darling, you have some great ideas.

Josie McRazie

:) Tell McStudly I LOVE the get naked sign! And the placement...priceless!!!
I understand how end of the school year get crazy! Our oldest is a sr this year! And planning a party and family coming in town... I am lost for words! Always wonderful to hear from you!


very wise decisions on the signs - love them. Your towels are beautiful. It's nice to hear from you and see your work again. Congrats to your son!


Hi Kelly! I am so happy to find you here again! It sounds like you put in a full year! Thank you for the cute marmalade squares, I love them! xxoxoxo Kathy

Nancy  in Utah

Kelly, hoping all is well with you and yours. wondering how your new love of sewing is coming along. Anyway, just wanted to let you know you were in my thoughts today. Hugs...

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