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May 22, 2013


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Debbie Meyer

Congrats to your kids for their accomplishments. I'm sure your party plans are as fantastic as you are. Make sure you have fun, relax and enjoy every minute of your weekend with your Miracle Man and family. I love reading your posts, Kelly. Breathe!!!!!!


Congrats, Kelly, for all the work it took to get these two great kids where they are today! Wonderful parenting on your part! Take a deep breath and relax. The point of the party is getting folks together for a good time and sweet memory! It will be great! God Bless!!


Congratulations to your children's accomplishments and your wonderful husband. You are truly blessed!


We have two graduations in 3 weeks too--my oldest graduated Sunday with his Bachelor's in History and my youngest is graduating from high school in two weeks. But for some reason I've not been stressed about it. Maybe because this is my 4th and 5th graduation...I don't know. I just know that our family will be together, and that is all that matters.

Congrats to both of your kids!And fun to see you blogging again...I always appreciate your thoughts!

josie mcrazie

Congrats to you (proud Mommy) and both of your amazing children! Our oldest graduates from high school Friday! Wow it does not seem possible!


Congrats to your kids for their accomplishments and your wonderful husband. You are truly blessed! Tell thanks to God for your life and yours loves! Breathe, relax, and enjoy! A big hug!


I hope you take time during this busy weekend to pat yourself on the back for raising 2 wonderful children. I think Miracle Man is pretty terrific, but he's also very lucky to have a special lady like you. You're looking pretty fabulous these days.

Debi McIntosh

I love your blogs - gee your children are alike. What a wonderful family - I love mine too. Hope you have a great night

Marsha B

Congratulation to your two wonderful kids, they have bright futures. You are on the right track, enjoy the party, your family and have fun. Remember, your kids are growing up, but they will always be your kids and need you for love, guidance and friendship forever. Enjoy the journey!


Hi Kelly, I've missed your blogging. Congratulations on the upcoming graduations. You and that Miracle Man have raised two wonderful kids.

Ranch Wife

Congratulations on raising two wonderful kids who are now ready to take on the world. You and Miracle Man make a great team and that will only get stronger as you both move forward. I speak from experience...adventure lies ahead! Not just for the kids, but for both of you!

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