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July 26, 2013


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Carolyn Sullivan

Priorites! and yes you have it right, I'm closer to 80 than you and I feel the same way.


Oh so my heart too....love it....x x

Liz M.

Thank you for your words!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

Yes indeed, you have your priorities in the right order! :-) Love your Cherry Cheesecake too. ;) Happy weekend!!

Nancy  in Utah

I learned those lessons the hard way sweet Kelly and 80 isn't far off for me, considering how fast time is going now that I'm reaching Medicare age...but still, the lessons were learned and the payoff...well, even though it was my health that took me down, instead of feeling like I got handed a raw deal, I feel like I won the lottery, because that is what it took to make me stop and decide what was truly important in my life. It is truly an amazing, revelation when it hits you, isn't it? Even though it doesn't mean everything is coming up roses, it allows us to deal with it rather that have that knee jerk reaction that is so easy to grab and run with, and that makes even a rough situation smell a tiny bit like roses in spite of everything. Big, Big Hugs my dear friend...


Lovely heartfelt post with words and revelations so very important for us all to learn! Thank you for sharing these truths so very eloquently!


Thanks for the inspirational words. Need to put them in to practice here. I have been very frustrated at not being able to get everything done and done to my expectations. Thanks for putting it in perspective.


Society keeps moving faster and coming up with faster ways to do things and I think, sometimes, we feel like we've "failed" if we don't do a bunch of stuff everyday! I'm heading into Medicare land and I've found that some weekends, when I sit down at the end of the day to write in my journal, not "much" has been done - I've cleaned up a bit (I'm single and my "baby" has his own place now, so it's just for me), read some, watched a great movie, maybe sewed a bit...and I'm working at not minding that I didn't do a lot of stuff, because what I did do made me happy and I relaxed! When my son was small, after the divorce, I had to work and sometimes worked long hours during the week, but I made a point to spend weekends with him having fun - if the housework didn't get done...oh well...we enjoyed each other's company and had "adventures" - and he remembers he was put first. The housework is always there...but most important, I have a great relationship with my kid.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us....very inspiring and so true!

Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

Hi Kelly, I just found your blog and I really have enjoyed looking around! Hopefully, I won't have any regrets when I reach 80. So far, so good!

Nancy  in Utah

Hi Kelly, You and your family were just in my thoughts today so I wanted to stop by and say hello. Hoping all is well and you are all enjoying August, it's a HOT one her in Northern Utah, still in the high 90's!!! Anyway, no need to reply sweet friend, as I said, you were in my thoughts. Big Hugs coming your way along with prayers for you to be filled with peace and surrounded by love ....


kelly, how wonderfully said! our family is a gift from Our Heavenly Father, and we all need to put the Gift we are given as top priority. thank you for sharing your journey.

Michelle H

May God continue to bless you and your family! :) You are wonderful. Take all the time you need; I am sure most of us are thrilled when you have a new post and are patient when you don't. It's all good. I think you are right on target...no one can argue with that!!!

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